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Stephanie K.

14 May 2019

I love doctors that get down to business but also have a great bedside manner.  This dr was recommended by my GI and I loved that he didn't push medications but gave me some OTC meds to try first.  But let me back up.  First visit, he came in with a student (I love when students are there because I'm a unique case that isn't easily treated)!  He put the drops in my nose to deaden in and then scoped my nose to see the issue.  It was quick, but we talked and discussed my concerns fully... I am terrified of ENT issues because my uncle died of tongue and throat cancer.  I really like him and he's also not a dr to have you keep coming back for rechecks but leaves it to you after a few visits to come back if there's more issues.  Also his front staff are awesome! They love my service dog too.  Sometimes it's hard to find people that like the big dogs and feel comfortable in offices with him. More...


Tanaz R.

22 March 2019

I highly recommend Dr. M for your beautification needs. I went in wanting to get some work done to reduce signs of aging. He was very thorough in determining my individual needs.  I wanted a natural look and that's exactly what I got. He will definitely be my go to MD for future work on my face. More...


Leo R.

20 March 2019

I was first introduced to Dr. Moradzadeh from an Urgent Care doctor after I had an accident at the gym. I quickly set up a septoplasty with him with very impressive results. At my follow up I made the leap and inquired about cosmetic procedures. I started with botox and fillers. Dr. Moradzadeh has a very well-trained eye and has a conservative approach with natural-looking results. After a couple years of botox and fillers I made the leap to address a skin lasticity issue in my stomach and acne scarring on face and back. We did radio-frequency micro needling, erbium, body tite on the stomach. All with stunning resluts. I could not have asked for a better doctor. Dr. Moradzadeh was by my side every step of the way and offered his expertise at every turn. I am very happy to have worked with Dr. Moradzadeh. He is very    knowledgable in every aspect of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures and works together with what his patients are looking for to achieve the best results. He is patient, kind and and offers true professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Moradzadeh to anybody. Especially those that are looking for a natural enhancement of their best self. More...


Ellie P.

18 March 2019

I usually see Dr. Moradzadeh for botox and fillers. He always does a beautiful natural job. I recently decided to try the thread procedure for my abdomen, that had a lot of loose skin from pregnancy. It was not an easy procedure but he kept me very comfortable and talked me through the entire procedure.I am a little over 2 months post op. I see a visible change in the  skin of my abdomen and even my belly button. I am so happy I listened to him and tried it out. I would definitely recommend his office for any kind of cosmetic work. More...


F M.

5 March 2019

Let me update my review. My previous review was a 5 star but it was short so I am writing a new one. I think doctor Moradzadeh is one of the best surgeons out there. He is very precise and the results are natural...you won't even get bruised!! The office is very nice and clean. Making an appointment is easy. Staffs are very nice (nice I mean very kind and they are not mean like most of the places, lol)also, there is candy! More...


mitra Zadeh

4 March 2019

Dr Moradzadeh has excellent bed manners. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great surgeon. I highly recommend him.


Kaylynn K.

23 January 2019

I came to Doctor Arash Moradzadeh for a consultation back in March of 2018.  I didn't want a facelift but being 61 I wanted to try something more subtle without downtime and scars.  He suggested combining a procedure called Face Tite along with three treatments of Fractora RF.  The day of the appointment I took a prescribed pain pill and something to relax me.  He applied numbing cream on as well.  He performed both procedures the same time.  He said not to expect immediate results as it took up to 10 months for both procedures to peak. I had one day of redness and couple days of swelling.  Then back to work.  I work with the public and no one , even my coworkers noticed anything.  Around October my family and husband kept commenting on my skin and how great I looked.  My face is thinner and more tight around the jawline.  My skin looks absolutely fresh and I couldn't be more pleased.  He also does some of his treatments in Santa Barbara for those of us in the central coast. More...


Simone W.

12 November 2018

I came in for an ENT consult and needed my clogged ear vacuumed. He was very gentle and made me feel comfortable. I am happy the ear problem brought me in because I will be seeing him again for other things!


Sammy T.

4 October 2018

Dr. AM is an expert at facial aesthetics. For the first time ever, I was asked "how do you like your Botox?" He walked me through different options of how I wanted my face to look when I smiled or made other natural expressions. I've been injected with Botox on at least 15 occasions in the past - Dr. Moradzadeh is the most gentle and most careful injector I have ever had. I didn't feel a thing! 5 stars for Dr. Arash!!! More...


