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Ali Ramirez

24 August 2019

Going to Lauren was the best thing I did for myself. I came to her completely broken, destroyed, clueless on where I was going with my life. Little by little we fixed the problem I initially came in for, and then she started helping me with just my life overall! Body image, low self-esteem, family relationship.. A year in and I can say I am definitely the most happiest and confident version of me I have ever been. My 5 year old daughter sees the difference in me and we both couldn’t thank her enough. I went from just doing day to day to living day to day. More...


stephanie theobald

22 August 2019

Honestly, I am not sure where to start. I was falling apart and if I did not make a change fast i would lose everything...including myself....I have been to therapy before but for all the wrong reasons and people. Lauren doesn't treat you like you are some hopeless case. She truly cares about what is going on in your life and how you are doing/feeling. Today, I can say I am happy and mentally healthy because she helped me get there. My journey is far from over but I know I can handle what lies ahead not only because of the knowledge i have gained from my sessions but because of her believing in me. Sometimes all you need is someone in your corner, fighting right along with you. Lauren is that person.ST More...


Lisa Demmel

22 August 2019

Lauren has been a huge help with dealing with my childhood memories to a recent diagnosis. I highly recommend her for anything you might be going through!


Katie Bowman

22 August 2019

Lauren was recommended to me by a family member after the death of my 13 year old son last year. I couldn't be more grateful to have found her. In a sense, Lauren has brought me back to life. The death of a child is not something that one just gets over...Lauren has shown me how to get through it and how to feel through it. She has also been working with my daughter to cope with life without her big brother. The change I have seen in her is remarkable. Lauren has supported me with EMDR, parts work and talk therapy. Grief has been a very complicated and of course emotional journey for me. Thankfully I have her compassion and her knowledge to help navigate life without my son. Thank you Lauren for all you have done and continue to do for me and my family. More...


Tess Kirkland

22 August 2019

Like many others life hasn’t been the easiest for me to navigate. I’ve been through so much trauma for only being alive two decades and honestly I didn’t even know that I needed help until my boss told me whatever I was dealing with was affecting my performance at work. Reaching out for help isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s terrifying if I’m being completely honest.From the SECOND I saw Lauren’s name I knew she was the one for me. In February of 2018 we had our first session together and I haven’t looked back. She never forces me to talk about something if I don’t want to, but instead she pushes and encourages me to talk about it in a way that makes it more comfortable to express whatever is going through my mind.She’s created such an awesome environment for all of her guests, it’s such a warm and inviting feeling to see her. Lauren has helped me with every aspect of my life possible, mental health, my relationship, my work, and personal development you name it she’s probably helped me or someone else with it.If you’re reading this and searching for the right person to see for whatever you’re going through then I HIGHLY recommend you give her a call!! You won’t regret it at all. More...


Kasey Pipitt

8 August 2019

Lauren has been the biggest help I’ve had since being out of the military and going through counselors who actually want to help versus just listening. I started seeing Lauren after the ending of a very toxic relationship that had no idea on how to get past. On top of that she has been able to coach me through other aspects of my life that I didn’t even realize needed healing. It’s nice to have someone around who provides the tools and proper procedures for healing from mental and emotional trauma. I would recommend Lauren to anyone that is being forced to confront any sort of struggle that they don’t have the know how of how to deal with it. More...


Linda Perez

21 June 2018

I am so grateful for Ascension Wellness and Lauren. She really is amazing. She is sunshine on a gloomy day. Spending time with her has really been helpful to my well-being and outlook on life. Her emotional and mental support came at the perfect time in my life. I highly recommend her. Her compassion and professionalism is exceptional. More...


Laura Fernandez

6 June 2018

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I started seeing Lauren after I attended the Route 91 concert. I was a little apprehensive at first and I wasn't sure if therapy would even work... I was suffering with PTSD, depression, and I just felt horrible about myself. After 6 months of continuously working with Lauren, I can honestly say I have NEVER felt better! I feel more like myself than ever. I am able to go to the movies again - which I NEVER thought would ever be able to happen. Little by little I was able to enjoy the things I once did before the concert. But even better - the self love and happiness I found for myself is incredible! I am just so blessed Lauren came into my life at the right time! I HIGHLY recommend!!! SHE IS AMAZING, WONDERFUL, AND I WOULDN'T BE WHO I AM TODAY WITHOUT HER HELP!!!!!! More...


Ashton J.

22 February 2018

Lauren is the most helpful counselor I have ever seen. With a rough back ground, counseling is a familiar process for me and it almost never worked. Her perception, intelligence, and compassion create a comfortable atmosphere of safety and trust, which is essential for self reflection. I LOVE that Lauren is never judgmental. Her intuitive, creative, and adaptive techniques have honestly saved my life. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who will impact your life as positively as she will. 6/5 More...


Audrey Earle

22 December 2017

Lauren is an amazing person besides the fact of her being a kick ass counselor! After my mother passed last year, I lost everything, I damn near lost my mind too. I contacted a web psych and she gave me Laurens’ contact. When I first met her I cried for the first 2 sessions, the rest is history! She has helped me recover from the loss in a tremendous way! She’s helped me rediscover myself and get my self motivation back on track. If you’re going through a tough time in life, or suffering a great loss I recommended going to see her. She’s truly Heaven Sent! More...


Audrey Earle

14 December 2017

Lauren is Amazing! I started to see her as my grievance counselor after losing my Mother. She has done an amazing job at helping me get through my loss. In the process I figured out that she's much more than a counselor, she's a healer, to say the least. She's helped me in my life journey by teaching me to allow myself to listen to me. If you're a soul searcher you know exactly what that means. I can't even put it all in one review what she means to me (my mental health)... I will say this, I believe in Devine Encounters and she's definitely Heaven Sent! You'll have to see for yourself, don't just take my word for it!!! More...

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