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22 August 2019

Most important retail store in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. This place is my PCP. Unfortunately, health insurance will cover drugs and steroids but not natural health supplements. So you gotta pay but hey, it's your health. What's more important? More...


Judy Halliwell

10 December 2018

This is a great place for supplements and expert health and wholeness advice!
Love the people there!


Bella Score

10 December 2018

Actually they are a 10+ rating. LOVE LOVE LOVE the store and my girls Mary Beth and Sharon. I've been coming here for 4 years now. BEST decision I ever made for my total wellbeing. I recommend them to EVERYONE I talk to when they ask me how I got so healthy and happy. I'm completly balanced mind, body and soul. Thank you girls More...


Jill DePra

10 December 2018

Back to Basics ROCKS! Our ladies at Curves have nothing but great things to say about Sharon and her staff, and the products that she offers in her store. I'm SO glad they are in our Lebanon Shops plaza!! More...


Heidi Monahan

10 December 2018

I've been going there for years! Wonderful place. Knowledgable staff . Sharon is an amazing woman!
Always refer my clients/ friends there.


Susan Merryman

10 December 2018

You guys are the best! I love Sharon, Marybeth and Joanne!


Mary Beth Myers

10 December 2018

The best place in the Burgh to shop for natural supplements!


Brooke Bova

6 June 2018




9 September 2011

I have been seeing Sharon Satterfield for 3 years now. My children also see her. She is one of the most knowledgeable naturopaths I know. There has never been a health problem that I have encountered that she could not totally turn around with nutrition and supplements. When I first met her, I was very sick. I had the start of IBS among other things, hormones were out of balance, gaining weight, my lymphatic system was not functioning well, and low thyroid function. After a few months, all my horrible symptoms were gone. I am 42 now and feel better than I did in my 20's. My 17 year old son was baffling his doctors and pediatric allergy specialists. They could not tell us why when he ate certain fruits, he would get bumps all over his lips. They told us to wash the fruit better, which didn't work. Sharon did a simple pH test on him and discovered his levels were out of whack. She got them back into normal range with supplements and he now enjoys all of the fruits he could not touch. She has also done wonders with his allergies. This kid was on asthma inhalers and two types of allergy meds. Now most years, he just breezes through allergy season. Sometimes he needs a simple ""tune up"" with Sharon, but nothing like before. Sharon is a true healer. She is one of the few people left who really care. I recommend her all the time. Me and my kids haven't even been to a medical doctor since we have been seeing her. She knows exactly how to get your body healthy and heal itself making itself stronger. More...

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