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Juan R.

13 August 2019

Food was great ! Signature cocktails are delish ! Just went in when it was kinda busy ,so food took a while which is understandable. Will be coming often !


Sab P.

8 July 2019

The best Italian food in Harlem. I've tried a few different items, but the truffle mushroom ravioli is one of my all-time favorite pasta dishes. Consistently delicious food, great service and delivery, and me and my boyfriend's go-to Italian in Harlem. Would definitely recommend (especially for a great date night, in or out). Yum! More...


Johura M.

17 June 2019

Looking for a Sunday buzz with unlimited mimosas and delectable brunch? Look no further, Antika's the spot! In Astoria, there are several options to go to for brunch and we stumbled in here by mistake. We have returned 4 times after that. Starting with the drinks, their mimosas are packed with alcohol. It provides the perfect amount, light and bubbly but the alcohol is present. I've been to many spots that have served mimosas that taste like orange juice. That's not the case here!Moving on to food, we got the Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine. The Eggs Benedict were cooked well and the perfect portion size. The potatoes / hash has been a hit or miss. Sometimes, I get a bigger portion than before and I have been served warm hash instead of cold. The salad is tasty and always feels fresh. The service here is the only reason for minus 1 star. The servers are very nice but the females in the front (not sure if they are hosts or waitresses) always seem to have a nasty attitude. I don't let it affect my perception of the restaurant because our servers have always been nice. If they were sweeter, this experience would be stellar. But nonetheless, I'll be back!! More...


Lisette B.

14 June 2019

Local place by work.  Food is good, a little on the pricey side, but a treat on a day you need to get away from the office


Aisha B.

17 May 2019

Ordered the Grandma pizza...it was delish!  Service was fast. However, I also ordered 2 slices of cheesecake that were molded.


Ben C.

27 April 2019

I ate at Antika today...it's been a while my favorite bartender wasn't there E! But I ment Paulianna polish girl with beautiful cat eyes really beautiful. She made me great drinks! And the manager who was helping her really helped to go the extra mile the really short guy looks like he is from Jersey Shore. Like a mini small more stylish version of pee wee Herman mixed with John Wicks cousin. I had the Penne Alla Vodka. The bread was also very good. I'll be back again. More...


Daniel M.

22 April 2019

I'll start off by saying this is one of my favorite restaurants in the heights and waited to write a review till I had photos from the restaurant. Both a lovely restaurant to order from and to eat in at, Antika really offers a homely, family style American-Italian experience with free garlic bread to prove it. It offers the standard Italian menu of pastas, ravioli's, chicken parm, pizza, salads and the like with individual and family sizing. Family size is easily enough for 3 or 4 people, or can be split by 2 people over a few days. My go to is the Caesar salad in family, which we always get in family size since it keeps really well, as well as the chicken parm or pasta with vodka sauce. The pizzas are also really good with both regular and grandma style. I don't think I've had a bad experience here, which is why I continue to come back. Delivery is super fast and everything travels really well. Prices are very reasonable and the waitstaff is very pleasant! More...


Foring A.

12 April 2019

Location,location,location!! It is hard to find any good restaurant close to the Columbia University and the Medical center..So, it is a gem..Have been there few times with big groups and really enjoyed the food and the service was always good. If you think about the price then it is lil on the pricey side. Otherwise it's a great place to hangout and enjoy the food.. More...


Apollo C.

7 April 2019

I ordered...a pizza(Grandmas).it was great...wow...will order again..thank you for your service....awsome..


Lidia S.

6 April 2019

Their chicken piccata was really savory and their spaghetti with marinara sauce was just as good. Service is slow so I usually opt for delivery.


Stephanie F.

3 April 2019

I'll eat here again everyone around the area talks very highly about this place. I'll be coming back. Is it my favorite place ever? No, but not one that I will ignore. Service was great and the food was pretty good I'll try something different next time around maybe I'll become obsessed like everyone else around here. More...


Dom H.

2 April 2019

Great date spot, thou haven't been here in awhile as my diet doesn't allow for pizza, nor wine . Pretty good happy hour from what I remember


Nicole C.

1 April 2019

Antika pizza makes a good grandma pie. My husband and I really like their food. The delivery time was fast.


Nelson S.

29 March 2019

One night walking around 30th Ave to find a place to eat we came upon Antika, well I'm glad we stopped, looked at the menu and sat to have a wonderful dinner. The food, staff, and ambiance were fabulous. I highly recommend. More...


Corley T.

27 March 2019

Antika has been a favorite spot of mine for several years now. Great variety of awesome Italian - yummy pizzas, pastas, and more! Not the biggest fan of having it delivered, because it's just not as good as when it comes out fresh to the table. They also have brunch, which I have only been to once, but will definitely go back! More...


Rachel C.

24 March 2019

Most likely the best Italian food I've ever had. Amazing calamari and really good pizza. Would rate 10/10 and definitely suggest, service is great too!


Bob B.

22 March 2019

This is a really nice spot. The grandma pizza is groovy and the service is excellent. Also it is one or the few places that you can have an actual conversation without yelling. Also I like aardvarks but that may not be relevant. More...


Mark-Guy-Jim J.

22 March 2019

This is a fire little pizza joint. I finna get pizza all day everyday. Delivery is fast and the order that I ordered was pretty sus, but they got it all right. This place is the GOAT. The atmosphere in this place is pretty chill too. More...


Louis P.

24 February 2019

Great place never disappointed . Staff is always on point ! Would recommend this place for any occasion!


Rory E.

18 February 2019

Amazing Pizza and Pasta! Our go-to for a night in, ordering is a breeze and they're always on time with delivery. Their brunch is also amazing if you're ever looking for a place to go on the weekend. Huge portions and everything tasted amazing. More...


Lina D.

13 February 2019

This is the best place their pizza is bomb I recommend the mushroom plane pizza it is the best also they serve the softest bread before the entire meal this is definitely the best Italian place ever it is at 30th Ave. Astoria


Michelle D.

12 February 2019

I was so excited to finally try this restaurant out. I am a hairstylist -so many of my clients have reccomend this place to me. I'm a huge fan of penne vodka let's just say this place did not disappoint! I honestly think it was one of the best penne vodka sauces I have ever had in Astoria! The pasta was perfectly cooked al dente .The table next to me were enjoying 2 different pizza pies ,it looked and smelled delicious I was truely hoping they would share [ kidding,kinda].  I'll definitely be back to give that a try next! More...


Lediana T.

10 February 2019

Antika is phenomenal!!!! Amazing food, fantastic staff! The nutella pizza is absolutely delicious! Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Astoria!


Antonella P.

9 February 2019

My family and I decided to have lunch at Antika today. We ordered the calamari for appetizer, followed by rigatoni bolognese, eggplant parm and veal parm. Everything was delicious! For dessert, we had the tiramisu. We loved it! Overall, a nice atmosphere, family friendly, staff was nice. It was a good experience, will be back! More...


Christos A.

8 February 2019

The Family-Style portion of the menu has been removed  A staff member had told me that it will be back. Hopefully sooner than later, please.


David P.

31 January 2019

Top 3 pizzas in the neighborhood. I always want more of the toasted basil you guys put on top. Such a nice touch. Quality ingredients and fresh mozzarella that just compliments the entire pizza perfectly.


Miki K.

28 January 2019

Awesome Service in Astoria's busy restaurant district. We had an awesome waiter who went above and beyond to take care of Gluten Free requirements. Loved the Veggie Pasta with the grilled chicken and additional party with non-dietary restrictions ordered Pizza which they loved! Very nice atmosphere and very clean too (not really a Gluten Free type of place - hey what italian establishment wants that..lol Great Place - very satisfied More...


Nikkia A.

25 December 2018

To echo pretty much everyone's statements, they are pricey. I've tried a variety of dishes from them, and I can say this is another place where sticking to the basics might be best. The pizzas are good, the baby spinach salad with grilled chicken is great - albeit pricey - and then there's the pasta's. The pasta dishes are truly hit or miss here... there's the good: porcini truffle ravioli, penne alla vodka, rigatoni bolognese and then there's the bland: spinach fettuccini carbonara, fusilli primavera and fettuccini alfredo. There are not that many great Italian delivery options in the neighborhood, so Antika, you win by default. More...


Kelly C.

29 November 2018

I come here for this BABY SPINACH SALAD! Amazing always fresh and tasty. If your in the mood for pizza try the grandma pie with jalapeños and bacon.


Jessica P.

26 November 2018

I've been here plenty of times and I really enjoy the food and atmosphere of this place. It's cozy and very delicious each and every time I went. This past Sunday I came here to eat with my friend and we ordered the make your own pizza with fresh ricotta arugula garlic and pancetta. When the pizza came they forgot the pancetta which was a disappointment because when I asked for them to just add it onto the pizza the waiter gave us a side of regular cooked bacon and we had to rip it up with our hands and throw it on the pizza.... which was fine I guess.... but it just wasn't the same ! Next time I hope the communication is better. I had the minestrone soup and my friend had the lentil soup. Both were delicious. We will come back here because we like the place. More...


David V.

24 November 2018

This is a really solid Italian restaurant. They're well known for their old fashioned square pizza - which is excellent- but personally I'm a bigger fan of their pastas. The gnocchi in particular is


Sarah G.

21 November 2018

I love this place. I always order from here. Great pizza, great salads, and the pasta is also tasty. Tonight we actually went in for dinner and the staff was really friendly and attentive. Definitely one of my go-to's in the neighborhood. More...


Michela Tripodi

16 November 2018

Great food. Really great staff.


Kolette K.

9 November 2018

Sort of just stumbled upon this place and we are sooo glad we did! The food, service and atmosphere were all stellar. Joanna, our waitress, was very attentive and had a great personality. There were six in our party, all Italian, so not easy to deal with! She handled us with ease. The food was also amazing. We shared apps and the "family" salad, and we each got our own pasta dish. Each one was better than the last. We especially liked the option of getting individual or family dishes. The only downside was trying to pick one thing from their incredible menu. Definitely a must try! More...


Catie K.

3 November 2018

Good was great. Ingredients were fresh. Raviolis and pizza were 10 out of 10. Overall Great vibe. Can't wait to come back!


Alana S.

19 October 2018

We ordered takeout and had a personal pizza with pepperoni, the pasta fagioli soup, and burrata. It was AMAZING! It came with focaccia which was also amazing. It was expensive, but so worth it!


A L.

22 September 2018

My boyfriend and i really enjoy coming here. We love their salad. They have great salad selections. Also I've had their paninis and i like those too. Service is very nice and friendly. Def recommend. More...


Christine X.

19 September 2018

I've been here many times so I've had a chance to try a lot of their food. I gave Antika 4 stars because some of the pizza and pastas are very good (worthy of 5 stars) but unfortunately some of the pastas are terrible (2-3 stars). In particular, the good things on the menu are: -Lobster Ravioli-Seafood alla Vodka-pizza -baby kale salad-nutella pizzaThings I did not like:-Pappardelle Toscana (tasteless and came with so few wlld mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, making the dish very unexciting)-Fettucine Alfredo (literally looked and tasted like a microwave meal) Hope this helps when you are ordering from here! More...


Max D.

7 September 2018

Really good food. Order the penne vodka, and pizza. Incredible....Go treat yourself!


Emma Sauers

23 August 2018

Went here a few years back best pizza I've had.


