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Fearless, Clear & Actionable Consulting for Digital Marketing, Website Creation, PR and Social Media


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The most important thing at a website is clear communication and engagement with new potential customers.

We have a lengthy discovery process that enables us to find the important parts of your story and build your site to tell that story.

Our process involves:

- Business Discovery: We work jointly with the client to examine, expose, and enhance the value proposition and unique factors of your company. What are the needs to be defined to realize the desired results. Is there clarity?

- Business Transition. What steps can be implemented quickly to change marketing results for the better. Often we engage our Quick2Brand solutions, web development, PR and social media.

- Analytics and Evaluation. Marketing change can be measured on almost a daily basis now. What were the results of our efforts and how do we build a long-term solution.

We want to know as much as you will tell us. Who is your customer? What is Your sales process? Your current online activity. Your online presence. Your local search. Google Analytics and everything else. If you don't know all of these details we have some excellent tools to help us discover the answers.

There is something new every day. We are curious about all of it. We like to find the things that are most challenging to your marketing efforts and find simple but effective solutions.

I have loved the marketing business since my teenage years. I enjoy solving problems for my clients.

Flexible, Adaptable, Affordable and really good at what we do.



A four week digital campaign built around a news release, media follow-up and social media. Our last 6 campaigns have almost a million views online (cumulative)