Yu Y.

22 June 2018

I can't speak English very well, but they listened patiently to our story and treated my daughter best!The woman at the reception always cheered my daughter up with a smile.Thank you!


Nahal D.

29 May 2018

He correctly diagnosed my ear pain and treated it effectively and quickly. Couldn't have asked for better care after being misdiagnosed by other doctors.


Maher N.

5 February 2018

Amazing location and doctor is awesome he is very sweet and so hard working Rudy is such an amazing assistants.She is gorgeous  and so sweet She always caring and make sure everything goes well Most recommended place


Rebecca D.

1 February 2018

Dr. Arash is indeed the face expert!Since this was my first time visiting a facial plastic surgeon for a procedure, I was nervous and intimidated. That feeling went away the moment I walked into his office. The front office ladies were sweet, friendly and made my friends, and I feel comfortable. My friends and I also had a ton of questions, and Dr. Arash answered all of them without skipping a beat. He took his time, and we did not feel rushed. What I love about Dr. Arash is that he is confident, intelligent, sweet and has great "bedside manner." Best of all the results of all our procedures turned out great. The outcome was natural enough for someone not to notice you got something done but compelling enough to be seen. Even though I live across the country, I will only see Dr. Arash for any cosmetic procedures. More...


Brian Scandia

4 June 2017

100% satisfied with my lips. Got the natural look I was going for. Highly recommend this surgeon !


saleh650777 .

4 June 2017

Dr. Moradzadeh is the best. Been having trouble breathing and headaches and now finally I can breathe again after just one week from surgery. He is a genius and knows exactly what he is doing and I already referred him my friends. Love his staff His girls are the best!!! Thank you Dr More...


Cleo Cleo

4 June 2017

Last summer I got into a bad car accident, the result was a broken nose and a messed up bruised face, after doing my research, I came across Dr. M and the search was over. I thought I could never breathe like I used to before, but now a few months later, my breathing is better than ever and my nose looks even better (had to add a cosmetic part since I never dared to before). Everything about him is so good, from the moment you step into his gorgeous clean office, to dealing with his staff Radwa and Heather (they make sure you have a pleasent experience), to his magical hands. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my face. More...


Stella Donnarumma Michele Donnarumma

4 June 2017

Because of him my husband can breathe. Saved his life by fixing his nose! Magic hands.


michael donnarumma

4 June 2017

Dr Moradzadeh fixed my deviated septum about 3 years ago and I feel like a new man Now I can sleep better, train better and enjoy my life betterToday I was back to his office for a follow up and his new office look beautifully and his asststant are amazingDefinitely reccomand Michael


Mojgan Raffi

4 June 2017

Dr Moradzadeh is a face expert and trust-worthy. I love his approach and results and would recommend him to anyone and everyone. His staff is the best as well. Lovely girls. More...


Jake Sear

4 June 2017

Dr moradzadeh and the staff are excellent!! I felt very welcomed and they are extremely nice. If anybody is debating on coming here I would go for it. Once again my experience here was excellent! More...


Ally S.

1 February 2017

Dr Moradzadeh is a genius! I went to him to fix an old nose job gone wrong and it looks great! Have also sent a few people his way who are also thrilled with his work. He's the best!


Raelyn B.

17 January 2017

I had rhinoplasty after breaking my nose and he did a magnificent job. My nose job was so subtle and my nose looks so natural


D L.

12 December 2016

Dr. Moradzadeh is seriously the best!! He is sweet, smart, and gentle. I had a few things done by him and I absolutely love the results. I had some lip injections placed and he gave me the best looking lips. I was really nervous about looking "ducky" but he has a very calm demeanor and great bedside manner. He took his time with the fillers and showed me as we went along so that he didn't over inject. I am absolutely in love with the results and am addicted!He is really conservative with his treatment so as to not make you look like you have a "frozen" face or look "plastic". If you want it to be obvious that you had something done, then this is not your guy. But If you want to have people complimenting you about how great you look or how rested you look, then I highly recommend going to him! More...


Lisa P.

7 December 2016

Love doctor M, I have been coming to him for the past two years for his services. He's a perfectionist! I Recommend him to anyone looking for skin treatments!