Kathryn Entwistle

19 August 2018

My sister & I went there on Saturday for dinner . Excellent service and the food Was deishly perfect We had , a small brick oven pizza with black olives And a Cesar salad and caprese salad And we shared chicken parmesan. My sister has a margarita and I was so happy they Had my signature Moscato.. They gifted us a nutella Pie , DELISH!! they were wonderful to us . EXCELLENT !! We will be there Again for sure. Thank you so much for your professional and caring service .�� ������� More...


Lisa G.

16 August 2018

Love everything here especially the pizza and meat balls.  Oooh and White wine sangria is refreshing.


K C.

15 August 2018

This pizza is pretty good. I get Grandmother's style. I haven't been anywhere else for pizza in the neighborhood because I tried this one first and never felt the need to leave. I did take away a star because I think it's on the expensive side, but the stomach wants what the stomach wants, I guess. More...


Anne Marie M.

12 August 2018

Great food! Absolutely amazing service. Ask for Anallely she is the most beautiful, accommodating person in the building. Well... have to mention Peter as well, not only eye pleasing but he brought me jalapeños and now I'm coming here every weekend for brunch. More...


Phyllis Masterson

22 July 2018

We always like coming here. Service is exceptionable, food is good and it's only a few blocks from home. Just one thing.....I felt like the dress code for one of the waitresses was very inappropriate. Her breasts were really advertised and made us all feel very uncomfortable, especially since I had my 13 yr old granddaughter with us. There was really no need for this display. More...


Veronica Ramlall

15 July 2018


D. Lynn R.

7 July 2018

I forget what day of the week I went here with my kids but ya a ghost town. We live in walking distance, wanted pizza and I was tired of the same old Sugar Honey Iced Tea. So we go in and like I mentioned it was a ghost town. There where a few people in the restaurant but it looked dumb empty. It took longer than I expected for our server to come but I didn't fault her for. I'm not sure why, I guess because I was looking over the menu. I decided to order the Calamari and the grandma style pizza. Both were pretty good. The pizza was actually really good. The calamari was f$/@in calamari. I saw a pizza that the other table that was in there ordered and it looked pretty damn good, ya heard! So on my next pizza day I ordered from here and was just as happy. Bottom line if you want some pizza and you are in the area it's good More...


Anna K.

6 July 2018

Best Granda Style pizza in astoria!


Tara S.

3 July 2018

Antika is probably one of my favorite pizza places in Astoria. Every time I decide to have Antika I enter a battle of whether to get chicken parm or the meat pizza. I always end up with the pizza! One time I order half meat and some truffle on the other end and was told I could not do unless there was an up charge. I did think it was strange as, sausage, meatball, pepperoni, and bacon amount to more all together but didn't put up a fight. I have ordered both online and dined in. I wanted to say I have had a pleasant experience on both fronts but dining in is def the better choice. However, delivery is fast. More...


Richard P.

3 July 2018

Been In Astoria 3 years and this is the first time I ate here. Went there on Sunday at 630 pm, and were the only diner there.Service was great.Ordered Eggplant Parmesan with a side of linguine. Sauce was delicious as was the freshly made eggplant parm.Would order again in a NY minute.Draft beer at 6 bucks is a bargain.Wine at 10 bucks per glass not so much.The free order of grilled bruschetta bread was a bit over grilled with little taste.I know pizza is the great favorite here but was not in the mood for it.Would definitely go again although weekday special of 20 bucks per bottle of wine is a deal maker. More...


Truth B.

29 June 2018

Wow! Best Margarita pie I've ever had...I recommend this place based on the quality of the pizza. Cheese to sauce ratio is good and the crust is a little bit on the stiffer side for me, but not enough to crack the slices in half when folded. Great work!


Mandy N.

9 June 2018

Pizza was phenomenal. Friendly service and nice atmosphere. I'll be dreaming about their food for a while. If you're looking for good pizza I highly recommend Antika!


Christina C.

2 June 2018

Antika is my go-to for pizza delivery in Astoria. I always get the plain cheese grandma pizza and 9 times out of 10 it really hits the mark. The sauce is tangy and not sweet like so many places have these days, and the crust is always well done but not burnt. I've never been to the restaurant, but if you want a solid delivery choice in Astoria, this is the spot. More...


M M.

20 May 2018

Awesome spot, how have I never been here?!Grandma pizza was amazing as was the calamari. Recommend the Caesar as well. Service was good albeit a bit hurried.I'll be back!


Diana E.

11 May 2018

One of my favorite local spots Antika never disappoints. Had the buffalo calamari grandma size pie - calamari were crispy on the outside yet soft within. Also ordered the pens alla vodka and added chicken cutlet to it. The cutlet was great! Def recommend the gelato dessert! Can't wait to come back. More...


Kelly O.

10 May 2018

The food here was delicious. Their brick oven pizza is amazing. The servers were very sweet and attentive. Will definitely be back here again.


Bonita A.

5 May 2018

Antika red and white business cards states Antika, Family Style Pizzeria.  So true, so true!  I could not make up my mind on what to order so I choose the Old Fashioned Grandma Style Square Pizza.  Now can I tell you about this pizza?  The pizza is square shaped with a thin crust, charred in a brick oven, topped with san marzano tomatoes, yummy, fresh mozzarella, grande mozzarella (who knew!), pecorino cheese (yes!), grana padano with extra virgin olive oil and oregano.  This pizza was not created for one person to eat, slices, umm 12, which I was determined to eat as many as I could especially after the first few bites.  It is a family style pizza.  You might just ask yourself, what is grande mozzarella, because I did. What I found out was that is has a rich, soft, creamy and buttery flavor.   After slowly eating 3 slices and savoring the flavors of this pizza, I had to bring the rest home thankfully.  I reheated 3 slices in the oven later on in the evening and it still held the flavors and tasted just as good as when I was sitting in Antika.The atmosphere is very laid back and comfortable.   I didn't feel rush and the wait staff was very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.  Love the high back red crisscross cushion seats and the brick walls with ceiling to floor windows.  Looking forward to my next visit and wonder what my next choice will be from the menu. More...


Nicole O.

2 May 2018

Love this place. I love their PIZZA with pancetta,ricotta and garlic. The pasta is very good too. Another favorite is the fried eggplant and zucchini appetizer


Linda M.

1 May 2018

Best penne ala vodka. It's a little on the pricey side but worth it. Love this place.


Jeremy P.

24 April 2018

Visiting from CA and had one of the most delicious pizza!  Great service and great food!  Can't ask for a better pizza experience!  Thanks to Joanna for great service! More...


Timothy N.

13 April 2018

Love Antika! Their pizza is some of the best.  The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is a bit pricey.  I highly recommend ordering their Grandma style pizza More...


Mark P.

29 March 2018

The best white pizza in Washington heights. On the pricey side but well worth the splurge. The stuffed meatballs are amazing as well. Again, a once in a while indulgence. More...


Emily E.

8 March 2018

Antika is a go-to for me in Astoria. Their brunch is delicious, offering you bottomless mimosas, bloody marys or sangria (of which they have white and red). They are willing to accommodate their menu to fit your needs. For dinner they have options of pizza, pasta, salads, soups and Paninis, so everyone is bound to find something - with one gluten-free pasta dish. I'll be back soon, I'm sure. More...


Marie M.

8 March 2018

A new dining fav. Service was good, our wait staff was always communicating if something was on the way or slightly delayed. Hot bread, table evoo / balsamic for dipping as you choose. Beet salad was delicious, just the right amt of dressing was added so the greens were not wilted, salmon could have been cooked slightly less but overall good texture & taste. Spaghetti pomodoro as expected, which is a good thing. Individual pizzas are 6 slices, be prepared to bring home if needed. Solid place with a good array of food options.My next trip out i will try the buffalo calamari pizza- my mouth is watering already. More...


Maggie R.

4 March 2018

My family and I had a great time at antika. The onlyReason I have 4 stars because we got very cold sitting near the front windows.The staff was attentive and very friendly. I can be a picky eater and all of the requests I made were accommodated to without resistance.We ordered a small pizza to share, which was perfect for 4 people, the gnocchi, kale salad with shrimp and the vegetarian and chicken parm sandwiches.The servings are generous so I would recommend you share!Great hour wine which is rare also. I definitely recommend this place if your looking for a relaxed, welcoming Italian restaurant. More...


Peter F.

27 February 2018

This is a pretty good pizza joint in Washington heights.  Pizzas are classic brick oven neopolitan style.  Great flavor and great quality ingredients.  Cocktails and wine selection were beyond expectations for a pizza place.  Also the service was above and beyond.  As they came over a slice of the pie fell on the floor.  We told them it was ok and insisted they make us another one to take home which they did.  The professionalism and quality of this establishment was at a level of a white table cloth restaurant. I recommend it highly. More...


Dimitrios D.

25 February 2018

Antika is a really great pizza place.I tried their whole grandma pie, fresh, and it was delicious.  The crust is soft and crispy in all the right places, and it's just delicious.  After my friends and I ate one pie, we loved it so much that we immediately order a second pie and devoured it, too.  It's not the best pizza I've ever had in my life like some online reviews suggest, but it's without a doubt a better than average pizza experience.  Recommended! More...


Olivia W.

8 February 2018

Top notch pizza. Super friendly staff. Warm (literally from the authentic brick oven!) and an awesome happy hour. $6 wine...hey can't beat that. I've had numerous pizzas and the fra diavolo seafood pasta--melts in your mouth. Quality food, quality people. Best Italian on broadway. More...


Paul R.

16 January 2018

Extra friendly service and delicious pizzas! The cheese/truffle oil/basil one was heavenly, so much that we went for the Nutella calzone as dessert simply because everything was too good. Splurge there, it's worth it!


Cynthia A.

14 January 2018

Great Grandma Style Pizza, very crunchy, fresh ingredients and very tasty. I will continue to dine in or order takeout. I am super happy we can use the order online feature from Yelp. Thank you and continue to stay true to these great flavors. More...


Christina F.

7 January 2018

Great place for delicious pizza. Reasonably priced and the service was really great with recommendations. Spacious layout.


Austin W.

7 January 2018

One of my favorite go-tos in Astoria! The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable about the menu offerings and are willing to accommodate for food allergies. It's very difficult to find something negative to say about the food because it's always top notch; I've yet to find something I haven't liked! The prices are a bit high, but you're paying for high quality food. More...


Moreninha A.

4 January 2018

Very intimate, and amusing ambient. Fresh Italian food, great service, great appetizers, delicious savory food over all, sangrias both red and white were on point. My first experience here was just pure indulgence.  Good for family and and groups, decent space. More...


Gigi K.

2 January 2018

We ordered a takeout. Very accommodating. Spaghetti marinara was just right and delicious.


Tara S.

1 January 2018

Some of the best pizza in town. Quality ingredients,  great service.A bit pricey for the area, but excellent flavorable food.


Tony M.

29 December 2017

Food was good came with my friends who are from the astiria area & always come here for brunch #Nonames lol came hapoy hour loved the pizza meats balls and fried calamari. So in closing it was all good happy hour is best will come again thanks.. More...


Yasmine A.

24 December 2017

Antika is one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. Their food is so fresh and clean! I always order their salads and flatbread pizzas and they never disappoint :)


Tseten S.

