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I grew up in one of the largest cities in Montana, which is not saying much. As a kid, my thoughts were occupied with design everywhere! I dreamed in photos, art, and textures. I uncovered my passion for graphic design in college but my love for photojournalism blossomed during my flagship trip to France in my 20s.



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Understanding how to play with natural light and remembering to always look. Look hard and long.

What are your photographic goals? Expectations? What are the photos being used for and in what format?

Capturing beauty all around me. I have traveled all over the world photographing so many interesting spaces and places. It's a wonderful way to live and I'm very grateful every day.

I wanted to work for the people I wanted to work for and when.

1) Because they like my work. 2) Because I'm trustworthy. 3) I'll get the job done - on time and within budget restrictions.



Photojournalism, food, product, architecture and destinations. I don't do weddings or headshots.

From brainstorm to design to production to printing/installation ... I provide all levels of design services.