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Austin Holistic Fitness and Nutrition

Rollingwood, Texas


Austin Holistic Fitness and Nutrition

Rollingwood, Texas


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Olivia Nix

20 September 2019

I found Austin Holistic Fitness at a very pivotal point in my life. Ready to make a complete shift in who I thought I was and my relationship with food. Jeremy helped me change my life. I lost 26lbs in the 8 week program but what I gained I will carry with me for the rest of my life. If your on the fence, scared, skeptical, think now isn’t a good time or hesitant to spend the money...STOP, Lean into the discomfort and schedule your session. If you follow the program IT WILL WORK!!! 100% you will loose the weight and meet your fitness goals. If your open to it, Jeremy will give you the slightest little nudge to change your path towards personal growth and wellness. I don’t know how to express in words the immense gratitude I have for Jeremy. I’ve definitely done all the work but it wouldn’t of happened had I not taken a risk and made it to that first session. Before & After Pictures to follow More...


Scott Burger

5 April 2019

Nutrition guru. Real pros!


Beatriz Chapa

12 October 2018

He is a wonderful coach and quite helpful with accountability in attaining your goals.


David Phillips

28 March 2018

Jeremy Robinson is one of those teachers you admire because they have so much knowledge to impart, because they are so supportive and aware of what you need in the moment, and because they are always working to improve themselves, and sharing what they learn and discover with you. Working with Jeremy has brought about a transformation in my posture and carriage. I wholeheartedly recommend him. More...


Alan Adelberg

6 October 2017

Working with Jeremy has been absolutely life-changing. I've lost 30 lbs, reduced my bodily inflammation, learned how to eat how my body always wanted me to eat, and gained proper posture to boot! He's a well-spring of knowledge and deeply cares about his client's well-being. My mind and body feel renewed! More...


Jennifer Lewis

12 April 2017

I’m on my 8th week, 15 pounds lighter, and more energetic than I’ve ever been! I’ve tried so many different things over the years and I finally came to the conclusion that I just couldn’t get the results that I wanted on my own. The Holistic approach is what really grabbed my attention. That combined with Jeremy’s one on one support, knowledge, and encouragement has really helped me on this journey to becoming my best self. He really has something special going at AHF! I encourage you to decide for yourself – keeping in mind, you’re either ready or you’re not. Everyone gets to that point in their own time, but for me, being ready was the best decision I’ve ever made, and absolutely the best gift I could ever give myself. More...


Kate Hamlin

27 February 2017

After one impromptu session with Jeremy, already my back and neck hurt less, I can get in and out of bed (and roll over in bed) without the pain I was having and i have assigned homework to start to undo all the years of abuse I have thrown at my body from sports and lifting. I am confidant he is going to get me mobile and feeling good again :) More...


Lewis Lipscomb

16 September 2015

Jeremy Robinson is not only a friend of mine, but also one of the most knowledgeable and experienced personal trainers I've ever met. His constant thirst for knowledge of the subject is second to none and I am certain he makes a difference in people's lives. Give him a call. Set an appointment. Be true to yourself and you will see. Get ready for satisfaction! More...


Suzanne Marie Monroe

13 August 2015

Love it!! It has a great atmosphere and good energy.


Chris Baker

5 July 2015

Jeremy is patient and funny! Go see him now!


Erin O'Brien

11 April 2015

Jeremy is a great trainer. He explains things very well and knows how the body works. The gym has great equipment and is clean. I highly recommend going to see Jeremy! More...


Chris Winkley

4 February 2015

Excellent gym, great for any type of training!!


Cris Pratt

20 January 2015

Great trainer really good with my son who hates exercise. Thanks Jeremy


Anslee Connell

7 January 2015

This gym is what Austin needs! Jeremy is the best!


Amy Lynn Beaman

22 November 2014

Some very insightful dynamic reps, cute instructor.


Brian Mcdonald

16 April 2014

Great trainer!


Julie Walker Bynum

22 February 2014

So grateful I finally decided I was worth it! Jeremy Robinson has been so patient and wonderful - creating a safe place for me to learn about fitness and put it into practice! I highly recommend Jeremy & 10 Rm Fitness! More...


Corina Fulp Weaver

21 February 2014

Been through many gyms. This one is by far the best!


Matt Gunia

21 August 2013

place is awesome and exactly what I was looking for