18 December 2017

Having eaten my first slice at the tender age of 6 (and never having stopped since) I think that pretty much guarantees me the title of 'pizza aficionado'. I love pizza. In fact it's one of my major food groups. There's nothing a slice of pizza can't solve. It isn't hard to find good pizza in nyc but if you're as particular as me then it's actually pretty damn hard. So don't take it lightly when I say this place serves pretty great pizza. I've been here several times. Both when I used to be a carnivore and since becoming a vegetarian. I like that they give options of doing pizza your way or picking the pies on their menu. I've had their smoked gouda and andouille pizza which was delicious. With the right amount of creaminess and saltiness.  On our most recent visit we did a half pie with just arugula, cheese, jalapeños, and another half with arugula, prosciutto, and jalapeños. I enjoyed this pie just as much as the ones with meat. We can't ever finish the entire pie but the pizza tastes just as good on the second day as it does when we dine in! And their servers are always attentive. More...


Desmond H.

8 December 2017

The pizza is great, but the penne alla vodka is to DIE for. It's honestly hard for me to order anything else!


Ju L.

8 December 2017

As a native New Yorker, I can't NOT love grandma pizza - a phenomenon that's NYC through-and-through, with a thinner and crisper crust than the typical Sicilian pie, distinctively fired and served in a rectangular pan.Antika's grandma pie is no Prince Street Pizza (the reigning king of the Sicilian slice yelp.com/biz/prince-stre…) or even Adrienne's (whose grandma pie is irresistible yelp.com/biz/adriennes-p…). The flavor in Antika's grandma pie won't blow you away, and you might wish they used more herbs. But Antika still serves up a satisfying pie whose focus is squarely (ha, ha!) on the perfectly robust, dense, chewy crust. The menu is long and extends beyond pizza, but a grandma pie with grilled eggplant was more than enough to share between 2. The deliciously garlicky table bread is made of that same pizza dough, baked in just as much olive oil. The space is more of a traditional restaurant setting ,cozy and spotless. $6 beers on tap, wines around $10 per generous glass, bottles $40-50. Service was friendly and on point. Look out for cashback on both Yelp and Groupon! More...


Tim B.

5 December 2017

This is one of my favorite places in Astoria. My wife and I are slightly addicted to their pizza dough sandwiches so that should be the first thing to try. But their pizza and pasta are also first rate and their brunch is really good too. More...


Mellissa V.

5 December 2017

Delicious! I've been here a couple of times and it's always so great. I wanted to start eating healthy so I went for a salad. The bartender very friendly recommended me the Siciliana Salad w grilled chicken. Amazing! Happy tummy! :-)Food 5Atmosphere 5Service 5Wine 5 More...


Joanna P.

5 November 2017

Antika has a wonderful brunch menu with great food & flowing (&strong!) drinks. Crowded area; to be expected in Astoria. I recommend it highly.


J.C. T.

24 October 2017

I've been here a few times over the years and I figured it's about time I dropped a review. I had dinner with my wife here recently, and received excellent service! I was pretty surprised, as great service and people that know what they're doing is pretty rare in this city. Let me say that the server Joseph is excellent and if you eat here you should ask for him! The staff did a great job with the small things, like clearing the plates before the next course arrived, and checking on us to see if we needed anything. At one point I was checking out the beer tower and Joseph came by and spent some time talking beer with me, and recommended my next beverage. All in all great job, if you're in the Heights, definitely worth eating here! More...


Addie P.

23 October 2017

the BEST grandma square pizza in all of the heights! it's amazing-crispy and crunchy with great flavor throughout! i get mine with onions and pepperoni and it's an EXPERIENCE! delivery is quick and painless. the salads are pretty amazing too. the caesar is to die for because the dressing is JUST RIGHT!  i also highly recommend their pizza crust sandwiches (read: chicken parm!) you will not regret it! great food and ambiance. no wonder this place is always packed! More...


Armie P.

14 October 2017

Love it here--- for family and dates; there is a warm atmosphere here---- friendly staff from the host to the waiters to the runners to the bar tenders! You guys make this business something worth coming back to but the food is yummmm and just hits the hungry spot all the time! Great food AND service of course you come back!Complimentary bread so good Brunch item choices solidDinner also amazing for family style or a single meal  Good wine and drinks too! Whenever my family & friends from out of town want a good pizza/pasta this is where I take them it's just a wonderful establishment that does not disappoint More...


Rose L.

9 October 2017

We ordered delivery from this place, and the food arrived pretty quickly and hot! We got the grandma pizza, which was like a thinner and yummier Sicilian price. The tomato sauce was well-seasoned, and there was just the right amount of cheese - I'd give it a 4.5/5. We also got chicken parmesan and pasta with vodka sauce (without pancetta), and they weren't as good as the pizza, but still pretty good (3.5/5) The pizza bread or garlic bread or whatever it was that accompanied the pastas were pretty good also! Overall, the food was good enough that we'd order from them again. Everything is definitely pretty pricey, though. More...


Maria P.

4 October 2017

This is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Astoria!!!The arugula salad is one of my favorites with the grilled chicken that's seasoned and cooked to perfection!! Anything prepared with vodka sauce is also amazing.  You will not be disappointed! From the penne alla vodka to the vodka grandma pie, and most of all their bread will make you want to come back for more!!! More...


Zanatra Doret

2 October 2017

Always passed this place. And tonight I tried it. The food and service is wonderful. And they have my favorite, orecchiette ����


Angel C.

27 September 2017

The best pizza in town! Great service, awesome music and pleasant ambiance. Joseph took really good care of me and my girlfriend, really attentive and professional (thanks). Really like the decor btw, will definitely be back soon ... More...


Ale M.

15 September 2017

We ordered pasta last night for the very first time and was such a surprise! We have ordered pizza here before and it's pretty good, but both spinach fetuccine carbonara and penne a la vodka were delicious. Delivery took over 70 minutes. I wish I could order from Yelp app tho. Instead you gotta use their web or another app I can't remember, but it's quite easy. Tip: one plate could easily feed two people, I'm having the leftovers right now for lunch (and I eat a lot). Bummer: they sent some kind of pizza bread for free, but it was very dry and chewie. More...


Tyeem D.

10 September 2017

This place is absolutely delicious loved the Pizza and sides! Never had a bad order or experience at Antika even during the lunch rush coming from Presbyterian hospital. This staff is very attentive and get you out in plenty time to do what you have to do. Every chance I get I make sure to get this pizza the crust is just the way I like it and can eat the whole entire lie myself. Also these prices are good for the amount of food you get so don't worry about getting skimped on the portions. I will always be back when I'm in that area. More...


Jando S.

7 September 2017

As is the case with most spots, but especially at Antika, I've never met a pizza I didn't like. Whether it's been delivery or dinner, I've been fortunate to enjoy my food and still come back hungry for more. Their array of items from classic pasta dishes to a tasty brunch means I've got to give the folks at Antika a nice big thumbs up.It's not the biggest place in the world, but they've done a good job at keeping the interior clean and the decor, modern. It's literally a place I can feel good about bringing children or enjoying amongst a group of hungry adults. There is a nice bar area, but like the rest of the place, it's small. Thankfully, they've got a nice selection of spirits and beers on tap. The menu is all business, no funny stuff going on here. Their pasta selections are kind enough to list an individual portion and a family sized portion. The latter may as well be a catering tray, which they are not abashed to offer. For anyone out there who wants serious portions, consider the family sized option and don't look back. It's like dining at Carmine's but this is Astoria. In addition to bringing the size, they've done a good job at the presentation of their dishes. The pizza isn't some takeout joint worthy pie, but Instagram worthy all the way. The snippets of basil on the Margherita is lovely as is the crust of the dough. The grandma pie is worth mentioning and it's a saucy in all the right ways. I never let a visit go by without one of their pasta dishes, which are rich and indulgent, almost more so than the pizza.The staff is nice and cordial with most of my visits. I know there are a ton of places that offer similar experiences in Astoria, but for a great time on 30th Ave, look no further than Antika. More...


Melanie Y.

3 September 2017

Honestly I think this is the best brunch place in the 30th Ave section of Astoria. I'm surprised it's not more packed all the time. Fresh made sangria - white or red, great breakfast options including cannoli pancakes or waffles but also plenty of great pizza options too. Can't beat it. More...


Thomas H.

19 August 2017

If you're looking for arguably the best pizza/Italian food in Astoria, look no further. Antika has an exceptional pizza line-up that includes Buffalo Calamari, Bacon and Vodka Sauce, and Margherita, to name a few. This is the perfect place to bring a date, have a family night out, or even for just a solo trip. Aside from the freshly made pizza, their menu is full of great options and my personal favorite, lobster ravioli. Both pizza and entrees are offered in personal sizes as well as a sharable sizes depending on how your feeling. Pro tip -- always get the sharable sizes so you can bring some home. They also have a sit down bar.  This is by far my favorite place in Astoria. Wish the hours were a bit more accommodating but its worth the wait. Brought my full blooded Italian family here to try it out and they agreed, this place is outstanding. More...


Marco R.

17 August 2017

I don't care what anybody says about the place is really good! Especially the grandma pizza which I am addicted too!


Irene W.

12 August 2017

Been here several times. Food delicious. Pizza great...pasta great....just try it!!!!


Shayla Nicole Rose

2 August 2017

While in NYC I ordered a cheese pizza and a cannoli from UberEATS from your Astoria location and I have to say it was the BEST cannoli I have ever had!! I tried several Cannolis while in the city but yours was the absolute best the pistachios and chocolate chips and orange slice/zest won me over! The pizza was pretty great too! More...


Rich R.

23 July 2017

My wife and I enjoy their very good pizza and beet salad whenever we're in the neighborhood. We've never been disappointed. Our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter sometimes join us there. Our favorite pizza is mushrooms, green pepper, and onions. More...


John K.

23 July 2017

30 Avenue Antika Pizzeria.... A great gem on 30 AvenueYou get both thumbs up!!I first heard about this restaurant  from families that had their birthday parties. Very tasteful decor , with a lengthy sized bar, on the right when you first enter.Perfect place for in and outdoor seating. As a patron for the past few years, I have sat for diner with several  friends . The staff is always polite. My personal favorite for pizza is the Old Fashioned Grandma Style . I also had their calamari, eggplant and zucchini,   baked salmon, and just about all their saIads. I am not a dessert person myself , but my friends have had their dessert menu and compliment it as delicious and fresh. Antika, Keep up the great effort you put in to keep your customers happy :) More...


Maria K.

23 July 2017

Amazing restaurant!! Service is outstanding! Authentic Italian food!! One of my fav dinning places in the heart of Astoria. Highly recommend it.


Katie Z.

16 July 2017

Solid choice for a filling lunch/dinner. Pizza (thin crust-yum) was delicious, drinks were good (I'd recommend the blueberry martini and the sangria, both of which I really enjoyed), service was fast and friendly, and the prices were pretty reasonable for the area. We opted for a basic cheese pizza but there were plenty of topping options, and some creative gourmet pies if you're feeling fancy. They also have a good variety of pasta, salad, and various entrees (fish, steak, etc.) if you're not in the mood for pizza. Only complaint is that the restaurant was really hot inside (this was in the middle of the summer). Still, that's a minor thing, I'd definitely go back! More...


Maggie C.

