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The Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery is considered one of the most advanced facial plastic surgery centers in Atlanta, specializing in rhinoplasty, facelift and neck lift surgery, and more. Atlanta facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sinha is board-certified and specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face, neck, hands and skin to help you look and feel younger. Read more about Us..https://goo.gl/mZfdY6

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Brenda Cribb

24 April 2019

Dr. SINHA is an absolute perfectionist! My experience with him and the staff are nothing short of excellent! I had Septo/rhinoplasty as well as lipo on the chin in February with Dr. Sinha...My nose looks amazing and my chin is healing nicely just as he said it would. (he said it would take a few months to see the results and let me know the healing takes time). This Doctor has a Great bedside manner and is positive about his work! The staff are the sweetest and go over and beyond for you as well!!! If you are looking for a doctor who will enlighten you as to what you need and what he can do for you without being mislead, then this is the right Doctor! LOVE THEM More...


Shannon M

24 April 2019

I received my first ever Botox injection by Dr. Sinha and it was a great experience! Due to my busy schedule, they were super accommodating and were able to work me in. The staff was very warm & welcoming. I saw great results with the Botox treatment. I came back and got Kybella and had the same great experience with great results. I would highly recommend Dr. Sinha! More...



24 April 2019

Dr. Sinha is the best! He’s so good at what he does and knowing how much experience he has makes him my first choice for anything aesthetic. Plus I love his staff- everyone is so warm and friendly. Be sure to check out their Botox/Filler events for big savings. More...


Sarah C.

24 April 2019

I had a rhinoplasty and facelift by Dr. Sinha. It’s amazing how natural I look and people still can’t tell that I had surgery. He is a truly talented surgeon. Can’t say enough good things about my results and my experience. Thank you to Dr Sinha and the entire staff! More...


Mari Godbolt

24 April 2019

I had a botch nasal surgery. And had been looking for someone to correct the procedure and one day I was browsing through a magazine. And read the highlights on dr Sinha and made an appointment. When I meet the staff everyone was very professional and courteous. The walks in dr Sinha he made me feel very comfortable and warm as well as professional and funny he talk about his family as well as traveling. He exam my nose took the time to explain the different issues that I had S well as breathing problems. After Dr Sinha was finish I knew he was the prefect doctor to enhance my look . The surgical team was highly exceptional as well. I highly recommend Dr Sinha More...



25 March 2019

Dr. Sinha is absolutely amazing! He did my rhinoplasty and buccal fat pad removal. I am extremely happy with my results. He also did my mom's filler and botox and she loved it! He is very personable and listens to you. I would definitely recommend him to all of my friends and family! More...


Tia Belle

23 February 2019

I went in to see Dr. Sinha for my first ever lip injections. I was pretty nervous but he told me exactly what he thought would work best for me and did everything quickly and with much ease. He is very confident in his work as he should be the outcome was great I am truly satisfied and will be a returning patient. More...


Lisa Miller

23 February 2019

Dr Sinha is beyond words the best nose surgeon. I had 2 Septoplasty surgeries to correct my breathing before I came to see him that didn’t make much difference. I can breathe perfectly now and he made my nose look amazing from the outside. He was kind and attentive through out my recovery, which was must faster than my previous surgeries. I can not say enough good things about him. More...


Suman Ali

25 December 2018

Dr sinha is so knowledgeable and really takes the time to listen to what the patient wants. His staff is always so welcoming and approachable. Elisabeth is amazing as well. She has changed my skin! I highly recommend Atl institute for facial aesthetics! More...


Jacalyn Hightower

3 January 2018

Excellent physician, staff great too.
My sinus Doctor, no one else like him.


Kerry Matia

10 October 2017

Exceptional! 5 Stars!!! I can not say enough good things about the experience I had at Dr. Sinha's office!! If you are looking for a doctor who is remarkable with fillers/botox look no further! I had fillers/botox with other doctors before and I was so disappointed with the results. I spent a lot of money and could hardly tell the difference. A friend of mine said to try Dr. Sinha, he's a "facial plastic surgeon" and is very knowledgeable about where to put fillers for the best results. She was right!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the results!!!! He is remarkable at what he does!! I look 10 years younger!! He didn't push "more is better" - he wanted to conservative! I will never go anywhere else. I also wanted to praise Brittany and Natalie his nurses! I was a little nervous at first and Brittany was so supportive and comforting. She spent time with me while I was waiting for Dr. Sinha to come in. She even made me laugh!! From the front desk staff who were very warm, attentive and professional, to Brittany and all the nurses....Dr. Sinha office is phenomenal!! The BEST of the BEST!! More...


