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Anytime Plumbing, Inc. has been serving Santa Cruz County residents since 2011. Featuring a wide array of emergency and non emergency plumbing services, Anytime Plumbing, Inc. can handle any plumbing problem. Known for arriving on time when needed, Anytime Plumbing, Inc.


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13 November 2019

Affordable & professional plumbing sevice

6 October 2019

I recently had a water leak on my property severe enough to have the SC Water Dept. threaten to turn off my water. I got a recommendation from good friends who had been very satisfied customers of Anytime Plumbing. I called at 8:30 am on a Monday morning, and I spoke directly to the boss, who sent someone out in a couple of hours.  The job was done the following day with a minimum amount of disruption and mess. I was thrilled with the price as well. I will always want them as my plumbers! I would recommend them highly. More...

2 October 2019

I called Anytime Plumbing at 1:38pm, Amer showed up at 2:18pm, amazing response time!!  The leak in my meter box was fixed efficiently and cost effectively. I cannot say enough good things about this company!  Definitely will my go to plumbing company!!!! More...

30 September 2018

Professional services finished the job quickly at. Resonable price

9 August 2017

knows his stuff, great service and very nice guy.

7 June 2017

In drought stricken areas like Santa Cruz we are implored to minimize water usage. One way to flip a metaphorical finger at those dried up water reserves is to allow continuous leaks to go unabated. That's what I did for the last few years that my disposal was leaking gallon after gallon into a buckets under my sink. [shrug]Well, my new house guest has a way of guilting me into responsible home ownership. She was like "what's this abortion of a plumbing job on your sink?". That worked. Today I popped onto Nextdoor to see whom my neighbors used for their plumbing. Foursquare & Yelp! echoed the flattery for Amer and so i began dialing. He showed up within hours of my call. Amer is in Soquel so he's centrally located. He can deploy wrenches to Watsonville as well as upstate Davenport with equal ETAs.A quick aside from this gripping plumbing review: Amer has both iPhone & iPad so he's 21st century all the way. I shared my vCard & GPS coordinates via Apple Maps, Find Friends, WAZE and, upon his arrival, old fashioned screaming my location from my patio. My final bill was entered on an iPad so you know there's actual accounting behind the scenes. I bet I could get an email receipt if I gave more than zero fü¢&s about such things!In 2016 Santa Cruz has the highest median home prices in the country. I think that may be why Anytime Plumbing is most accustomed to working with clients who want top of the line appliances. Bosch, Pür, Viking are names dropped in those circles. My home, however, is a Measure O condo and the most lauded brand in this unit is "Kirkland". People are surprisingly opinionated about their disposals. Amer was not different. He scoffed at the idiot of a disposal I'd acquired after just three hours of Internet research. Crappy plastic bits of cheapness were apparent on my Waste King disposal once he pointed them out. Well, Amer can be convincing and so I took his advice to step up my game. He indicated I'd not soon regret getting a disposal that'll last into the 2020s.It didn't take long before a high horsepower unit was fetched from Soquel and advanced vegetable composting commenced again. The problem was solved with both E-fficiency AND professionalism. This was just another one of those days I was thankful to have help from the local businesses in my community.So thank you, Anytime Plumbing, for getting me out of this tricky situation. More...

20 October 2016

I had asked someone to recommend a plumber and was given Anytimes business card. My neighbor had a leak. I described the problem over the phone and Amer said he knew what needed to be done and came the next morning. He had the correct part with him and was done in a timely manner. Price was very reasonable. While he was thereI asked if he would look at a leak at my kitchen faucet and he quickly diagnosed the problem and I ordered the parts because it was still under warranty. While waiting for those parts my water heater started leaking so I called Amer and he said he was scheduled for the next two days but he could recommend someone else if I could not wait. I said we will wait. Amer called and said Victor would be over to replace it this morning.Well worth the wait because Victor was obviously knowledgeable and very professional . Well I received the parts for my kitchen faucet and gave Amer a call and he said he will send Victor back over today. Victor fixed the leak and said that he was all done and said good-bye. I asked what do I owe you and he said there is no charge.I know some of you are thinking that they charged enough for the water heater so they are giving me a break but the original charge for the water heater  was reduced by 200.00 because I had drained it . Also 12 years ago I  replaced a water heater at another house and that was 700.00 dollars more than this one without the 200.00 off.Anytime Plumbing are juggernauts at diagnosing and solving plumbing problems. Amer and Victor are the epitome of customer service and are definitely rockstars at what they do. They are friendly and honorable men and their rates are more than fair.You would be wise and pleased to have them solve your plumbing problems.Respectfully DPT More...

22 August 2016

Exceptional service!  Urgent situations and plumbing go hand in hand. Amer with Anytime Plumbing knows how to quickly provide a thorough diagnosis and communicates the details of the situation without drama or hype.  I appreciate the range of options he presented with an emphasis on maximizing function while keeping costs as low as possible. Thank you for your kind, efficient service! More...

19 February 2016

Amer is my "go to" plumber!!! Always quick service and friendly and knowledgable!! He has fixed all of our emergencies and projects in a timely manner and we can always rely on him to show up when he says he will be there! He saved the day once again today.....same day service!!!  Thanks! More...

7 June 2013

Amer with Anytime Plumbing is awesome. We have called on him three times now, Anytime Plumbing is the first and only number we call when we have plumbing issues. Our toilet started acting up when I was 9 months pregnant, and I was extremely anxious that our only bathroom was going to be out of commission. Amer was right on time, explained clearly everything he did, fixed the problem quickly for a very reasonable price, and was totally tidy! We just had Amer come out again because our one and only tub was acting up, and now a mom with a 4 month old I was once again anxious about the bathroom being out of commission. Amer fixed the problem in no time at all, once again he was prompt, understanding, explained everything, reasonably priced, and very clean!We will continue to call Anytime Plumbing and recommend Amer to all of our friends! More...

3 May 2011

didn't charge extra for weekend work. Showed up on time and was pleasant to work with. Quality work, fair prices.

3 December 2010

Knew what he was doing

16 July 2010

contacted me promptly. Provided an estimate in writing. Showed up promptly to do the job. Didn't charge extra for weekend work. Didn't charge more when an extra part turned out to cost more than expected. Did quality work. Would use Amer in the future, and would recommend him to others looking for a quality, affordable plumber. More...

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