14 July 2017

Great service and food! The waiter kept coming to check we got everything we needed or requested. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was very classy and comfortable. Ended up talking and eating for three hours, in which nobody gave us a hard time for staying so long. More...


Luke Zurawski

9 July 2017

Service was fast and prompt. Highly recommend the calamari if that's your thing. Grandma pie was on the spot!


Jeremy W.

8 July 2017

Authentic Italian in the heart of Astoria. I came here tonight with my best friend for the first time and i got a say the food was solid. The service was very prompt, the waiters were very attentive, and the garlic bread they give you for a starter was amazing. For a appetizer me and my friend started off with  prosciutto with fresh mozzarella balls. The mozzarella was glazed with honey and nuts on top that was fantastic.My main meal i ordered the chicken parm with spaghetti, which was to die for. I also ordered the grilled salmon that was a home run. The food was amazing and the way the food came out so fast i would a thought i was at Applebee's. The service was very prompt as far as getting the food out.My fiend ordered the penne alla vodka that i tried and was amazing. Fresh and the sauce was to die for.The drinks were amazing as well. The sangria was was good and i had few glasses of Riesling.Food 5/5Service 5/5Staff 5/5Decor 5/5This place is my new go to spot in Astoria. The food here is solid and great for dates. More...


Sindre R.

4 July 2017

Pizza is great, best pizzeria I've tried until now. Price may be on the upside but you get what you pay for anyways. Great cheese combinations and toppings are fresh. Grandmas square with meatlovers toppings. Penne ala vodka is great as well, sauce is amazing combination of ingredients. Good work. More...


Melanie T.

22 June 2017

The pizza here is unreal. I got the large house pie with a friend. Was huge and a good value. And the mozzarella was so fresh! Service was friendly as well.


Kurt Gerfin

13 June 2017

An "old school" restaurant with great Italian food. Great pizza also


Imani T.

10 June 2017

I really liked Antika! I visited on a weekend afternoon. Very prompt, attentive service, and the restaurant wasn't all that busy but still had a few people here and there. The garlic bread that came out to start with olive oil and balsamic was way better than I expected. A lot of restaurants just send out focaccia or bread that isn't seasoned or warm. Not here! You could taste the garlic and seasoning, and it came out as warm, medium-sized, dense squares in a basket. Honestly, it tasted just as good alone as it did with olive oil or balsamic.I ordered the Tomato & Mozzarella Pizza Dough sandwich. It was really good. The sandwich bread really does taste like pizza dough--and more like crispy, buttery pizza dough, not crunchy thin crust pizza dough. The bread and the dough were definitely the highlights of the meal. I did enjoy the pesto they included in the sandwich a lot too. It came with a salad that was ok--it tasted like there was a black olive dressing? Either that or there were some invisible olives on the salad that I couldn't taste. Looking forward to coming back and trying the pizza with a group of people to split it with. Definitely a place I'd come for a family-style meal with a large group. More...


Mark H.

8 June 2017

I do business often at the nearby hospital and have had many lunches and a few dinners at Antika with  many different people and also convinced some friends who live downtown to meet us there. Everything I have had at Antika from the real Italian style  pizza to the salads (Sicilian salad with artichokes is my fave) has been excellent, and all my friends and colleagues I have brought there agreed. Prices are very fair for the quality and service no problem. Also it's lovely to sit outside in good weather. Highly recommended. More...


Ivette G.

8 June 2017

Antika will always get 5 stars from me as to me they can do no wrong.I usually get pasta and salad, but this time around I decided to try their pizza. It was so amazing!I've come to the conclusion that I'm a thin crust girl. Therefore this was perfection! The pizza is made with fresh sauce and I believe handmade mozz cheese! Super light and crispy. You don't feel that super full, can't talk, want to lay down type of feeling I also had the caprese - you can't go wrong . It's the perfect refreshing salad for a warm nyc afternoon.Total bill $38 - was good for 3 people More...


Natalie W.

27 May 2017

Some of the best pizza in Astoria!  We usually get the Grandma square pie with fresh basil pesto.  It's delicious.  They get the crust just right.


Michelle K.

8 May 2017

Came in for brunch. They have unlimited mimosas, Bellini & sangria until 2pm for $14.00. We shared the Salsiccia pizza,  which has eggs, Italian sausage & mozzarella, was pretty good. The bread to start is awesome. Service is a bit slow but we weren't in a rush. More...


Diya C.

25 April 2017

Go here. Go here RIGHT NOW. If you're a fan of boozy brunch at probably THE most affordable price in Astoria and you haven't been here, you are really missing out and you won't be disappointed. Been here a few times- their unlimited is only from a certain time but I was there a bit earlier once and they allowed it. Hugo is hands down the most attentive and kind waiter who I've had the honor of having as my waiter on more than one occasion. The man is a treasure and always brightens my day (Antika please give him a raise!!) . All the food I've had is delicious- so is their grapefruit (i think? it was pink) martini. The bread we get at the beginning? Melts in your mouth. have to remind myself not to devour it all so I can make room for brunch ^.^ Go immediately- especially when it's nice out and you can sit outside :) More...


William Randolph

21 April 2017

Nice to have a decent pizza place walking distance from home and work. Church of the Intercession staff had a birthday celebration and it was a fun to eat in. My husband and I order from Grubhub and the food is awesome. Good pasta, tasty meatballs and the side steak is a meal itself! Will be loyal customers More...


Taylor C.

14 April 2017

I ordered from seamless at Antika based on all the rave reviews. I ordered the margarita round pizza and it was definitely delicious!! It was crispy and thin and you can tell they use good cheese and make the sauce (pieces of tomato in it). I would love to go in person and see what the restaurant experience is like for sure. More...


Nicole T.

9 April 2017

My friend and I were looking for a place to have dinner on a Friday night and came across Antika. From start to end we had an amazing experience, staff was so nice and friendly, the pasta was delicious, and my sangria was the BEST I've ever had. Hands down. Will be going back!


David B.

2 April 2017

I was having a moment where I was feeling a bit too old to go out in Astoria on a Saturday night, until I revisited Antika and sat at the bar for delicious cocktails (Antika Gimlet -- made as a martini with basil!) and a buffalo calamari grandma-style pizza.  Coming from an Italian family, I'm picky and usually am not impressed with places like this; Antika defies the odds for me. The service: friendly and attentive; even when it was very busyThe drinks: worth the $12 per cocktail (admittedly, these drinks are my weakness when I go out). The bread: warm, soft, garlicky focaccia bread.  The best. The salad: Perfect ratio of dressing to lettuce. The pizza: just soooooo good. Just go to Antika.  It's a sure bet. More...


Tiffany B.

30 March 2017

The food here is good.  I am a fan of their brunch also.  Their mimosas are just right and the staff is attentive and very polite.  My favorite thing to order is the Prosciutto Signature Pizza Dough sandwich.  I sometimes find myself just craving it because of the dough bread.  I've ordered it from their takeout menu and it comes just as soft and warm as it does in the actual restaurant.  This place is the bee's knees! Definitely go for brunch and take their menu so you can order dinner as well.  The sangria used to be really good but has been lacking as of late (mid-March), so stick to the mimosas, especially when you go for brunch. More...


Danielle M.

17 March 2017

First time here and I gotta say- great food! So glad I stopped in! Came here just for a girls night out for dinner with some friends - also because it was a Friday during Lent and I was avoiding meat lol I like the atmosphere here- it's very calming and dim. Not a huge place but not too small either. We were seated very quickly and the food came out also very quickly. Service was great too. Ended up ordering a mozzarella and tomato appetizer which my friends and I spilt- was very delicious! And for my dinner I ordered the penne a la vodka which was also delicious. I was told this place is also famous for their little personal pizzas- I will have to come back and try that one time! Oh and before I forget- also ordered dessert which consisted of chocolate cake. Making the meal here complete! Prices are your typical Astoria restaurants- not bad. Definitely make a stop in here if you are in the Astoria area! More...


Mr E.

17 March 2017

People love to complain for some reason. My wife and I went here for pizza and it was great. The waiter was terrific and this is great for just pizza and watching some sports as well.


Shalini S.

18 February 2017

The pizza here is amazing! Definitely one of the better restaurants in Wahi and a regular spot for Columbia students and doctors. A bonus is that the offer delivery (even if you live 2 minutes away)! More...


Andrew P.

9 February 2017

Came here for sunday brunch with a group of 5 around 1pm and was seated immediately.  Service was a little slow but supper friendly.  Although Anika offers a bottomless brunch we desired to opt out after a rough night before.  The bottomless option is a steal at $12 plus the price of your entrée, will definitely take advantage of this next time.  For food I ordered the Nutella pancakes, which were super fluffy and plentiful.  The order consisted of three large pancakes each with a healthy smear of Nutella (pictured).  Two pizzas were ordered for the table each were perfectly cooked and packed with flavor.  My party did not have any complaints about our experience and will definitely be back.  Actually we already discussed our next visit, will consist of pizza and bottomless brunch all around! More...


Enrique M.

24 January 2017

Amazing brunch. Even though the place was flooded with people, the waitstaff was very attentive to filling up our glasses. They reminded us about last call and they even gave an extra drink on the house. The food was delicious. Usually for boozy brunch you have to choose-- food or drink, not this place! More...


Jessica D.

4 January 2017

Been coming to this Restaurant for about 3 years.Hands down 1 of my top 3 favorite restaurants in Astoria!! I sit at the bar have a glass of Red and enjoy talking to the friendly staff and always trying different things on the menu...From there amazing burrata with honey walnuts and procuitto or there stuffed provalone meatballs!! To there Linguine Vangole and the best white pizza ever!! And lets not forget there nutella pizza ! Manager/Owner usually sits in the corner always makes sure everything is great and very nice himself!! I cant say enough great things about this place , then if you are in Astoria its a must to try! More...


Hayong L.

30 December 2016

Antika Pizzeria is one of the many great Italian restaurants in Astoria that is affordable, got a good quality atmosphere, and great food. I always get the spaghetti with marinara sauce with some calamari as a starter. Portions are a good size too. You will never leave hungry. Drinks are on point and I would recommend it to anyone craving Italian.Haven't tried their pizza yet but I hear it's pretty good too. Service is alright too. When it's busy, it takes a littler longer to get the attention of the server. But hey, it's busy so give the guy a break. More...


Whitney C.

27 December 2016

This is one of my favorite restaurants. The pizza and salads are always fresh and delicious and the service is great. Today our server, Brian, suggested a new pizza and a nice red wine and both were delish! Thanks Brian for making this another great meal!! More...


Linda T.

27 December 2016

Antika is a nice and family friendly Italian restaurant. This was my first time here yesterday and I left feeling stuffed. We were served warm seasoned bread (probably garlic bread?) and they will give you the olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles for you drizzle/dip your bread. BTW, the bread is pretty good and amazing! You can ask for more bread if you want too.We shared the calamari with marinara sauce on the side and it was a delicious appetizer dish. There were many pasta dishes that I wanted to try. I decided and ordered the Spinach Fettuccine Carbonara dish. There's mushrooms, green peas, and crispy pancetta, in a cream sauce. It was a huge pasta dish and I had to take some home.Service was very good. The staff checked up on us a few times to see if everything was OK. The bathroom was clean. Positive experience and I would come back to try other pasta dishes and even the pizzas one day. Prices are reasonable too. Majority of the pasta and entrees dishes (individual size) are below $20. Great restaurant for a date, friends, or with the family. More...