Frankie Mitchell

30 September 2017

Dr. Sinha is a breath of fresh air. He is very knowledgeable and has excellent bedside manner! He takes his time making sure he answers any questions you might have during an appointment. Look no further for an ENT. Sinus institute of Atlanta helped me get back to my life back! More...


Benjamin Trejo

3 September 2017

Nice, professional, kind, very polite... best doctor ever.


David E

2 September 2017

I can't say enough about how awesome Dr. Sinha and his staff are. They make you feel welcome and comfortable from the minute you arrive. They have exceeded every expectation and I HIGHLY recommend them!! More...


David Curry

27 July 2017

Dr. Sinha and his staff are simply the best. I met with several plastic surgeons in Atlanta (and New York) as part of my due diligence and could not feel more confident and excited about my upcoming procedure with Dr. Sinha. I would not trust anyone else, but Dr. Sinha, with my face. More...


Amanda Rodriguez

4 July 2017

Dr. Sinha is an excellent plastic surgeon and I can't say enough good things about him. He has performed my Rhinoplasty. I had a small nose which really looks awkward when I see myself in the mirror and it was also difficult to breath in the cold. I finally said enough is enough and gathered up the courage to fix it. Visiting his clinic was literally one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Dr. Sinha was very polite and personable throughout the procedure and his office staff was also very accommodative to my needs. Now, my nose looks great! It's almost perfectly straight. I highly recommend Dr. Sinha to anyone who is looking for the Rhinoplasty. More...


Mary R.

11 March 2017

With so many choices in the Atlanta area for botox and other injectables,  Dr. Sinha is the best. Being a long time botox and filler fan (who has moved in and out of Atlanta over the years), I fly back just to see Dr. Sinha.   He discusses your aesthetic goals and comes up with a plan to meet them.  The injections are painless and the  results are  very natural.   His staff is wonderful, appointments are handled efficiently and the new office is beautiful. More...


Ursula H.

8 March 2017

Dr Sinha is always fantastic at being precise, conservative, respectful of my budget, and he has such an exacting eye that always impresses me. For example, he balanced my lip filler so my uneven lips were centered over my 4 front teeth. He has also helped me with long term goals to combat aging. More...


Becca Bonacchi

7 February 2017

Love Dr. Sinha and his staff! He's always pleasant and friendly. I never have to wait long and the staff is always super welcoming. He's never pushy about doing other procedures in addition to what I've come in for, but he's very knowledgeable if I want to discuss other options. More...


Steve Schadt

26 July 2016

Awesome aesthetic and ENT practice in Atlanta, GA - Dr. Sinha is double board certified in both cosmetic surgery and functional ear/nose/throat surgery. This combination makes him particularly well suited for both rhinoplasty and facelift surgery. Great plastic surgery is a combination of both form and function and Dr. Sinha's background makes him a excellent choice for these delicate and exacting procedures. More...


Paul R

20 February 2016

Dr. Sinha and his staff are wonderful. He is very friendly and explains the procedures thoroughly so you know exactly what to expect. I highly recommend their services!


Robert Daugherty

17 September 2015

Excellent service - Pradeep performed an emergency procedure on our child after hours. His knowledge and expertise, matched with care were second to none.


Lucille H.

13 December 2013

On September 24th, I had an Upper Blepharoplasty and a Necklift. I started going to Dr. Sinha for Botox and stuff, and I looked at his before and after and it just looks great so that's why I chose him. I think he is a doctor that gives above and beyond in every area to me. He is just very meticulous about his work and his office, and everything. I think he is amazing. The consultation process was so informative. He really took his time. Actually, he and his nurse and everybody took time to explain everything, extremely and thoroughly. I've had lots of procedures done before in other places, and this was about as perfect as it could have been. The recoverys been great, actually. I mean, just what I expected it to be, really. I've had a lot of swelling to my neck area and chin. That did concern me at first but he explained to me that it just takes a little bit of time, but I think it all worked out just fine. More...


