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AVALUX Studios was founded on the principle of innovation, bringing divergent thinking to a world of convergent thinkers. We uniquely handcraft digital products and solutions for forward-thinking brands, thoughtfully building identities and digital experiences to elevate and empower organizations.



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A great website is a website that is designed and built specifically for your target market. A great website for one business won't necessarily be a great website for another business. Providing an informative, easy-to-digest website without flooding the visitor with useless information or gaudy sales pitches is a great place to start. At the end of the day, a great website is a work in progress. It should be alive, morphing and changing as your target market and business change.

I want to know as much as possible about a client's customers. I also want to know what they have tried, in terms of marketing, in the past. What has worked and what hasn't worked? Why did certain efforts not work? Generally speaking, I challenge my clients by asking tough questions. I don't like to tippy-toe around subjects; I like to get down to business.

The creative process swings in different directions depending upon the project at hand. Generally, the first step is Discovery. This includes information collection, risk mitigation, plan development, and conversation to build trust. Next comes the Design step where the structure/layout is planned, a style is determined, and the overall purpose is supported via design features. After design comes Development, where all code is hand-written. Code is based upon W3C standards, optimized for SEO and mobile devices, and future-proofed with documentation and the use of industry-acceptable technologies. Testing is up next, where various depths of testing will occur based upon the project. Lastly, Final Review and Launch come, where a plan to monitor and respond to user behavior is set into place before launching the final project.

All the general customer information such as official business name and address, as well as a signed Agreement.

Meeting small business owners and helping them plan a solidify their future via web, marketing, and print. I love bringing exciting new projects to life for hard working business owners.

I felt like the way that I work, which is on an intimate level with my clients, is best suited for my own business rather than at a larger, standard firm.

Because I under promise and over deliver every step of the way. My clients always get my very best.