Amanda G.

14 December 2016

Antika is my department's go-to for work lunches and event catering. They always give plenty of extras when we make our big orders and the portions are big enough to split between two lunches. They have some really decent pizza and plenty of options to customize the perfect pie for any palate. They offer some very good Italian food. They are a bit pricey so I don't order from them often, especially since I want shrimp on everything, but when I do get something I'm always satisfied. More...


Eman M.

26 November 2016

Very good pizza. Great ambiance on a cold evening. Excellent staff. Nice chill bar is that's your preference or solo. A few misses: sausage side not great. Free Wifi not working on our third visit resulting in an unhappy 5 y.o. w/ Kindle. More...


Jessica M.

15 November 2016

We ordered take out from here after a long day at ikea. My boyfriend and I devoured an entire Grandma Pizza which was insanely good! The crust and sauce were perfect with the melted cheese on top. My only gripe is I wish there was basil on top or more fresh herbs and the price was a bit high $21 for a pizza. We will definitely order again. More...


Just A.

4 November 2016

I don't believe many of these negative reviews are legit.We've never been coming to this place for some time now and have never had a meal that was less than excellent. The pizzas are first rate and so are the pastas we've tried. Various antipasti like stuffed meatballs are excellent. Great desserts. Service has always been very good. It's usually relaxed and uncrowded. One of our favorite restaurants in the area. More...


Teena A.

17 October 2016

Got a take out order of the spaghetti marinara and it was so simple and so yummy. Definitely would order it again. It also came with some great focaccia bread!


Ana C.

17 October 2016

Always a nice experience at this restaurant. Their pasta dishes are well served and delicious. Their white sangria and the $9 unlimited special is amazing! They don't keep you waiting for a drink, and are very attentive. I always come here when I'm looking for a calm and relaxed weekday dinner or brunch. More...


L. N.

26 September 2016

Some friends and I ordered the Old Fashion Grandma Style Square Pizza - one with prociutto and mushrooms, and one with pepperoni and sausage. The foundation of both (dough, sauce, mozarella, pecorino cheese and herbs) were delish! But my favorite of the 2 was the pepperoni and sausage. The flavor was definitely more present and left you wanting more. Yum!  It was even tasty the next morning straight out of the fridge. :-) More...


Danny N.

22 September 2016

For the moment this is my favorite neighboorhood pizza joint. Their grandma pies are on point with what ever toppings you like, although i would like it a cooked a little more. I like my pizza slightly crispy.Another highlight here are their folded pizza sandwiches, unique and delicious. More...


Danah H.

7 September 2016

I'm in love with their food. I think I'm addicted to their crunchy French toast during a brunch. I've eaten several other dishes and they are just so good. The quality of the food is amazing and delicious. The only reason I gave 4 stars is the unlimited brunch drinks. I mean, I usually don't expect much from places that do unlimited brunch drinks. They will obviously use the low quality alcohol and not put a lot. So their mimosas , I feel like they're watered down. I needed at least 3.5 of those to feel a little buzz that didn't last that long. I feel like they used to make them stronger about a year ago.... So, that's not my favorite part. Other than that, the food is amazing and the service is usually on point. One of my favorite places to eat in Astoria. More...


Tash G.

5 September 2016

Besides Petro being -quite possibly- the best waiter ever, Antika's food was absolutely fantastic.   EVERYTHING we ordered was great and the service, decor and comfort of the restaurant were also above reproach.We had:Calamari Fritta - perfect, not-at-all chewy morsels of the sea.  Classic Round Pizza-  crispy not soggy crust,  sauce- fresh and vibrant.  If there is one thing- I personally would have liked a little more cheese on it.  (But I could always order extra cheese.)Seafood Fra Diavlo- mom ordered this and she said it was better than hers.  (And she's a hell of a cook and generally complains about everything.)    There were no complaints about her dish.  Chock full of seafood over pasta.I highly recommend Antika-- it was our first visit but won't be our last. More...


Arthur S.

31 August 2016

The pizza is very good and the delivery service worked well.  One of best pizza pies I've ever had.


Kevin S.

26 August 2016

Service was great. My wife and I ordered the Caesar, spaghetti bolognese and the penne alla vodka. The Caesar was good, topped with large slices of fresh parmesean. The spaghetti was nothing to write about, very plain and overpriced. However, the penne alla vodka was AMAZING, just wish the panchetta was a little bit bigger. More...


David C.

13 August 2016

Antika has consistently good food.  Some of my favorites are the mussels, Caesar salad with anchovies, calamari.  The mushroom ravioli , orecchiette, spaghetti with meatballs, chicken parmigiana, chicken Marsala, and the pizzas are all outstanding.   The Spumoni is great as well.  The consistent quality and reasonable price make this a great Italian restaurant, More...


Ian K.

7 August 2016

This pizza is the bomb-digity! Have been here twice in the course of a week, it's that good! Highly recommend the caprese salad too. Would have given 5-stars, but no AC inside was upsetting. More...


Dianne B.

4 August 2016

Amazing penne alla vodka!!!  I only tried pasta not the pizza but that looked good, too. The wine was tasty and a generous pour. The service was very attentive and prompt. Great little spot. Would love to come back when I'm in the city. More...


Rais S.

2 August 2016

Only noticed the owner's reply now. Oops!I have to say, though I've never dropped in the actual restaurant, I order from here so often now! I work at the hospital right across the street, and even the staff members will get together to order Antika!Recently, on grubhub, ordered a pizza with broccoli rabe and grilled chicken. SO GOOD! I also enjoy their mussels and almost all of their pastas! More...


Valentina V.

25 July 2016

Amazing pizza and pasta dishes; great customer  service; reasonable prices. Check it out when you are in the area


Morbo R.

19 July 2016

I went here with a colleague for a lunch meeting. I love pizza so I said "Why not?"Why not indeed?! Let's get the 4 vs 5 star review taken care of first...table was small and wobbly. The pizza on the table was unstable.Well, enough of that negative stuff. Back to what counts...the pizza.We ordered the grandma pie with gouda and sausage...oh your God! It was a nice well baked cheesy, crunchy crust, flavorful, non-greasy....I can go on for a while. It came out hot and quick (that's what she said...badump tiss). Very delicious. I will be back again...hopefully with a less wobbly table. More...


Suzy E.

14 July 2016

Top-notch restaurant. Our company catered both pasta platters and pizza from Antika recently for an event. They were highly professional, accommodating and flexible. People raved about the grandma pizza and the Penne a la vodka.  The sauce and cheese are amazing!  For our catering order, Victoria, the manager went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy with the order. I highly recommend this restaurant. Great value, delicious cuisine and wonderful staff makes for a great experience. P.S. I have also dined in and ordered take out--food was equally as good and staff was highly attentive. More...


Pam C.

12 July 2016

Delicious pizza dough sandwich and salad - got the prosciutto and the veggie - a ton of food !


Randy B.

16 June 2016

Best pizza by far in Washington Heights. I've tried alot of different places but this one is my favorite.


Susanna T.

3 June 2016

Very good pizza!  Fast delivery time. The crust of the pizza was a bit chewy but it was still better than almost any pizza I can think of in Washington Heights (but definitely not lower manhattan :)


Michael G.

3 June 2016

Antika is a great restaurant! great food great service, will definitely be back for more!


Jessica L.

26 May 2016

delicious pizza, good drinks,  great atmosphere, good prices.  recommend this place.  Does get packed...try not to get seated by the doors, you WILL be in the way


Natalie G.

3 May 2016

This place is amazing! The service was fantastic and the cocktails superb. Now the pizza is amazing, best pizza I had in my whole life! It's truly a gem in queens


Anneliese E.

24 April 2016

As soon as you walk into this place it feels so lovely. The servers are super sweet, and very kind. The last time I went I sat by the bar and was kindly taken care of by Natalia. I came straight from class with my laptop and needed something to keep me up, and she quickly stirred up an awesome special iced coffee. The bread that they serve as well is beyond amazing too. Just an overall great spot. Can't wait to go back to make another review on the food! More...


Alison B.

16 April 2016

I stopped by to Antika for a bite after work and ordered the penne alla vodka with pancetta and it was really delicious. The dish had flavor and was very satisfying. Service was amazing and the ambiance perfect for a Saturday afternoon. Tables were also available to dine outside and inside you had light jazz music playing. Great place to bring family and friends to dine! More...


Cat M.

10 April 2016

Pricey but great food and drinks! I love the interior decorations and highly recommend the penne ala vodka and goat cheese salad.


Cameron M.

5 April 2016

Firstly, the gentleman who works brunch on the weekends is AMAZINGLY attentive. The bottomless is inexpensive (I'm not telling you how much or what you get because I don't need everyone crowding my go-to brunch spot). The sausage pizza is a weird but good brunch dish alternative. More...


Collin C.

2 April 2016

Delivery only review:Ordered a grandma style pizza with roasted peppers and it was excellent. More thin-style pizza than I expected but nonetheless fresh and very good ingredients. Only downside is the price which seemed high. But it did feed me and my girlfriend two separate meals. Would order again and would like to make an in-person visit. More...


Amanda M.

27 March 2016

My fiancée and I absolutely love the grandma pie. It's the best pizzeria we've found to date in Astoria for semi-traditional pizza. It's a little pricy at about $21 for a pie but so good. The sauce is a little sweet in a great way and they are definitely liberal with the garlic which is awesome. We tried the traditional pie which is slightly cheaper, but not half as good. More...


Anna B.

26 March 2016

The service here was phenomenal. Christine G. is the BEST BARTENDER EVER!!!! Also, the bread was the bomb :)


Amgad A.

16 March 2016

We went there on Saturday, I had steak and eggs and my wife got smoked salmon benedict, food was really good. they have unlimited mimosa for $9 between 12-2pm.The server and the hostess were nice. More...


Claudia P.

16 March 2016

Was there with my kids, lovely experience....waiter was very courteous and attentive. Food looked really great, my son got pizza, looked so freshly made. Girls got pasta wish I could have order it myself. I ordered the salad, dieting that week :( it was good but my god.... I will go back to get my pasta.lolPlace is cozy very clean. And one more thing, the bread in the basket looked so yummy and fresh, ofcourse I did not try....  hope so next time. More...


Georgia I.

12 March 2016

Love Antika! The pizza is made fresh and tastes delicious and the blueberry martini is one of the best I have had! Can't wait to go back and try out their brunch!


Arben P.

28 February 2016

The pizza is very good. Other entrees are just ok. The decor is nice for the small space they have and still felt welcoming. Overall nice place to check out if you're craving great pizza. But for entrees you've got worked to do. I dined here 2 months ago and just got around to writing the review. More...


Lissette C.