Milagro D.

7 June 2013

The things I like best are my eyes. The Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty procedure that Dr. Sinha did really opened up my eyes a lot. That's my favorite thing. The least favorite is I feel like my brow did not get lifted enough. It didn't get rid of the wrinkles. The results are very natural. I actually had people comment about how natural it is. I don't feel like I have a frozen look, and that's another thing I love. Its almost as if I got some of the years taken off of my face without looking frozen. I have definitely seen people who looked frozen. I already have recommended him and I've got one friend who is waiting for the summer to be over to schedule hers. I feel pretty confident that she will love her results too. I've got two other friends who are trying to find the money. I won't say he is perfect just because nothing is perfect. I'm just a little disappointed on the wrinkles on my brow. His staff is very friendly and very personable and I really appreciate how they treat me when I come in. I found it to be very pleasant experience. More...


Tracy F.

2 May 2013

Three months ago I had my upper eyelids done. My eyelids were really droopy from age. I saw two other doctors. I like that Dr. Sinha wanted to do minimal work and he'd do it in his office. Everyone from his staff was very cordial, very nice. I didn't feel any pressure at all. To do it, I was just speaking with him about it. He said here are the options and for me to think about it and to let him know. I mean there was completely no pressure, no rush, and I had scheduled something, and after I scheduled it, my mother became ill and I wasn't able to come in. I wasnt going to go ahead and do the procedure because she had gone sick the day before, so I came in for it. But, he was like no, no, you got too much going on. This would not be good for you; you go take care of your family. And so, he let me reschedule which was very kind. He handles eyes all the time. I didn't have to be sitting or resting or anything. They look very natural. He didn't change the shape of my eyes at all. I mean, it's just my eyes are very open now. You know, like the upper eye lids are open. It looks very natural. It looks great. More...


Leanna H.

19 April 2013

My Rhinoplasty with Dr. Sinha was in, I guess, mid-December. It was amazing from start to finish. He is such a nice guy. I came in and told him that I did not like the bump on my nose and they took all the pictures and put them on the screen and he digitally edited them in different ways, which I was kind of amazed by. He just makes you feel comfortable prior to having the procedure and you know what you're going to get. I mean these are some small procedures but sometimes it changes what people aren't comfortable with initially. He went over everything before I went to the surgery and made sure all my post-op stuff was taken care of and ready to go. Then I came out of surgery, and I honestly recovered so quickly, I didn't even need like half of the time that I thought I was going to. I love from a profile view, that the bump at the top of my nose is gone. I've also seen a couple of his other patients. They're my close friends that he's worked on with different procedures such as the eyes, upper eyelid, that type of thing, and they've had amazing results as well, so I would recommend him to my closest friends or people just because I trust him. The staff has been extra sweet, too. I couldn't get into the office for my post-op and they were just really patient with me. Dr. Sinha has incredibly changed my nose forever. More...


Mitsuko M.

19 February 2013

I did it Brow lift about a month ago. Dr. Sinha had recommended I do it and I'm glad I did. Although it's painful I can see results. People that know what I've done can see that I'm still swollen but we can see that he did exactly what he said he would do. Brow lift just looks completely perfect, no wrinkles. It looks awesome. But, I met somebody who knew what I did and they can say that you can tell that it's going to look fabulous. I do have some black and blue under the eyes just a little a bit. The follow-up was awesome. Like I said it's scary to do it. You don't know what to expect, so his nurses and staff helped me whenever I had questions, and they were available at all times. They were excellent! More...


Avis H.

28 November 2012

I m a very precise and detailed oriented person, so I had to find the perfect doctor to perform rhinoplasty. I was kind of scared because I never had surgery and I didn t want to mess up my face, but once I met Dr. Sinha, I found that he was professional, relaxed and calm, which made me confident and comfortable. He showed me pictures of his previous clients and pictures of what my nose would look like. Overall, I m extremely satisfied with the results. Everything looks so natural and he did all of the details exactly as I told him he should do. He is by far among the top doctors that I ve met. And the staff there is incredible. They re all really nice, helpful and wonderful people. More...