Ori D.

22 October 2016

I saw Dr. M two years ago for a functional rhinoplasty to help with my breathing and some small aesthetic changes as well as submental liposuction and was very happy with the consult to surgery to post-op experience. I went to a lot of facial plastic surgeons in LA and chose Dr. M because he seemed to me the most honest and genuine which was really important to me. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends. More...


Aaron D.

18 October 2016

I have been coming to Dr Moradzadeh's office for 2 years now for treatment and I have to say that he is one of the most smartest and most cunning in his field. I also must add he actually has genuine concern for his patients. If you or anyone you know is looking for an ENT DOCTOR then you just found the best right here. Give him a call you won't regret it. More...


Lauren R.

23 September 2016

Best doctor ever! Every time I leave his office I look and feel refreshed. He's thorough and knowledgeable, and gives people exactly what they want. The office staff is extremely helpful and kind. Can't say enough good things! More...


Mary T.

23 September 2016

I can't say enough about Dr. Moradzadeh and his wonderful staff. I went in for IPL and lipo sculpt. I got great results for both. My scar was gone in two sessions. Every time I go in I'm greeted with a friendly smile from from his front desk. Everyone is professional and friendly. The office is top notch and clean not to mention that the prices are very reasonable. Overall I highly recommend Dr. Moradzadeh he's honest and he's not the kind of dr that wants to make a buck out of you. More...


Andrew G.

7 September 2016

Dr. Arash is simply the best.  I went to see the doctor because of my tired looking eyes. The doctor used Botox under my eyes.  This eliminated eye wrinkles plus drastically reduced my dark circles.  I could not believe the results.  My dark circles are gone!  He is the best.  Go to his office and tell them you no longer want dark circles!  You will not be disappointed. More...


Victoria F.

23 August 2016

Can't say enough how much I love Dr. Arash! This was my first time having my lips done and the whole process was seamless. He is definitely the best and I love the results!! More...


Josef B.

16 June 2016

100% satisfied with my lips. Got the natural look I was going for. Highly recommend this surgeon !


Shirley Sacks

4 June 2016

He is the nicest doctor. But nice isn't enough. He's expert. I have been to him for cosmetic stuff and also for a problem ear. I have sent friends to him who consider him the best, too. He's not one of those who push products, which I like. The office staff are also great. More...


Veero D.

23 April 2016

A million stars for Dr. Morazadeh and his staff!!!Where do I begin....Everything about him and his practice is refined, modern, and done with precision. First, his office is immaculate...not a speck of dust anywhere, super modern, and exquisite. There are no magazine in the waiting area because you will never wait more than 5 minutes. I've been there 5 times without waiting. You can tell that he takes time and pride in what he does just by walking into his office. He is an artist and a doctor. You never feel rushed and is never brief. He will sit with you until all your questions are answered. He even has email! I've been to other ENT offices that seem like a meat market assembly line. He really does everything to analyze your issue and deliver the best possible solutions and he implements them with expertise. The ladies that run the desk are supper friendly and know your name when you walk in or call. They will take the time to chat with you and explain whatever needs to be explained.My Issue:I came to him with sever sinus issues...deviated septum, swollen turbinates, massive polyp infestation. I couldn't breath through my nose. wasn't sleeping well, snoring, recurring sinus infections....etc. I always felt miserable and tired. I had surgery 5 years before to fix these issues with another dr.but things seemed to have not worked. My septum was still crooked. I wanted to have the surgery again and fix it once and for all. During the surgery-which was suppose to be 1.5 hours and ended up to take 3 hr because he took the extra time to do a few surprise things-he used a navigational CT scan to pinpoint certain spots, he doesn't use packing, and once he opened my nose he saw that i needed a different graft of some sort so he took the time to make one on the spot.A NOTE: the way they work with insurance was a bit different then what I am used to. So make sure you quadruple check everything before you move forward with anything. IE- He might be in network, but the surgery center might not. So call your insurance company 5 times and verify everything, then call the surgery center 3 times to confirm, then call the insurance company again with the exact codes to double confirm. Then call the girls up front twice to confirm everything your insurance company said. Also, they kept billing me as if I was out of network when I was in-network and it took a bit to stay on top of and fix.Otherwise, I would refer anyone with and ear, nose or throat to go see him! More...