27 February 2016

I love love love pizza, but what I love more than pizza is good brick oven pizza! I love their grandma style pizzas but since I usually don't go with enough people to eat that whole tray I usually settle for small Margherita Pizza.  The small pizza serves about 2 regular people and 1 hungry person.  I usually ask for extra basil since sometimes they are a little skimpy on the basil.  For starters - in addition to their complementary bread and olive oil - I used to get their provolone stuffed meatballs, which are incredible, however I made a decision to no longer eat meat.  Luckily I recently tried their shrimp parmigiana appetizer and found a equally delicious substitute for my new lifestyle.  If you are a mushroom lover, you should definitely try the Porcini Truffle Ravioli in addition to the pizza and appetizer.  Just make sure you leave room for dessert...the coconut gelato covered in chocolate with a center of mango sorbet is actually my new favorite dessert of all time.  If that's not your cup of tea the Hazelnut & Nutella Pizza is another incredible option.In addition to the food, the service is great.  I have always been greeted and sat immediately and never had to wait too long to get my food.  Great spot for all Italian food lovers in the area. More...


Laura C.

20 February 2016

Great typical American style Italian. The Penne alla Vodka was amazing. With Chicken! ;) Anywho the service is great! No rush. No fuss. Great ambiance. It's not Babbo or Del Posto so if thats what your looking for go to the city. More...


Kayla S.

10 February 2016

I came here this past weekend for brunch prior to heading out shopping. I was pleasantly surprised of how nice the interior was. The bar was gorgeous (not your regular wooden bar, it was marble of some sort), and almost wish I sat there, nonetheless, I enjoyed myself. ALSO, can I just mention that they offer a bottomless option for NINE dollars (per person). $9!!! It is practically a steal compared to its counterparts in the area. I was not expecting much due to the lack of reviews for their brunch on yelp but I was pretty happy with my meal and bottomless mimosas. To eat I ordered the 'apple pancake' which was similar to fried dough (not as crunchy nor oily) but topped with caramelized apples. Just by looking at it, I was satiated!! Cutting into this pancake and flying my fork to my mouth, the fluffy pancake and apple melted on my tongue and a burst of flavors emerged. My mouth screamed for more. (some imagery, huh?)It came with a side of syrup but its unnecessary because the pancake itself is already sweet. do you really want diabetus? There were also whole fruit on the side, which i enjoyed; I deemed myself pseudo healthy that morning.If you're thinking of coming here for BRUNCH, definitely make a trip and indulge. It's all worth it and reasonably priced. Will definitely be back! :) More...


Matthew V.

30 January 2016

Definitely one of the best pizzerias in Astoria.  Fresh ingredients and delicious pizza.  In my honest opinion, I believe the pies are a bit overpriced for what you get in that the pizza is very thin and not that filling (I can easily eat 4-5 slices).  However, in an area lacking good pizza, let alone good Italian food, this place is a sure bet and never disappoints.  One of the best in the area.  I highly recommend! More...


Danicah W.

12 January 2016

Antika is solid. Great traditional Italian. I've tried almost everything on the menu cuz we go there so often! The complimentary bread is worth the trip alone-- it's fresh baked focaccia, always warm out of the oven. The Caesar with shrimp is a nice, lighter option. Not a huge fan of the sandwiches as they are made with bread that is deep fried and it's a bit too rich for me, but I know people that love them. The Alfredo and carbonara are ridiculously good. Steak is a large portion for the price. Not a huge fan of the vodka sauce (too chunky with too many scallions) but the flavors are still good. The only thing that confuses me about this place is the consistency. We will sometimes be given sodas in small water glasses, sometimes regular glasses. The Alfredo sometimes has a ton of onions in it, sometimes not. It seems like the methods change based on who's working. And the pricing has gone up a bit since Astoria has exploded, although I guess that is probably the case everywhere. But at the end of the day the staff is always nice, the food is always quick and the bread is always warm. More...


Caitlyn H.

6 January 2016

Took out from this place three times and each time it was great! Their grandma pie is the best and has a lot of flavor. Ordered their spinach carbonara and Caesar salad which was also very delicious. Haven't sat in their actual restaurant, but I'm sure I will be back and give the actual place a try. Definitely would recommend this place and it is a pretty decent Italian place. More...


Melly S.

4 January 2016

Went to Antika for brunch and sat at the bar. First time here. My brother couldnt stop raving abt this place so we went for brunch. My brother had the thirst quenching white sangria (You must try this if you love sangria!) while i had the mimosa. Michele at the bar was awesome!! We ordered the calamari  (not from the brunch menu) while waiting for the rest of our party. The calamari was lighty crispy, delicious and tender! Their sauce is mouth watering (i think its marinara). Omg their bread basket is garlicky(is that a word?) delicious and WARM (OMG!!)!! Once all were present we order the brunch special: steak & eggs (can never go wrong with steak). Everyone's was cooked perfectly and we finish it off! He had some more libations (did i mention its bottomless brunch?) Yeah, left feeling nice...by the time we left Despina was at the bar and if it wasnt because we had tickets to the movies, we would have stayed!  Will be going back and checking out their Manhattan location as well. More...


Melly S.

30 December 2015

First time this past weekend with my brother, who was raving abt this place! And, i can see why!! The food is really good and the pizzas are great!! Very attentive service! Michele and Despina are awesome bartenders!! IM ALREADY A FAN AND WILL BE GOING BACK!! THE WHITE SANGRIA IS TO DIE FOR!! More...


Anthony G.

30 December 2015

I have NEVER had a bad meal at antika pizza. Everything is so tasty and fresh. Love their arugula salad with endives and Parmesan cheese. Best balsamic dressing I ever had. Their grandma pizza is amazing. I have had the calamari. The rigatoni bolognese. Caesar salad with anchovies. I have never been disappointed. Service is also great. Good selection of wines and beers. All the guests I've brought there have loved it. Reasonably priced too. Will definitely be going back as it is one of my top ten restaurants in Astoria!  Keep up the good work!! More...


Anushua A.

21 December 2015

I went in there for brunch and it was pretty friggin' perfect. My friend and I both ordered the scrambled eggs with home fries and it was absolutely delicious! We also shared the Nutella French toast which was also amazing!!!! The Bloody Mary was spicy and yummy as was my friends mimosa. I can't wait for brunch again so I can go back. Stat. More...


A G.

20 December 2015

Bacon vodka pizza! And other specialties are excellent. Always a good time and a satisfying meal.


Julie B.

14 December 2015

I absolutely love this place. I spent so long trying to find good pizza in the Washington Heights area, and this is the best! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Delivery is timely -- usually 30-45 minutes -- and arrives warm. I've started looking for excuses to order, like having friends over to my apartment.EDIT: I'd also like to add that they keep your phone number on file so that when you order, they already know your address. Seriously the best place ever. More...


Jean M.

13 December 2015

I would have given this 5 stars but the music was a bit loud for my husband and me. But don't let that deter you, we are both over 60 and are starting to feel it. To call this place just a pizza place is not adequate, it is so much more than that. Some of the best focaccia bread I have ever tasted.  The fried calamari literally melted in my mouth it was that tender. My husband had his veal parmesan, something he orders in every new Italian restaurant.  It is his measuring stick.  Antika lived up to and surpassed that measuring stick. I had veal mushroom marsala, tender veal, sauce that I could taste both the mushroom and marsala, and finally a pasta that was seasoned properly! Nick Z was our waiter and was both funny and delightful. More...


Peter C.

30 November 2015

On a visit to see family and we stopped in here on a lark. Great decision. I splurged, and do not regret it.Appetizer: caprese salad. YUM. Great flavor. I will say I'm not a fan of the red pepper added in, but it didn't stop me.Salad: Beet salad: best part of the meal. Great flavor combination, generous portion. Really fine food.Pasta: penne a la vodka. Fantastic. Bacon in the sauce!!! So yummy, so decadent.Entree: Chicken piccata: really good, but the side broccoli was perfectly cooked and outshone the meat, which by comparison to everything I'd eaten so far was yummy but overshadowed.This was a great place. I recommend it highly. Huge portions that were reasonably priced. Go and enjoy! More...


Uba U.

21 November 2015

So I've always had the Chicken Cutlet Pizza Dough Sandwich, but it's always incredible. My girl and I love the place. Great service, good food and cool ambience (not over the top or too loungey). My girl approves of the pizza and pasta, so I would definitely recommend this place for a date night or hangout with friends. More...


Nicole S.

21 November 2015

Great date night spot!! Baby spinach salad is delish and  we love the grandma pie with truffle oil chicken and onions! Pizza is crispy on the bottom and thin crust!


Adrianna P.

7 November 2015

Grandma pie was delicious, I think i got the one with vodka sauce and bacon? Very good. Their white sangria is probably some of the best I ever had. I thought I was drinking some very delicious juice. And their coconut French toast from the brunch menu is also so delicious. I think they put some cannoli cream on top and it was perfect (though I wish they'd put more cannoli cream on). Service has been amazing 2 out of the 3 times I've been here. The third time, I was a little bit disappointed because it was nice since we were sitting outside but it felt like we got a lot less attention. So, our drinks were empty fairly often without anyone noticing and it was difficult to flag someone down. But this was only once and I love the food, so I hope it was just not their day. More...


Steve W.

23 October 2015

Great quality pizza made with good ingredients.  The penne pasta is also great.  Def a go to for Italian in the Wash Heights area.


Ivania T.

22 October 2015

I've had pizzas and my latest fave is the meatball parmesan sandwich - I can only imagine what the pizza tastes like already. It is on the pricey side and I got my craving down. I don't go here unless it's pay day or want to split a pizza with a coworker. Awesome place though. More...


Aldo K.

13 October 2015

In love with the bread served with olive oil and cheese accompanied by some sangria or wine. I usually come in just for that. Yep. Although the pizza and gnocchi pasta are amazing. Its a great spot to hang out/eat/ or drink in the bar. I do come here often due to good vibe in and around the place. location being in the heart of all the astoria cafes/restaurants.Dont get sidetracked by bad reviews, the service is great. More...


Joanne X.

11 October 2015

Great pizza and their Penne a la vodka is amazing!!! Great place for big groups and very kid friendly.


Ros Z.

6 October 2015

Really good pizza !! Made on the spot with a tasty tomato sauce . It's a cozy place with a nice ambiance . A family spot & great for all age groups .


Nina P.

27 September 2015

As others have noted, this is a higher end pizza and Italian place in the neighborhood. I've eaten in a couple times and been pretty unimpressed. The service is fine, but the food is mediocre. I think I ordered fettuccini alfredo last time and it was super dry. If I want to go somewhere higher end to eat or take guests, this restaurant doesn't do it for me. I'd rather just go downtown and have a huge selection of places to pick from.This sounds like a three star review, so why four stars? Their grandma pizza is unbelievable. I order it for takeout probably 3-4 times a month and it is always perfect. Fresh, crispy, and light on cheese but full of flavor. Not for people who like ultra cheesy gooey pizza, but perfect if you like a lighter pie. More...


Adeline J.

25 September 2015

I've been twice for brunch. The pizzas are excellent, I think maybe even one step above Basil Brick Oven. The penne alla vodka is great as well. Nice atmosphere; gets very busy during brunch, which makes sense because the prices are great and they have bottomless mimosas. The owner is really accommodating and friendly. The first time we had a wonderful bartender, the second time our bartender acted like she didn't even want to be there. Oh well. I really don't care about service as much as I do the food, and that was such a minor issue. I don't think the pizza would travel well for delivery because it's thin crust brick oven, and the best part is when it's fresh! More...


Sanita L.