Kimbra S.

18 September 2012

He was very easy to talk to. He answered all of my questions. He told
me exactly what to expect. He was punctual on the day of the surgery.
So, having my upper and lower eyes done was an easy process. Dr.
Sinha also told me what I needed to do after the surgery for comfort. I
was referred by a friend. I would definitely recommend him too.


Natalie B.

28 August 2012

I would recommend Dr. Sinha to anyone no matter who it is interested in having plastic surgery. I m 62 years old and people sometimes think I m 45. I don t look like I ve had surgery and no one tells me that I look like I ve had a facelift; it s very natural, which is what I wanted. Dr. Sinha is understanding, a good listener, and a supportive person. Everything was perfect. It could not have been better. More...



15 May 2012

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sinha’s for six years and have had total laser on my face and Botox injections. The laser got rid of the fine wrinkles, which was good enough for me, and the Botox got rid of the deep wrinkles in between my eyes. Dr. Sinha and his PA Lauren are very nice. And they have a great facility. More...


A Google User

14 May 2012

I started seeing Dr. Sinha last year after I got Bell’s Palsy due to stress and trauma from pregnancy from my twins. My rehabilitation therapist suggested I see him for Botox treatment because I have weakness on the affected side.

This is a condition where you need a lot of compassion, so you need to see someone who is not only knowledgeable, but who also has a heart, and that’s who he is. He is a very nice and smart person, and his staff is so sweet. I have to continue on with Dr. Sinha to continue to get back to my 100% full recovery. That’s what I am aiming for and that’s what his goal is as well.


Kandace B.

3 May 2012

The results from the laser hair removal treatments are pretty permanent right now and I m happy with them, even though I am only halfway through. Dr. Sinha has the most up-to-date technology as far as the laser hair removal that I ve experienced. I feel welcomed there and they take care of me right away; I never have to wait too long. I would definitely recommend him. More...



5 April 2012

Dr. Sinha is an aesthetic doctor and is efficient at what he does. He gave me the results I was looking for as far as my lip fillers and injectables. He also has a beautiful office facility- very clean, comfortable and modern. Parking was pretty easy and I didn’t have to wait a long time so I appreciated that. More...


K W.

28 March 2012

I have had 4 treatments so far of a 6 treatment laser hair removal program that I bought off of Groupon.  So far I have had excellent results!!! I went to WIFH a few years ago, but the hair eventually grew back - so thats why I am going again.  After doing some research, I found that the lasers this location uses are much better than my previous experience.  The "bedside manner" could be a little better as they seem very rushed and not very interested in the patient (which is why I gave 4 instead of 5 stars), but overall I am happy with the actual service!!  They get me in and out in about 15 - 20 minutes so I am able to go on my lunch break from work.  I recommend this place as long as you don't have the expectation of having small talk with the staff. More...


Tamara V.

22 February 2012

Dr. Sinha is the best surgeon in Atlanta. The last procedure that I did with him was a Mini-Facelift in April. The services that he provided went over and beyond what I was expecting. He gave me his cell phone number over the weekend in case I had any questions. One of the things that I really like about him is the fact that he will invite you back in for some free post-procedure work such as Microdermabrasion. I really felt great about that. I don t have any negative things to say about him. More...



15 February 2012

Dr. Sinha is awesome! I chose Dr. Sinha because he is rated as one of the top 10 surgeons in Atlanta. I didn’t want just anyone working on my face. He is more expensive but when you have someone working on your face, money doesn’t matter. I did the Mini-Facelift in April and my results are exactly what I was looking for. The only problem I encountered was a little area that didn’t look right to me so he welcomed me back in at no charge and fixed it. It looks perfect now and there are no scars. No one can tell I had anything done. His staff is amazingly friendly and helpful. He and his staff go over and beyond to make sure that you have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the whole process. I only have great things to say about Dr. Sinha. More...


Natalia G.

