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Vadim Perlov

27 August 2019

Ordered Lion King themed cake . Cake was done in a great detail and tasty ,exactly what i asked for , and delivered on time . Thank u guys .



30 June 2019

Fresh and delicious cakes and desserts


Michele D.

15 June 2019

Shaker bura! Wonderful with a cup of Turkish coffee. Definitely worth a detour on the way home from Brighton.


Anna S.

31 May 2019

I had a vision for my 25th birthday cake and they executed it above and beyond my wildest expectations. We had two flavors but everyone liked the smetanik more. It was delicious and extremely beautiful. Worth every dollar! Can't wait for our next event to use Baku Bakery again! More...


Keren R.

21 April 2019

Beautiful custom cakes come out of these doors everyday. Very tasty pastries I'm happy to say that I've tried them all (lol) very good selection of both sweets and savory, cookies, non super sweet items. They have really good ajbekastain products, as well as Russian and American! More...


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24 February 2019

Must order cakes in advance.



25 January 2019

Family ordered a massive napoleon came for a birthday at a restaurant. Cake was the star of the meal. Perfect!


Ana D.

10 December 2018

I was referred to this bakery by a coworker and after looking over the yelp photos and reviews I felt confident Baku would bake the best cake for my father's 50th birthday. I first emailed Balu bakery and had a quick phone call conversation where we discussed flavors for the cake. The lady I spoke to recommended this cake that is milk based, not sure the name. The other was a berry nut flavor (i cant remember exactly the flavors). It was delicious, especially the milk based cake. All the guests raved about the flavor of the cakes. The best part was the design of the cake. They got the design down perfect. It was beautifully made and the details were impeccable. I was so impressed with how closely the cake matched the image I sent. We had the cake delievered and the cake came just in time for dessert which was awesome.  Overall I will continue going back to this bakery for all my cake needs and i will recommend this bakery to anyone who ever needs a great tasting and amazing looking cake. Thank you for all your work on this beautiful cake :) More...


Galina G.

27 October 2018

Absolutely amazing custom cakes. Just ordered 2 cakes and they were both exceptional. My go to place for custom cakes!!!


Cassie L.

23 September 2018

Stopped into this bakery today in search of some good coffee and after looking at all the interesting and unique baked goods I had to try some. My boyfriend had some kind Chocolate layered cake and I decided on a raspberry nut cake. Both were absolutely delicious. It looked like a cake but was much more dense, it was layered with cream, raspberry jam and contained nuts. The perfect balance of sweetness, tartness and chewiness. The chocolate cake my boyfriend had was similar to a mouse but much more dense and it had a brownie on the bottom of it. Just absolutly delicious. The coffee was also very very good, which they had brewed fresh right on the spot. Everything was fresh, delicious and very well priced. The women working there made you feel right at home ; very warm and welcoming. For two coffees and two pieces of cake my total was 11.50.The price can't be beat and in my opinion they would be justified in charging more money because it truly is top notch. I can't wait to go back and try all the other goodies they have. I noticed a Stroopwaffle layer cake that they were selling by the slice, which I can't wait to try. Everything looked delicious, and put together with pride, quality and love. They also have speciality custom cakes that they bake which I saw and were also beautiful.I can't say enough good things about this place. First visit and certainly not the last.Just a wonderful dessert place and I wish them much more success. More...


christiana v

28 August 2018

Ordered a cake for an engagement party. Two tier, 60 person cake. Was immaculate, way more beautiful then I could ever ask for. Not only did it look good, but it tasted amazing. Highly recommend. More...


Revi T.

30 July 2018

I'vs been using Baku Bakery for a few years, their cakes are always gorgeous, fresh & delicious! Lera is very helpful and easy to work with. Thank you for another masterpiece!!! More...


Diane Jacques

29 June 2018

We needed a cake for a birthday Party that was less than 7 days away. Baku allowed us to taste test a variety of cakes. Their cakes choices were delicious. We put an order in immediately. Baku contacted our caterer and now, we have piece of mind. More...