24 September 2015

I would just like to say, I can't believe I passed by this place hundreds of times in the past 6 years of living in Astoria, and I had never stepped my foot inside, up until tonight. I went out with a group of my closest friends, coworkers and my manager, to have a dinner and relax, and we've had an amazing time. Since the moment we walked through those doors, till the moment we were leaving, we felt welcomed, we were being greeted by a lovely host who walked us over to a table and made sure we got an extra table so we could all feel comfortable while eating. Food was amazing, we got pizza to share, and then moved on to the main course, which everyone enjoyed, portions were decent size, and their nuttela pizza was OMG! Our weitres was so sweet and polite and attentive, I'm sorry I didn't got your name, one thing I remember is that she had some awesome tattoos  I will definitely be back! Loved the food and the service. Thank you Antika More...


Merlin C.

22 September 2015

Probably the best restaurant -- other than El Presidente -- in the CUMC complex! I just went there the other day with a colleague, and we both had small-size NYC pizzas (I had the one with mushroom, and the other dude had the one with just cheese). YUMMY! No excess oil, no overly stale and tough crust. Decor is nice and chill, and owner comes around to check on you and make sure everything's OK. This place definitely moves the average rating needle up in the CUMC complex. Which is... not saying a whole lot, but it gives you hope that progress can occur. #progress More...


Ryan D.

18 September 2015

Antika's Pizza Dough Sandwich with meatballs was filling and delicious. Enough for two people, Antika had a welcoming and warm atmosphere that promised us another return.


J N.

9 September 2015

Came here the other day and had the chicken parm with linguini.  I also ordered broccoli rabe. I really enjoyed the food! It was so delish! The waitress was helpful, but I could tell she was overwhelmed. I think there were two waiters the time were were there. I see this in a lot of restaurants. For some reason they skimp on waiters in Astoria and then you never see them again when you really need them. Anyhoo I will come here again for sure since I must sample the pizza that everyone is raving about! More...


Brianna C.

6 September 2015

Excellent pizza - I had one with prosciutto, arugula and roasted garlic. Also had a spinach salad and focaccia. Will definitely be back although it's on the pricy side


Maria I.

2 September 2015

My friends took me here one night, raving about this place...OMG....Food is phenomenal.... Were do I begin....I was picking off everyone's plates...Everything we had was soooo good....Highly recommended.... More...


Lauren A.

27 August 2015

All the food here and the sangria was so good. By far the best restaurant on 30th Ave. the shrimp parmesan was excellent and the make your own pizza was very good as well. We also got the cannoli for dessert which was very good. Will defiantly be coming back and recommend to anyone in the area More...


LaTanya B.

21 August 2015

I work at CUMC/NYPH and frequent Antika quite often. Favorite dishes include burrata, classic Cesar salad (lightly dressed and with anchovies!!), fried calamari (rings AND tentacles!!) with spicy-sweet marinara, and the pappardelle in cream sauce with wild mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. In fact, last time I went, I couldn't finish the pappardelle, took home the leftovers, but left them on the bus. I. WAS. SOOOOO. MAD!!!!! Service is always on point. The bread is DELICIOUS!!! But the main attractions are the authentic Italian entrees (as they SHOULD be!!) I have nothing foul to say about Antika. Not. At. All. Only reason why I'm not giving 5 stars is because I'm not a huge fan of thin crust pizza; however, make no mistake, the pizza is tasty as well. I just prefer a thicker crust.  Oh yeah, they don't (or didn't when I asked) have too-shelf spirits, only "house" options. Seriously, you really can't go wrong with Antika. You just can't. More...


Julisa H.

18 August 2015

Definitely the best pizza you can get in the area.  We always order for delivery and food gets here fast and hot.


Jackie D.

22 July 2015

We've been coming here periodically for the past few years, and I forgot how awesome this place is.  Great indoor/outdoor seating area.  Wait staff is extremely friendly.  We had the pizza (which is a must here, ask for extra crispy yum!) .  Chicken parm with linguine / marinara sauce was fresh and made perfectly.  My all time favorite is the orrechiette calabria. Wines are a generous pour and dinner is topped off with the coconut/mango tartuffo which is heavenly. As always, a great meal and a neighborhood favorite More...


Alex P.

20 July 2015

Came here hungry for pizza with my boyfriend on vacation. Our waitress was awesome and the pizza is great! Super flavorful. The NY round style is thin and just the right amount of crispy. The atmosphere is dope--really good music playlist! Go there. Get Ronnie as a server, she rocks! More...


Demo K.

19 July 2015

Love this place! !! Always great food and atmosphere! !!!!   A must come once a week!!!!!


Em H.

16 July 2015

This place still holds up as the best place for a good margherita pizza (classic round). I'm so glad this place is still here in Washington Heights, hands down best pizza in the area.  Service is great too and I haven't had any problems with delivery. I would dine in too. More...


Anna S.

14 July 2015

I always enjoy the food when I'm here. I also like the atmosphere whether I am indoors or outdoors. I've had pizza, different appetizers and different cocktails.  All were good!!! Enjoy :)


Milany M.

25 June 2015

Obsessed with the square pizza!! Absolutely delicious made with San Marzano tomatoes. Service was great also. They have outdoor seating which is a plus. We ordered a Caesar Salad that was great also. More...


Hanger S.

22 June 2015

Pretty cool pizza! It's made fresh to order and Is actually very tasty. My only complaint is the price, It's a bit expensive for what It's worth. But none the less, not a bad pizza restaurant.. More...


Katy V.

21 June 2015

This place is so fuego. We bring all our friends here and everyone leaves full and happy. UGH now I'm craving everything. SO good!!!!


Stephanie Q.

17 June 2015

Cute place in Astoria with outdoor and indoor seating. The pizza here is good. I came here for Grandma style pizza, which is a thin crust pizza served on a rectangular pan. Its large enough for about 3 -4 people to share. We also had the calamari arriabiatta, which is spicy fried calamari served with a dipping sauce that resembled thousand island dressing. The calamari wasn't spicy but it was delicious and crispy. They have a nice cocktail menu too. They have happy hour deals too but we got there too late for that.Make sure you save space for the nutella pizza. It was also thin crust, and you really can't go wrong with nutella. Yum.Apparently they deliver too... skip domino's and choose Antika pizza. More...


Daniel O.

15 June 2015

Antika's pizza is very good. The ingredients are of very good quality and fresh. The pizza crust is just right. Had the burrata with prosciutto, which was excellent. The wines selections are also pretty good. Definitely a great spot on 30th avenue. More...


Cortney C.

14 June 2015

BEST PIZZA IN ASTORIA! So yummy,  buttery crust,  delicious sauce,  gooey cheese... Yes,  just yes.


Samantha L.

12 June 2015

Whether you come for brunch or dinner, the food here is delicious. The French toast is to die for - I really love the apple one, remind me of fried dough, to be honest. And the watermelon rose sangria is served in a cup the size of my face. More...


Keith T.

2 June 2015

The skinny: outstanding food, pleasant service, cozy atmosphere, solid delivery.The ramble: I've lived in Washington Heights for more than 3 years. At this point, there aren't many restaurants above 145th Street that I haven't visited. One of those had always been Antika. I don't know why. It fell through the cracks. Now I'm making up for lost time, and have eaten there 4 times in as many weeks. #fatassThe grandma-style pies are delicious. Saucy, cheesy rectangles of satisfaction. The basics are great (pepperoni etc) as are the specialty pies (vodka, etc). I've tried a pasta or two, and they are insanely rich and delicious. The apps are great too (calamari, fried eggplant & zucchini, etc). To be honest, there hasn't been a single item we've ordered that hasn't made us happy. Antika is my new go-to uptown pizza place. I'm just sad I didn't give it a chance years ago. More...


Spoorthi P.

26 May 2015

Definitely a goto Italian place. However I ordered a Pizza sandwich by mistake instead of a pizza and had to settle for it. It wasn't bad. They give free Italian bread as a side and its amazingly delicious. They are Italian and they are not faking it. Recommend it! More...


Mickey M.

16 May 2015

Antika was one of the first places I went to for pizza as a new resident of Astoria and it has remained as a steady option for pizza..sometimes ordering in and other times stopping by the restaurant.The Grandma Style pizza is awesome. It's a little crispy, but I think it's perfect that way. The regular pizza is also damn good. If you go to the restaurant, you shouldn't leave without having the hazelnut and nutella pizza. It's so damn good.The restaurant is a solid option for dinner, either at a table or the bar. It's always pretty crowded, but there is never a long wait. It's a great option! More...


Michelle M.

15 May 2015

I came here twice and was satisfied both times. The food is always delicious. The staff is friendly. I don't always go to the same places twice, but Antika is an exception.


Fawzzia C.

8 May 2015

Great expresso and pizza. Sat outside on this gorgeous friday afternoon enjoying the day with my lil fam (husband and baby). Love love love it the server Robert Was exellent. Been here before at night and it's a nice ambience either for a romantic date or a casual gathering with friends. More...


Emily M.

27 April 2015

grandma pizza is huge but obviously Sona and I finished it in one sitting.  they are literally my next-door neighbor so I've been back too many times. one waiter recommended a great red wine, perfectly paired with my chicken marsala, which was in itself delicious. calamari is good, mussels are good. with the pizza, you can't go wrong. More...


Marcia W.

25 April 2015

Another awesome pizza place in Astoria! Woot Woot! I absolutely loved their Grandma Pies as they're soft on the inside, crunchy on the edges, and not bitter like most of the "artisian" wood fired pizzas that are being dished out. The service was prompt and very nice. The appetizers were also quite good. I suggest have a party of 3-4 people if you're ordering a pie because it's quite large. Well worth your money :) More...


Haden J.

24 April 2015

So I am officially a semi regular customer for over 3 years. Food has improved to previous standard. Some of the worst servers are gone and many good ones are back. But there is now usually pork in spaghetti and meatballs (maybe it has always been and someone lied before which would explain why I didn't like it a few times from saltiness?) And don't get the shrimp parm either. The cheese was like paper glue and shrimp bearable. Go for pizza dough sandwiches, pizza, salads, and most of the desserts. Yum this neighborhood has been challenge for a foodie but some items are fairly consistent here. More...


Venessa M.

22 April 2015

Love the food here!I've ordered all of their salads, and I recommend getting the Old Fashioned Grandma Style Pizza!  It's delicious!Great service, reasonable price, and nice ambiance, too! More...


Marcelo S.

19 April 2015

The pizza here is expensive but very good,the pasta is ok,the bartender is also very friendly


Kristin H.

12 April 2015

Excellent food and good atmosphere. We took out of town guests and they loved it! Chicken bruschetta, pizza, and veal parm all delicious.


Kristia B.

5 April 2015

Great atmosphere. Wonderful customer service. I tried to claim the deal made available via the Yelp app, but they did not have the equipment to process it. Boo!My party and I opted to create our own pizza. Grilled chicken and artichoke hearts toppings made for a healthy and filling dinner. Though I was full, and after walking several blocks in the cold for some Italian food, I looked forward to dessert.The chocolate fudge cake was delicious, sweet, with a hint of orange. I would definitely return for more when I'm in Washington Heights. More...


Iron L.

3 April 2015

Great pizza, just don't call for delivery. This is not a place you order out-ONLY EAT IN. The food is always perfect when you eat in. However, when you eat out the toppings are not a plentiful for delivery and the pizza is overlooked, bordering burnt. I want toGive it 3.5 stars overall. 4 for the dine-I'm quality and 3 for delivery. More...


