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Yehudah Bernath

6 February 2019

I spoke with Jeff, he was very knowledgeable and very help full.


rick b

22 October 2018

i found Applied Ergonomics online. Jeff was awesome to deal with sent me detailed drawings. i never had to go to his office. the entire transaction was done through emails and phone calls. which was perfect with my busy schedule. i could not be happier with my custom made to order stand up desk. rick ****** ****** **** More...


Kimberly G.

26 July 2018

I was very impressed with applied ergonomics! I started working from home in April 2018 and began having wrist pain due to using the wrong equipment. After purchasing a number of items on Amazon that did nothing to help, I found Applied Ergonomics after a google search. Initially, I requested a consultation online. D.J. immediately responded to my e-mail with a number of helpful hints to stop my wrist pain. After his e-mail, I had an in person consultation where I as able to tryout out different chairs, desks, mice, and keyboard trays among other items. I purchased a standing desk, new chair, and a keyboard tray that day! I ended up returning the keyboard tray as it did not fit my desk (which I was aware of upon purchase but naively thought that I would be able to modify it). However, there was no hassle with the return. I am also happy to report that due to my new desk and chair, I no longer have wrist pain and enjoy my work from home! Thank you D.J. and applied ergonomics! More...


Greg Snead II

30 May 2018

Found this place on yelp. Great customer service. Was looking for a home office chair and stopped by the office building in Skokie. I was introduced to a chair that I liked and had not considered purchasing. Great place to go for a custom fit chair and other office furniture. The custom chair I wanted was a little too pricey for my budget but if I had the money, I definitely would have purchased from them. More...


Kerry C.

16 August 2017

Applied Ergonomics not only delivered us a fabulous quality product but they highly impressed us with their expertise, patience, and commitment the whole way. We couldn’t be happier that we chose them and would recommend them to any business looking for excellent design and expertise that they can trust. The office morale has improved immensely. We absolutely adore our new space. Thank you especially to Jeff ******* and to the design team at Applied Ergonomics! More...


Mitch R.

7 March 2017

This is a great place!  Jeff is very knowledgable and was able to offer a couple of different types of chairs as well as different options within each type.  They had many chairs on-site to try out and I was able to take one home  for a day which gave me the confidence to make my purchase.  All in all it was a great experience and I got a great chair. More...


Ed J.

23 March 2015

I had spent months looking for a new chair that would help my back (I have an old football injury), and had tried everything from office supply stores to upscale furniture stores - everything was either too cheap and poorly made or too expensive (and not comfortable). Jeff (the owner) took the time to help me find the right chair that met my budget, but is also incredibly comfortable. He even let me take a sample chair home for a few days to make sure it was really right for me before buying my own. Even if you're only in the market for one chair as I was, Jeff will treat you like you're in the market for 100. This place is a hidden gem and definitely worth checking out if you need a new chair. More...


Thomas O.

14 September 2014

Just did renovation of roughly 5000 sq ft of office space, including two conference rooms, 8 offices and cubicle seating for 12.  Worked directly with Jeff.  Jeff is an absolute pleasure to work with.  Thorough and knowledgeable, he helped us well beyond buying and installing the furniture. Ergonomic details, color and fabric schemes, overall flow and practical layout-related issues were all thoroughly vetted and addressed with the assistance of Jeff's experience and professionalism. The construction phase of the project took on a life of its own due to unforeseen subcontractor delays, but that just gave me more time to look forward to the finished product.  Even with that buildup in anticipation, Jeff and his team fully exceeded all expectations.The project looks outstanding.  We are extremely happy and we have Jeff and his team to thank.  This was our first project together, but it will be the first of many to come.  Highly recommended! More...


Sarah Jacobs

12 February 2014

It's not hard to reach them online. And when you opened their website the homepage was greatly attractive. When you search a products you can find it easily because all their products are well categorized. That's what I like on Applied Ergonomics. More...


Sarita Yadav

11 June 2013

Best office furniture!!!!


Mark R.

22 May 2013

Jeff and his team help me through every phase of laying out designing and ultimately installing work stations, conference rooms, chairs and tables for 20 person shared office, PLUGIN workspace in Highland Park.Their work has helped me define our brand in our 1st location, I look forward to outfitting our new locations with their help and guidance They did a fantastic  job and I highly recommend  them More...


Yvonne N.

27 January 2012

I have had persistent lower back pain for several years after an auto accident. My physical therapist recommended  that I spoke with Jeff about finding a chair that would alleviate some of the pain. The first time I met with him, Jeff listened to my problems and had me try out several chairs in his office and then let me take one back to my workplace to try out. After a couple of weeks, I decided that chair did not work out, and went back to switch to a different one to try out. In total, I tried out 4 different chairs and finally decided to buy one that worked best. It took more than 3 months to find the chair that finally worked. Through the entire process, Jeff has been very understanding, compassionate and patient. I am very impressed with his professionalism and the quality of his service. More...


Jan S.

15 April 2011

A friend recommended that I call Jeff Meltzer when I needed to set up an office in my home. His company gave me exactly what I was looking for; a showroom with examples, thoughtful, quick service, good and timely delivery of items and great prices. I strongly recommend Applied Ergonomics to all my friends. More...

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