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As a transformational Life Coach & Intuitive Bodyworker, I provide compassionate support to clients who are navigating various challenges such as life (and/or career) transitions, spirituality, trauma, grief/loss, family of origin, stress/anxiety, work/life balance and self worth.


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Amanda Koh

26 November 2018

Kanna is a highly intuitive life coach, who lead me rapidly to the core of my emotions and feelings, helping me to clearly define the life I am to embody. Utilizing her Intuitive Life Coaching sessions in conjunction with her Thai Yoga Bodywork, I was able to experience a cocoon of gentle, heart opening support with each visit. Her compassionate emotional sensitivity is equaled in the soft tenderness of her physical touch, which gave me the heart warming space I needed to more fully open to my Self. More...


Vicky Wei

26 November 2018

I had never heard of Thai Bodywork before but once I started with Kanna, I couldn’t stop. I came to Kanna hoping just to relax and deal with some body aches. But the work Kanna has done for me is so much more - she knows exactly what my mind and body need to deal with the physical manifestations of my intense anxiety that Western medication just hasn’t been able to fix. I look forward to every appointment with her because she provides more than just Thai Massage - she is an amazing therapist and spiritual guide through my journey into mindfulness to deal with my stress and anxiety. I highly recommend her program and I tell everyone I know about Kanna. More...


Camille Dodson

26 November 2018

Kanna is a wonderful healer and offers her kind and compassionate nature to her clients. Her massage left me feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and refreshed. This was my first traditional Thai massage and Kanna made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Her space is warm an inviting and feels like a real retreat from daily life. I highly recommend seeing Kanna if you're looking for a way to find balance in your body and mind. More...

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I love connecting with others! I’m humbled daily by my clients who offer me such powerful insight/depth as I believe we are all mirrors for one another. The symbiotic relationship that is generated from this partnership is a sacred one that I continue to learn/grow from. So much gratitude! I also love that each day is new/different bringing new challenges to lean into. I also love being creative and listening to my intuition to craft a space for healing and integration. It truly nourishes me from the inside out!

The catalyst was a startling health diagnosis that literally took me onto another path in search of healing. I had to, there was no choice in the matter. I was drained from working in a high stress corporate environment and realized that it was time to make a shift cause things weren't getting better only worse! I sought out the help of various healing practitioners and realized I wanted to share these tools to empower others so they can be the architect of their own lives and create a life that truly is in harmony with their hearts desires, rather than living a life that someone else (or society) has mandated for you. There was a time when I felt in despair that healing was so elusive and I'm here to tell you it isn't! I believe that we all possess the ability to heal ourselves and that is part of our divine nature. While healing/personal growth may not be an easy nor linear process, it is one that is enriching, fruitful and worth the effort. I want to support others as I have been so blessed to receive from my tribe of healing practitioners. I know how it can feel isolating at times to be healing, especially if others around you are either not supportive or in that space and I want to let you know that you are not alone.

I’m going to be transparent with you from the get go and loving, always. I’m going to listen, really listen and hear you and champion for you so that you shine Bright! There isn’t a hierarchy that exists either; we are on the same plane and I learn from you just as much as you learn from me. I will continue to advocate and fully support you so that you are seen and heard. I work hard and from my heart to cultivate a warm, compassionate space of support for you to be YOU and zero expectations.

I also have a very diverse educational background with my undergrad in Sociology with focus on women's studies and racial/ethnic studies. I'm also a yoga instructor with advanced yoga therapy training, certified Reiki and Reflexology practitioner, Thai Yoga Therapist, artist, writer, former dancer and have been trained in shamanic healing, energy clearing and shadow work. I draw upon these various healing arts and guided by my intuition so each session is unique and ever evolving.

I’ve also been through a LOT & continue to do a lot of personal growth work. I want to shift the antiquated narrative that taking care of oneself is “wrong” or “too weak or soft.” I’m about supporting others in reclaiming their personal power so they can create the life that they are deserving of. After all, don't we have this one life to live so why not make it the very best? :)