23 December 2011

I chose Dr. Sinha as my surgeon for two main reasons. I liked the way he explained things to me and I spoke to several people that had procedures done by him. The biggest procedure that I did with Dr. Sinha was my Facelift about two years ago on January 21st. Since my Facelift, I have also done some other procedures with him such as Botox. Dr. Sinha is one of the most concerned and genuine doctors I have ever met. He takes a lot of time with his patients to answer questions. In fact if he could not answer my questions when I called because he was busy, he always made a point to call me back personally at the end of the day and answer my questions. In addition, I have been very pleased with my results. I will be 60 in July and I have people ask me for my age all the time. They can t believe that I am 60 years old. The best part is the way my eyes look now. I don t look tired anymore. Overall, I have had a very positive experience and I would do it all over again. More...


Iqbal T.

21 December 2011

While they have been in the market for the past 5 years, they are now coming up to date with technology. they have been featured in several magazines for the different facial laser procedures that they provide to their custoemrs. With excellent customer service, and always smiling employees. More...


Lauren J.

21 December 2011

Having visited several doctors because of my nervousness over surgery on my face, I was amazed at how welcomed I was made to feel by the staff at this practice. Moreover, Dr. Sinha shared with me a large number of photos of his amazing surgical results. Most doctors show 1 or 2 but Dr. Sinha seems to make all his patients "photo perfect". He also gave me many options, surgical, laser and injectable treatments with no pressure whatsoever. I did not have to any farther to find the person I will trust my face to!PROS: Experienced, freindly staff, variety of options
CONS: Sometimes difficult to get an appointment with


Florence J.

21 December 2011

Just giddy from finally getting my nose done right. Had a bad experience elsewhere and then was very nervous. I thank God everyday that I found Dr. Sinha. Our initial consult was 45 minutes long! He had a full waiting room and I know he was behind because his assistant kept sticking her head in the door. I was tearful because of my previous surgery and he stayed in their with me. That meant so much to me! He identified what the problem in my nose was and then he showed me 5 patients on who he had fixed the very same problem. The other consults I went to did not have any pictures that were like my nose. I new found my doctor. I am a little over 3 months from my surgery and am very, very happy. More...


Tyler C.

21 December 2011

Saw Dr. Sinha after getting a broken nose during a vacation in Florida. Actually got his name from a doc in Destin who had seen him before. Was able to get in quick. He fixed the twist in my nose and took off the hump that appeared at the top. Nose looks great and I can breathe even better than I could before breaking it. Explains things very well, takes his time and does good work. More...



20 June 2011

This doctor fixed my nose after I broke it during a vacation. The emergency doc in Florida referred me directly to him in Atlanta, he had surgery with Dr. Sinha also! Liked and trusted him after the first visit. He fixed my breathing and the twist and hump that appeared in my nose after I broke it. Very happy that I ended up with him. More...



4 April 2011

Came across this site when posting on Insiderpages. Please read my review there for more details. I would give Dr. Sinha 6 stars if I could, he has changed my life. @Timothy B., I am for real,, I've even put my picture up. I'm sorry if you had a bad experience but what you describe couldn't have been more opposite than what I experienced. More...



17 July 2010

Had my nose done for breathing issues and needed a bit of shaping on the tip. did a fabulous job on both. Cannot stress what a pleasure it is to find such a caring person who actually listens. I know he had been doing this for years but he still takes time to listen because it is a new things for the patients like me. More...



24 March 2007

I found this doctor after reading about him in magazine after magazine as one of the best plastic surgeons in Atlanta. I had been to a few consults but just never felt right about any of the people I met until I walked into this office. I immediately felt comfortable and was amazed at the number of options offered to me. Highly recommend going through the impressive array of before and after pictures. More...


vinod r.

30 October 2005

this place specialises in removing facial and body bair by using lasers. the staff are very friendly and nice to talk to and the doctor is also a friendly person.nice prices and excellent customer service are its strengths. More...


rukhsana t.

21 July 2005

They do laser treatments for the face to permanently remove facial and body hair. They do a great job at a great price, since you can buy packages. Located at Northside Hospital very easy to find. Just don't go during lunch b/c they are really busy! More...