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Milton, WA, Pierce

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Ascent CFO & Advisors, LLC

Milton, WA, Pierce



Ascent CFO & Advisors, LLC works with driven business owners to improve their profits and cash flow, so they can enjoy the freedom that business ownership should bring.

Small business owners need the same support and guidance that CEOs of large corporations get from their CFOs.


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Doug Faber

28 February 2019

I have been using Ascent for over a year now. Eric is precise, thorough, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He has streamlined my processes and saved me a lot of valuable time in my day to day back room responsibilities. He's also a great guy who is a joy to work with. I highly recommend Eric if you are looking for expert bookkeeping services. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions! More...


Serhan Transport

11 February 2019

Thank you, Ascent Accounting Solution, LLC for rescuing our Quick books from disaster. Really awesome company and very friendly to work with. Helping us understand on how to run our Quick books better and keeping our company up to date on our financials! Very affordable and have hired as our bookkeeper, we would recommend Ascent Accounting Solution, LLC to any size business because they are very efficient, reliable, and available any time of day to answer questions that I have. Thank you again Ascent Accounting Solution, LLC. We are going to recommend you to all our friends and family. Nejme Apergis Michael Burkhart Serhan Transportation, Tacoma Washington More...


Danette Johnston

4 February 2019

I had a great experience working with Eric. With 20 years of business books I needed to get updated, it was not a simple job but Eric got me through it as painlessly as possible!


Bryan Cunningham

4 February 2019

Working with Eric was great. High level of expertise, very professional and very easy to work with. I estimate I saved about 2 months of time and headache by using Eric rather than going it alone and trying to figure everything out solo. He has my highest recommendation.


Damon Sununtnasuk

5 October 2018

Professional and timely. Presents topics and themes with clarity and good explanation. Customizes training and approach to best reflect the needs of the client. Recommend.


Steph Hilfer

4 August 2018

Eric is incredibly knowledgeable in business building, accounting solutions and growth planning. He's very trust worthy and would be an asset to any business looking to grow their business. I highly recommend that you at least talk to Eric about your business endeavors! More...

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Software Selection
Software Implementation
Finance & Accounting Support & Oversight
Strategic Planning
Systems Evaluation & Optimization
Cost & Structure Benchmarking & Improvement
Functional Forecast™ Implementation
Continuous Improvement
Team Building & Accountability

Most Accountants and Bookkeeper know how to enter transactions and reconcile accounts. Great accountants are able to show the client how combining accounting information with business operation can help a business to rapidly accelerate their growth, improve margins and cash flow.

With over 20 years experience in accounting and operations, I've seen companies that understand this and do exceptionally well and others that allow the groups to develop separate fiefs and contend against each other.

I love the moments when I'm working with a business owner and the light comes on and the owner sees how it comes together, when a new system comes online reducing a job's hours by 20 hrs a week and seeing the relief on my client's face, and when a client realized that they don't need to worry about payroll in 2 weeks, because they know what their cash flow looks like for the next month.

I love being part of a business owner's dream come to life.

I wanted to provide a more stable environment for my family. Over the course of my professional career, we have lived in Asia 3 times. While often very fun and exciting, the constant moving around had severed the roots for my family. They didn't have a place to call home. Starting my own business has allowed me to finally establish a home. Additionally, it has provided an unexpected benefit of being a platform for teaching my children important life lessons about work and success.

Finally, I grew up in an general contractor entrepreneur house and watched my father struggle to make his business work. While he was a great technician (building houses), he was a poor business manager. After 20 years working with large businesses worldwide, I have the experience and skills to help other business owners succeed, where my father suffered. I have found that I really enjoy the opportunity to serve those that are trying to make a difference for their families.

If you are primarily looking for someone to keep your books, so you can file your taxes, then we are not the one for you.

We want to work with business owners that are interested in growing their business and recognize that understanding their financial numbers is the foundation for great growth. We want to work with business owners that understand the value that accounting systems and systems in general bring to the business and are obsessed with continuous improvement.

If you fit this description, then it will be a pleasure to work with you to create the business that you dreamed of, when you first started.

Henry David Thoreau said, “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” Based on that standard, your business is priceless. Now let's make it valuable!