25 May 2018

Very friendly attitude and the cake tasted amazingly great. We loved it everyone that came to our wedding loved the cake.
Delivery was on time.
No complaints.


Neil L

25 May 2018

First of all ... the Napoleon cake ... I promise is the best you will ever have ... it’s always fresh because it’s made fresh constantly throughout the day... Their custom cakes though are Amazing! I have worked with them many times but today they helped me out last minute with such a delicious and beautiful cake ... High Quality dessert and High Quality customer service!!! More...


Aksinia Kraeva

25 May 2018

Our favourite bakery in NYC, one of the most delicious sour cream cake and napoleon cake I've ever tried..Everything they bake tastes and feels like home!..Amazing! It's impossible to leave the bakery with just one thing..:) Thanks to Lera and Maya for always being very attentive and hospitable and for making feel home away from home! More...


Alina G

25 May 2018

We have been using Baku bakery for years now. Great service. Never disappointed. Always beautiful and always delicious.


Alina G.

21 April 2018

We have been using Baku bakery for years now. We've gotten cakes for many occasions and they have always been beyond our expectations. Great service. Never disappointed. Always beautiful and always delicious. More...


Nata H.

15 April 2018

my family there buy cakes! There are always children like Vipicca! Very delicious cakes from them my family is delighted with! I recommend! And the most important thing is that there is always a choice of assortment More...


Nataliya K.

9 April 2018

We've decided to try their home made kulich for Easter , unfortunately it was dry and no one in our family liked it. But their Napoleon , Red Velvet and raspberry chocolae cake was absolutely amazing !!! We will be back to try other pastries and other cakes!!! Thank you:) More...


Alina Chkhartishvili

24 March 2018

Love love love that bakery


D S.

29 January 2018

Really delicious cakes and beautiful custom cake designs. The owner is very kind and you can tell she loves her work, makes the sweets taste better. Definitely try the almond cake (it's gluten free too!) More...


Elaine M.

24 January 2018

I love their products as they are made from good quality ingredients and are not packed with chemicals unlike in other places. Pricing is decent, so overall it is a great place and I wouldn't bother looking for a different spot! More...


iris b.

21 January 2018

Thank you so much for a gorgeous and delicious cake that exceeded our expectations.  The price was also amazing.  We got the  Baku flavor and it was amazing


Ivan Rudichenko

8 November 2017

Always nice staff, and tasty backery.


Oleg Khad

10 September 2017

Great place


Anthony G.

2 September 2017

I was curious to try what kind of confections the people of Azerbaijan have so I gave this Sheepshead Bay bakery a try.  Needless to say, I'm impressed.  Delicious, rich cakes are made with care here.  Tried a couple slices; one was a multi layered raspberry, chocolate and cream which was ridiculously good.  The next was a chocolate ganache topped chocolate and marshmallow which was good too.  Loved the raspberry cake.  They also have breads, cookies and macaroons.  You can also have a variety of specialty cakes made as well for weddings and parties.  Check out their website for a gallery of what they can do.  Service was welcoming and helpful and prices seemed reasonable.  If in the area, stop in for a sweet.  Recommended. More...


Elizabeth M.

31 August 2017

So happy this bakery opened up in my neighborhood! My family gets all of our cakes for special occasions from here and we are never dissapointed. The presentation, as well as the taste are always perfect. I would highly recommend. More...


Nat A.

9 July 2017

Great and tasty cake .the only complaint is delivery which came way later then requested


Deanne Penaloza

25 May 2017

Came in for a last minute cake. They didn't have many choices but we went with the strawberry orange flavored cake and it was delicious. The place didn't look too clean which is my concern but the macaroons we also picked up were baked perfectly. More...


Nelson Lopez

16 April 2017

Amazing. You name the design of the cake they will do it.


Zarina S.

5 April 2017

In the past few years, Baku Bakery has made the cakes for two of my showers, three birthdays, and one anniversary. The customer service is nothing short of amazing, the cakes are beautiful, and so delicious!Whether I know exactly what design I want, or I need them to help me brainstorm, I have never walked out feeling less than completely satisfied and excited to see the final product. My family will continue to use Baku again and again! More...