Suzy M.

1 February 2016

When I found out about Cellfina, which a one time procedure for the treatment of cellulite, and heard that Dr. Moradzadeh performs the procedure, I immediately jumped on it.  Even though I am skinny, I've always had issues with cellulite which has bothered me for years. I've tried other treatments over the years and none have worked on me.  It has been 2 weeks since my treatment and I already see a major improvement in my buttocks and upper thigh areas.  I have to say I was initially nervous cause I wasn't sure how effective Cellfina was going to be, however, when I met Dr. Moradzadeh and went over the entire procedure, he made me more confident.  Dr. Moradzadeh was very knowledgeable and took his time to answer all my questions.  The procedure went very smooth and he was very gentle.  I was honestly so happy with him that on my follow up visit, I also got Botox as well.  Again, very gentle when injecting the Botox.  His staff is also very welcoming and friendly. When I was waiting for my appointment, I was paying attention to the staff and their work ethic and I have to say they were on top of it all.  Overall, I had a great experience with the Doctor, the staff and the services I've received. More...


Sandy K.

17 October 2015

I started going to Dr Moradzadeh early this year after a friends recommendation. I am glad I did. He is honest, conservative, knowledgable and has great bedside manner. I have seen him for botox, juvaderm and other cosmetic issues and handles them gently and gracefully. He never makes you feel rushed and listens to all your concerns. You can park in building or there is always metered parking on the street for 2 hours. Which is great for BHOverall I am happy with my choice and Dr Moradzadeh More...


karen l.

17 July 2015

Dr Moradzadeh is a very knowledgeable and very kind doctor. I came in panicked and he was so patient with me. He responded so quickly with my results which he was right about from the beginning. His front staff is also amazing and caring and very efficient. I would highly recommend Dr Moradzadeh and will be using him from now on. More...


Brett F.

17 July 2015

Wonderful and wonderfully detailed. As soon as you arrive at Dr. Moradzadeh's zen-like offices you feel instantly at ease. His team is friendly and efficient...my favorite combination in anything! He's tasteful and a perfectionist...another favorite combination ;-) I've referred friends and my own clients to him. Rave reviews from all. Very talented hands and a subtle touch. What more does one need? Smile.  He's not the cheapest around...but who would risk their face to the lowest bidder? He has a client for life. #BrettApproved More...


Tanaz M.

29 May 2015

Dr Moradzadeh is an amazing doctor with an excellent bedside manner. He is uber professional and highly intelligent.  I went in for  skin Melasma.  Not only did he realistically present me with all options, but we started treatment right away.  With the help of an IPL laser and a new skin regimen my skin is amazing. I can't thank him enough... More...


Zander H.

17 September 2014

My nose was fractured in an attack and Dr Moradzadeh made me feel so at ease about correcting it from the very beginning.He advised me on my options and because it was within the window period where he could push the bones back into place that was what I chose.I didn't have health insurance also and he tried to negotiate an affordable and reasonable price for the treatment.I am so happy with my nose it looks perfect.The treatment (from answering my message on yelp,to the lovely ladies on reception,to the  people helping with the procedure,to follow up) I got from everyone in Dr Mordadzadeh team all the way through was amazing!I would highly recommend Dr Mordadzadeh to anyone who wants to feel taken care of and in safe hands about having any procedure done :) More...


Heather A.

15 July 2014

This guy is the real deal. Plastic surgeon/ ent. That initially freaked me out because I was going for Vertigo. He handled it like a pro. What a rock star. Great bedside manner!! I will be referring a lot of people to him.. More...


todd price

4 June 2014

Arash (he lets me call him by his first name) is one of the nicest people I have ever met, in general. Beyond that, his bedside manner serves to make any of his patients feel safe and welcome. I highly recommend this surgeon to anyone looking to get anything done. More...


Gary Alexander

4 June 2014

Dr. Moradzadeh makes me feel so comfortable. He explains everything to me in the simplest of terms so I'm never confused about my procedures, not like many other doctors. I will be getting my work done at AM for many years to come. More...


Al H.

