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Lansdowne, Delaware

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Auntie Cole

Lansdowne, Delaware


Welcoming new family members and making the transition from parents-to-be to hands-on parents are HUGE challenges. We all need support as we adjust to the new normals of taking care of babies and children, negotiating our relationships, and self-care.



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Why I'm called to this work:
I believe human connection and social support are essential to health and well-being. Raising a family really does 'take a village' and over the last century we have lost our village. I believe we can co-create villages of support and guidance with other parents and families. We do not have to do it alone. As a matter of fact, we can't do it alone. I dream of a return to the interdependent village where ALL children are OUR children. I have the training and lived experience to offer parents and caregivers the support, guidance, and resources they need to make the right decisions for themselves and their families. There is no "right way" to parent. There are many paths that lead to thriving, happy families. My dream is to help families find their own paths and empower them with the information and support they need to walk that path.

I have been an advocate for maternal and child health since my first pregnancy in 2005. I served on the Board of Lifecycle Womencare for three years and have been an active member of their community for 12 years, supporting other mothers and families in a number of ways. I have a masters degree in Public Health from Drexel University and am pursuing certification as a postpartum doula with CAPPA and I am an official Our Baby Class mentor. I am also certified by the Red Cross in CPR and First Aid and have a certificate in Mental Health First Aid. I have all the legal clearances required by Pennsylvania to work with children and youth.

I have seen motherhood from a lot of angles over the last 12 years. I have been a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a married mom, a single mom, a co-parent, a pregnant grad school student mothering a preschooler, and so many other types of mom. I have organized new parent groups and was an active participant in a breastfeeding support group for a couple years where I mentored moms who came into the group. The one thing I know for sure is that motherhood is not for wimps. Motherhood takes so much from us. Motherhood gives gifts and rewards beyond our wildest imaginings. And lots of dishes and laundry!! More than you can think is even possible.

I am learning how to bring somatics practices and storytelling into my work. After two decades of informal yoga education and practice, I will begin an intensive yoga teacher training in early 2019. My hope is to develop educational and supportive workshops for families that include stories, somatics, yoga, and other contemplative practices. Stay tuned for more details in 2019….


There's so much preparation for the birth or adoption of a child: the how, when, where, who's going to be there, etc. But that second after we hold our baby for the first time, for that moment there is no preparation. In that moment, we feel love like we never knew and the weight of responsibility. In the old days, humans lived in tightly knit communities. We had our village right outside our doors or inside our house. But now, we often live hundreds or even thousands of miles from our family. We don't know our neighbors. Our friends are all busy with their own families and jobs. We can turn to the internet and Facebook groups for some support, but those so quickly devolve into arguments over choices or superficial conversations about pacifier brands. You need more in those moments. You need a trusted auntie to listen to your worries and help you find reliable information to guide your intuition. You need evidence-based advice. You need someone who knows because she's been there too. Need some help figuring out a night time routine so you can get some sleep? Is older brother acting out or feeling left out? Are you and your partner having a hard time connecting and communicating? Do you need help making a plan for when you bring your baby home? Are wondering if you will ever feel "normal" again? Coaching sessions can be via the phone, video conference or in-person. Evening and weekend hours available.