Dima B.

17 January 2017

Placed an order for a custom cake for my 1 year old daughters Birthday party. The cake was made just as we have asked and tasted amazing. The bakery even delivered it free of charge to the restaurant. We and all guests were very pleased at the way the cake looked and tasted. Thank you!!! More...


Fair R.

20 December 2016

My order was very last minute. I literary walked in and asked for a birthday cake to be done the next day! Was so happy that they were very helpful, kind and accommodating. I was even given a plate to try the variety of cakes. It was a difficult decision to make as all their cakes are absolutely delicious! I picked up our lovely cake the next day and it looked perfect! Everyone at home was very happy. This may sound like an unpaid ad for Baku Bakery but let me tell you, I rarely rate anything unless I'm very pissed and unhappy with the service or very VERY happy.... so there you go! :) More...


Bill L.

28 August 2016

Was exciting, after our Sake buffet visit, to revisit this small but wonderful Russian bakery today, with the family.They have a rich and tasty, Chocolate Potato, that is a heavy, filling, and flavor-filled, unique delicacy.The cakes, sold by the pound, are intricately flavored and mostly fresh, as one purchases them by the pound. Cookies are also very good, and my wife, who is quite picky on this front, loved the custard-filled creme puffs.Will return again! More...


Milena M.

7 August 2016

I highly recommend this bakery, I ordered a small cake for 10 dollars only! And it's so good! She uses natural ingredients that's are good for you instead of unhealthy sugars. The cakes and desserts are beautiful and taste delicious! The owner herself, Maya is very nice and friendly and I love this place it's my go to for a delicious cake! More...


Maksim S.

5 August 2016

Honestly I don't order from anyone else anymore.  Somehow other's bakery's cake designs seem sloppy and cheap looking, but this place always delivers.  Not to mention that their cake flavors are delicious!!! If I had any requests, it would be to offer even more flavor options (cheesecake, more berry flavors, and others), but they have a good selection of flavors already.  Friendly staff helped me make yet another beautiful creation, on time delivery, and decent prices.  They aren't cheap but you get what you pay for. I've done cakes in shapes of a suitcase, a purse, boobs (yes a bosom), and more recently with a hot air balloon theme for my son. Flavor wise, I've tried Chocolate Cake, Almond Cake, Honey Cake and Sour Cream cake, all phenomenal.  If you come into the store to place your order, you can sample the flavors to pick what you want.  If your cake has more than one level, I've had them do different flavors for each level. I believe they also have Red Velvet and a Strawberry variation that are available. Go ahead and give them a try. More...



29 May 2016

We were able to get a beautiful cake that tasted amazing! The design we started with in our heads became a quick reality with a lot of great additional suggestions. We had the main cake look beautiful with 4 layers and 3 different flavors in it (the top was a repeat for our 1 year anniversary). We then had an additional sheet cake that tasted so good that I kept eating it for weeks after the wedding. We've gone back to Baku Bakery for additional cakes because they are amazing! More...


Daniel V.

21 May 2016

I've been here 3 times and purchased various goods (cakes, pastry, cookies). Cookies and pastry were good. The star of this bakery are the cakes. Always fresh with a different selection each time I visit. The staff is always friendly and the space is immaculate. My family and I have completely fallen in love with this place. The only downside, is that there's not much space to sit and have a cup of coffee.That being said, I'm looking forward to visiting them tomorrow, with my family who raved about their cakes after our last visit. More...


Dee Jay

5 March 2016

Awesome place. Everytime I buy sweet, I feel like back home!!!!! Thank you for your existence. One of a kind place in the States


Catherine L.

