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Auction Nation is a full service auction company specializing in business liquidations, estate liquidations, inventory reduction, auto auctions and real estate.

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Thomas Shelby

17 May 2019

The people here are very friendly and helpful. Have to laud their service. Generally very good products available too. It will happen sometimes, a small minority of the time, that the following occurs:You show up and the is lost or smashed The description is wrongThose “retail value” prices listed in the description? Lol!A piece is missingHowever, don’t throw baby out with the bath water. And I hate to say that’s cause more people means higher prices. Well run business though. They deserve all they get. More...


Doug Taylor

26 April 2019

If there's any place I would ever go to to get anything for super discounted price super awesome items it's Auction Nation


Charley Farley

26 April 2019

Decent people, but good god, you need to streamline the checkout, (edit) pro tip, don't go on Tuesday, it's their busy day, and great deals can be found if you look! EDIT-that have worked on the check in procedure and it is much smoother THANKS GUYS! More...


Elena Ozerina Miller

24 April 2019

Of you take time to research prices BEFORE bidding, you can get amazing deals. Study the photographs, Look for details that will help you bid wisely.Great, hardworking crew. Eddy is fantastic. More...


rhonda sandoval

25 March 2019

Their customer service has really improved in the past few months. Use to have to wait in line - now I’m in and out real quick. As far as the merchandise- everything is pictured and discribed. Yes some things are used, some are not. It’s up to the bidder to READ and research prices. For the huge inventory they have, they do a great job. I mainly frequent the north Phoenix branch. Whom ever is in charge has done a great job. More...


Joshua Wolfe

23 February 2019

Great employees and great deals to be had on many items! Most the bad posts on here are from people who don't win the item they were bidding on. But this place has tons of items and lots to choose from so stop whining and try again you'll get those smoking deals. More...


Matt Abraham

12 June 2018

I'm new to bidding of this kind. From the portal to the pickup, it was a pretty cool experience. I can see how this could get to be a regular thing for me


Jeremy Landy

26 April 2018

Went to an onsite for the first time, staff member was friendly and helpful and there was no wait time to pick up items, will be bidding more.


Jim Akerman

5 April 2018

Came in around lunchtime and there were lots of people in line, within ten minutes we were all out of there. Appreciate how fast the employees get my items especially when I am in a time crunch.


Samantha Richards

5 April 2018

The onsite department has been so helpful, I had a family emergency and one of their employees I think his name was Joe brought the item back to his personal desk and kept it for me until I could come get it, I understand he did not have to do this. So grateful!


Bill Smith

5 April 2018

I am a long time bidder, the new check in procedure seems to be working great. Love this location also love going out to the onsite's they have. Would recommend!


David Colbert

5 April 2018

I got an amazing deal on a ping pong table, opened the box and it is brand new! Appreciated the help loading it into my truck as well. I will be back and recommend.



5 April 2018

I really enjoy bidding at this location, they have redone their check in procedure so I can check in online and come in when my item is ready. They seem to have really ironed out the kinks in their system, I am slightly addicted to buying toys for my daughter, the deals are just too good to pass up! More...


Joel Herrera

15 March 2018

The manger eddie showed me how to use the waitlist to avoid longer wait times , great first time experience for being new to this online auction.


raymundo Acosta

2 November 2017

Very easy to pick up items purchased

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We are one of the largest national full service auction companies in the country. Everything sells online to thousands of potential buyers.