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YOUR STORY MATTERS! Your story, your pain, and your struggles are unique to you. There is no one-size fits all approach to therapy. I'll spend the time understanding exactly what you are experiencing and why, so that when you start to make changes that improve your life-they stick.



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I find it personally satisfying when I help people to grow and thrive. It is gratifying to watch individuals and couples make new revelations not only about them as a couple but also themselves as an individual. I also enjoy being the person that someone feels safe enough sharing their story with.

I began my career counseling adult male and females who were incarcerated.
I developed and facilitated a First-Time Offenders group for women that focused on the unique experiences and issues of women and provided individual counseling and crisis intervention to male offenders. I later shifted my work from a residential setting to community work where I worked with individuals, couples and families experiencing a wide range of challenges like: life transitions, relationship concerns (including interpersonal violence and sexual assault), marital dissatisfaction, anxiety, boundaries, sexual trauma, recovering from break-ups, self-esteem, and personal growth.

I have over 20 years of experience working with a variety of people and problems. I am well trained in a variety of treatment approaches but mostly, I am passionate about helping others to thrive in life. I help people make peace with their past and see setbacks as growth and expansive opportunities. I am warm, supportive and encouraging in helping you meet your therapeutic goals.


I provide individual, couples, family and group treatment for a variety of issues including interpersonal issues, anxiety & depression, social skills, anger management, certified domestic violence assessments and groups, sexual addictions and sexual offense treatment.