20 October 2015

Baku Bakery is one of the newest bakeries in the neighborhood. It is a transplant from Bensonhurst and they specialize in sweets from Azerbijian but they do sell the usual bakery fare (cupcakes, cream puffs, cookies, etc). I've stopped by on several occasions and found the staff to be very friendly. I recommend trying their napolean cake (puff pastry layered with a vanilla custard) and their waffle cake with caramel (layers of wafers and dulce de leche). These cakes were very fresh and not overwhelmingly sweet. I also tried their croissants (both plain and chocolate), walnut cake, and a rugelach-like cookie stuffed with walnuts. The croissants were a bit flat and the walnut cake and cookie tasted stale. But I will stop by again and try their other sweets. They also seem to have a very brisk cake business. I've seen their fridges filled with birthday cake orders and tiered wedding cake orders. Definitely worth stopping by but we wary of the pastries that look like they've been sitting around for a while. More...



22 August 2014

Amazimg job! I was beyond thrilled with the way the cake turned out it was gorgeous, exactly what I wanted and what I discussed with the cake designer plus the cake was delicious so moist....hands down best bakery in Brooklyn! More...



22 June 2014

Baku is the best bakery in Brooklyn! I order all of my special occasion cakes from there and they never disappoint! I know my cake will come out exactly the way I want it!



8 June 2014

Baku Bakery did a great job with my wedding cake for 50. I brought photographs of three different cakes asking to combine all three into one. The managed to do so fabulously and just the way I wanted. Thank you Baku Bakery.

Veronica B.



30 March 2014

My wedding cake from Baku Bakery was incredible! I brought a picture of the cake I loved and Baku was able to make it even better! Best tasting and looking wedding cake I've ever seen! The price couldn't be beat either! More...



18 May 2013

We live in Utah, so we were doing thing from a distance. They were great.



25 September 2011

Rita from Baku bakery is so nice and professional. Our wedding cake turned out more beautiful and creative then I ever could imagine. So many guests came up to me and said they never saw a wedding cake like ours before. They also made by bridal shower cake... it turned out great also! More...



7 August 2011

We live in Jersey but our wedding was in Brooklyn. I took my time searching for the best of the best wendors in Brooklyn but Rita's cake price and work beat everyone by far! Our wedding cake was simply breathtaking, delicious and had a price that no one in Brooklyn could beat for that type of work. Cake cutting are now my favorite wedding pictures, thanks to Rita and her team. It is obvious that Rita really loves what she does and is an expert in her field. If you're doing a Brooklyn wedding - don't even waste your time going anywhere else - trust me, I did the research for you :) More...



16 May 2011

Found them by an accident while looking for a bakery to make my wedding cake. Never looked back. 7 years later, we ordered 17 cakes from them. The taste, the talent, the look. Must be tasted. Doesn't look like anything special from the outside or inside for that matter. But the owner is not greedy and will work with your budget, while recommending tricks of the trade to stretch your budget. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! More...



6 June 2010

I never had a better tasting cake before!
It looked gorgeous too! If you want to cut the cost, I'd say only order for 1/3 of guests, it will still be enough and possibly left over



6 June 2010

The cakse was beautiful and absolutely delicious! Everyone was raving about it.
I will recommend her to all my friends/family and will def use her in the future.



8 July 2009

Baku provided a wedding cake as unique as our Coney Island Wonder Wheel wedding at a reasonable cost. Even though we only required a small two tiered cake, it was superb.



26 February 2008

Baku Bakery is a small and friendly bakery in bensonhurst, brooklyn. They offer amazingly tasty cakes, cookies and sweets galore. But their specialty lies in creating magnificient custom made cakes.. They range from cartoon characters, to make-up inspired cakes!!! No Joke! They are not harshly expensive and will accomodate any needs their customers have! Check them out, and you won't be disappointed :) More...



11 March 2006

Rita is nothing short of spectacular. She creates any cake you can imagine for a fraction of the price of the overpriced cake boutiques. I literally tore a page out of a magazine, gave it to her, and she recreated it beautifully. We have since used her to make specialty cakes for several family events. And the cakes are not only gorgeous, they are delicious! More...



19 October 2003

Great price! They also baked out Chalah.

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