30 December 2013

Dr. Moradzadeh is an amazing doctor.  We came to him because I was in the ER with an extreme sore throat that had caused a parapharangeal abscess.  He was the doctor on call and we were so lucky he was.  Typical treatment in these cases is surgery but mine was in a tricky location.  Dr. Moradzadeh worked hard to treat it without surgery, even consulting 5 other doctors and trying alternatives.  Throughout the whole experience he was patient, kind, really listened to us and truly went above and beyond.  He seemed to really be on top of the latest treatments and willing to consider other options.We've since been to his office for a follow up and found his staff to be as kind as him.  We learned a lot through this whole episode and we're grateful to him for guiding us through it.  He will forever be our ENT. More...


Dianne C.

12 November 2013

I saw Dr. Moradzadeh today for the first time. Since my retired ENT, Dr. Flaum, referred his patients to Dr. M's practice, I knew, even before meeting him, that  I was in good hands - and sure enough I was right !  His staff was courteous, the office was beyond pleasant and I was seen right on time !  This visit was my ears checked for blockage -- Dr. was thorough,  gentle and; even better, now I can hear again :).   We  discussed another matter, that occurred to me while I was there, and was I was very satisfied with our brief consultation.  It was a real pleasure and I highly recommend this practice for ear, nose and throat ! More...


Shaun A.

7 November 2013

Dr. Moradzadeh is an honest and intelligent man. I asked him for a recommendation on a few products and services and unlike most doctors he only offered me services that I needed, rather than services that make the doctors the most amount of money. He refuted the opinions of other Dr's, by providing with recommendations for only thing I needed. After numerous procedures(laser, hair removal, botox) I am very happy to have found him. He listens, is attentive and offers advice that works. I am happy with every procedure and service I have received from him and his staff. I appreciate their attentiveness to details, quick turn around and beautiful office. I will continue to be a lifer. Go Dr. Moradzadeh More...


Shirley S.

20 August 2013

Such a good experience. A kind and thoughtful doctor with nice staff, who doesn't keep you waiting ... who has an artistry for cosmetic stuff, but who cares about medical stuff too. My last doctor, Ear Nose and Throat only took medical patients every Wed, so I had to wait two weeks for an appointment. Well, he lost me as a patient for the more expensive stuff. And another doctor I went to in Beverly Hills thought he could keep his patients waiting for hours whilst he palmed off treatments that patients probably didn't want or need. This is a different kind of doctor and I am so glad that Dr. Flaum, my retired ENT recommended him. More...


Siavash A.

31 March 2013

Great experience with Dr. Moradzadeh. As a male executive I didn't want to look angry because of my 11+ lines on my forehead so I went in to see Dr Moradzadeh after a friend referred me. I was hesitant at first as I had seen people with botox before that borderline appeared artificial. After Dr Moradzadeh's thorough consulatation he pointed out my trouble areas and advised a conservative approach with some light botox for my forehead. I got the treatment done same day and was back to work right afterwards with great natural results and no pain. Since I have gone back and decided to correct my asymmetric smile with filler. Easy, fast and I was amazed at the difference. Everyone says I look great but can't tell I had anything done. My new haircut has taken years off, lol..Thx Dr Moradzadeh, ur the best!!!! More...


R. D.

21 February 2013

I recently went to see Dr. Moradzadeh because of breathing problems through my nose. Many years ago, I had a procedure done elsewhere which involved packing inside my nose, lots of pain and discomfort, and a lengthy, difficult recovery period. The effects of that procedure eventually faded and it became hard to breathe again. Dr. Moradzadeh performed a brief, painless surgical procedure that was totally successful. I've not been able to breathe this well since I was a kid back in the 60's. He is an excellent ENT with outstanding people skills. More...


Rita R.

14 February 2013

I loved the lasergenesis treatment at Dr. Moradzadeh's. I was referred to him by my holistic doctor, who I trust very much. Dr. Moradzadeh's service & staff was excellent. He is professional & I really loved getting to know him & his receptionists. I would definitely recommend him to family & friends. More...


Ali P.

24 July 2012

So I've been wanting to remove this scar my chest for a while but never had the time and didn't know who to go to. My friend one day told me about Dr. Moradzadeh so I called and went for the initial consultation. The consultation was great and quick and he answered all of my questions. I went back for my appointment and everything was  good. At first I was nervous but he and his staff did a great job of easing the tension. Now I'm scarless and I highly recommend him! More...