Andrea W.

3 April 2015

My favorite Italian restaurant in Astoria! They have amazing mussels, fettuccini Alfredo with chicken was to die for, and the complimentary bread is so delicious it could be a meal of its own. The atmosphere and music selection was great, too. I only tried the peach vodka & prosecco Bellini, but the cocktail list was incredibly creative and wine-based, which is a plus in my book. I'll definitely be coming back soon! More...


Joselyn M.

2 April 2015

I kept meaning to try the one in Washington Heights and I haven't. I heard great things about their Pizza. Today I was in the Astoria area and ended up at Antika with 3 other people. I had the Ricotta Ravioli. We were the first ones there so the place was not busy at all. We were attended to quickly by a nice server. Later on we found we were her first customers there ever. She did great. I had Sauvignon Blanc and it was great as well. We also ordered more bread (Foccaccia) since it was so good. The decor is cozy and I noticed the two chandeliers over the bar. Love those accents. I will definitely have to go to the one in Washington Heights. More...


Victor C.

16 March 2015

Great pizza, good service.  Nice looking place.  I would recommend to all.


Marissa M.

15 March 2015

Amazing. Went for brunch for the first time yesterday and it did not disappoint. Delicious food options for breakfast - although I had to go with pizza... Cause it's pizza. And a $9 bottomless? I'll be back soon!! Everything is SO yummy - even the bread basket! More...


Orinda K.

14 March 2015

Just absolutely amazing! I'm lucky enough to have access to both Antika's in the city (Washington heights and astoria). Absolutely love their Nutella pizzas!! Absolutely must try! Love their Italian food and pizza as well. Don't miss this one if you are in the Astoria area, worth your while - you won't regret it! More...


Orinda K.

12 March 2015

Amazing pizza! Amazing Nutella pizza which is a must must must try! Amazing nutellacino! Everything is just absolutely yummy!! Great Italian food and high end pizza. Don't miss out on this one! Ordering is quick and eating in is nice as well! More...


J B.

9 March 2015

This is what classic American Italian food should look and taste like in New York. The food at Antika is served individually or family style, We went for family style. Obviously the prices double with family style but you get 2 1/2 -3 portions so it is was worth with a group or if you want leftovers for round 2 later on or the following day. The waiter was attentive, knowlegable about the menu but not overbearing with service, which was nice. The manager also stopped by to see how we were doing half way through the meal. A on Service. I will be going back to Antika, it is worth a try. More...


Mark D.

9 March 2015

I ordered the grandma pizza last nite and it was really tasty cooked to perfection good! I really enjoyed it!


Nicole E.

28 February 2015

I discovered this wonderful Italian restaurant in the summer of 2013. My go-to dishes are the stuffed provolone meatballs for apps and the grandma style pizza with jalapeños and pepperoni. Yummmmm!In addition, the service is on point and it's a very intimate setting. I definitely advise you stop by! More...


Amy N.

23 February 2015

Delicious pizza! Had it delivered and wish it had come a little warmer, but hey, it's 10 degrees outside. Heated it up in the oven and it was perfect.


Daniel R.

22 February 2015

Great Pizza. I ordered the Grandma Pie with half pepperoni. My only complain is that the pizza was not very warm and we waited close to an hour to get it.


Dohun J.

18 February 2015

Idk why his place only has 3.5 rating. Maybe I was hungry when I was eating there, but there arugula pizza was FANTASTIC! I mean it was better than Grimaldis in Brooklyn Bridge(tbh when I was there I was in a bad mood so I MIGHT be biased but I don't think so). My friend took me there once and I definitely plan to go back! More...


Aj C.

17 February 2015

Let me start out by saying that I am lactose intolerant and try to stay away from dairy as much as I can, but Antika's pizza is soooo good that I order from here at least once a week. It is so awesome. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. More...


Sam S.

9 February 2015

Made the trek to Astoria to meet some friend for brunch on a Sunday (I hear it's THE place to brunch). However most of the spots we came across had lines that were just too long of a wait for us. We walked by Antika and their menu appealed to everyone in our party, with a very minimal wait (which appealed to us even more).Their pizza and eggs are a pretty solid brunch option (also, genius?) Not to mention the blueberry ricotta and apple pancakes were nice and fluffy, and not at all what I would expect from a pizza place. If you're looking for something different besides your run-of-the-mill brunch options and long waits, I'd recommend giving Antika a try. More...


Natalie T.

8 February 2015

Impeccable customer service!! I had a slight issue previously & the co-owner reached out to me & the manager Chris made everything right! I will be an Antika customer for life :) More...


Jamie K.

3 February 2015

Just moved to Washington heights and this place is the only pizza place I order from. Their grandma pizza is really good. Love this place!!


Alla M.

2 February 2015

The best pizza I have ever had in NYC! My friend and I ordered Antika for dinner and we were both blown away by the traditional grandmother pizza. The crust was so chewy and not too thick or too thin. The sauce had just enough sweetness.  I wish they had more locations that aren't so far uptown. We also got the hazelnut chocolate desert pizza and I loved it! With some beers, it was a great dinner. The delivery took about an hour but totally worth it. More...


Vania M.

31 January 2015

I LOVE Antika! Not just love it, I LOVE it! I may even LUUUUUUV it! It's that good. We usually have Grandma's pizza, half plain and half pepperoni. It's not overly bready, and it's not greasy. The pepperoni has a bit of a kick, and the plain is cheesy and delicious!We recently deviated from the norm and ordered something different. I had the Rigatoni with Bolognese. Oh. My. God. Absolutely to DIE for. The rigatoni was perfectly al dente. The bolognese is rich, meaty and delicious. This dish was so good, I had it twice in three days. And I'm dreaming about it again.I had a bite of Hubs' meatball parm pizza dough sandwich. SO good! The meatballs were perfectly cooked, not dried out. It was cheesy but not so cheesy you couldn't taste the meat, and the pizza dough! They basically bake a plain piece of pizza dough, cut it in half, stuff it with meatballs and cheese, and throw it back in the oven. The end result is thin, crisp bread. Genius!He also had a vegetarian pizza dough sandwich, which I did not get a bite of. It looked amazing, though! It was the same crispy pizza dough stuffed full of fresh veggies. I may get that next time... if I can get away from the rigatoni and bolognese. *drooling* More...


Melody S.

30 January 2015

Washington heights seems  to lack great eating options. Antika, however is a wonderful exception.  We ordered for delivery the Grandma style pizza, which is a large square pizza with thick bready crust, multiple cheeses, and a light smattering of tomato sauce. The grandma pizza is excellent.  The sauce is amazing and the flavors meld together really well. We also ordered the hazelnut pizza pie as well. This is a round desert pizza pie coated with nutella (yum!!), chopped hazelenuts, and dark chocolate syrup. It was good but the crust on this pizza was slightly more chewy than the grandma pizza. The big negatives when it comes to Antika are 1) price, 2)delivery time 3)cold food. The grandma pizza though delicious cost about 22 dollars which is on the high end for pizza. Though I live 5  minutes away from Antika delivery took about an hour. Also, when the food arrived it was lukewarm and needed to be microwaved. All in all though the food is excellent. I can't wait to try more. More...


Paul J.

27 January 2015

Since recently moving to W Heights from Astoria, my wife and I were delighted to find the same (and I think it's the same) sister restaurant located here. We've ordered delivery most of the times but the food experience has been the same with our experience in Astoria and we love their pizza. While you can't please everyone, I hope this restaurant sticks around and enters the 4-5 star category. More...


Matt L.

20 January 2015

High end right around Columbia's medical school and has the ambiance that you can bring someone you want to impress, affordable, delicious and convenient. I will return!


Divya P.

13 January 2015

Two words: SO GOOD!!!!I am so happy I was finally able to check this place out. I kept passing by it every time I was in Astoria and I got the chance to try out their food. Got the calamari, which was delicious. Their seafood pasta is also delicious. Their pizzas...out of this world. I wish I was able to eat more of the pizza because I could barely finish the food the gave us (it was just me and a friend). We ordered the Grandma's pizza they have there...and let me just say that you definitely get your money's worth.Just go here. You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it. More...


Matt A.

10 January 2015

This pizza has 5 star potential and probably would have been 5 stars if i had eaten there but I got delivery. It's 18 degrees outside so maybe they just need better insulated delivery cases but the pie was cold by the time it got to me. However the quality and potential were clearly 5 star. Just disappointed that I had to have my cold pizza for dinner rather than for breakfast like usual! More...


Stavros K.

5 January 2015

One of the best family style Italian Restaurant. Food is authentic and homemade. Atmosphere its cozy and warm. Pizza, pasta, beer, desert are excellent. Can't wait to go back.


Aleksandra D.

29 December 2014

This place will have you coming back for their pizza dough sandwiches for years... So addictive! Not to even mention the nutella & ricotta cheese calzone. Possibly the best thing ever invented. Great staff, great atmosphere, summertime outdoor seating-- safe to say this is one of my favorite places in Astoria. More...


Vanny L.

6 December 2014

This place is good especially with customer service and ambiance. The staff is very sweet and attentive I think our waitress was Angelica (that's what the receipt said),she was so nice and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. The pizza and calamari was good, however nothing that I would crave for. Tiramisu and tiramisu martini was sooooo good. More...


Brayden H.

5 December 2014

I originally gave this place a one star review when they first opened. I had a terrible experience, but they have definitely adapted and gotten so much better. Go there for brunch, and dinner. The pizza is amazing, the ambiance is great, and it's all very affordable. Boozy brunch there is always fantastic as well. More...


Amy M.

4 December 2014

This review is way overdue lol. My sister and I along with the kiddies decided to have dinner here two weeks ago. I have ordered pizza before and was disappointed due to someone with a heavy hand of salt.  I decided to give it another go. My nieces are pretty picky when it comes to pizza so I was a bit nervous lol. We were seated right away at a 5 top. Our waiter brought fresh bread and olive oil to start us off. I convinced my sister in ordering the grandma square which had San marzano sauce, mozzarella and basil. My niece who's allergic to cheese had a small round pie with sauce and pepperoni. Our waiter was very nice and attentive to our needs. The pies finally settled onto our table and I witnessed their eyes widen and get excited. Lets just say the grandma square is DELICIOUS!! The only complaint I would have is that it needs to be eaten right away otherwise the cheese hardens. I would guess its the type of mozzarella that is being used. My niece enjoyed her round pie with no cheese. Over all the food was great and we all received free desserts compliments of the chef. Whatever it was, it was delish almost a firm not too sweet flan. The kids weren't too fond, but I give it a few more years and their palates will improve:) More...


CeeCee C.

29 November 2014

On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, after shopping locally all day, a friend of mine and I went to Antika to unwind and relax. We were greeted very nicely by a hostess upon arrival. She sat my friend and I (HER FIRST TIME HERE), near the window. We both had a glass of very good wine and I suggested we get the bacon, jalapeno pizza. It was so good, that both of us ate the entire pizza. She loved it. Others around us ordered parmigiana, spaghetti and salads. It too looked very good. Me being the bold person that I am, I asked them how it was. Their reply was "Very Good" and even offered me some. I was stuffed or I would've tasted it.The atmosphere is cozy, friendly waiters and it was quite toasty in there (heat from the brick oven). Next week, we're bringing more friends to enjoy this great restaurant. More...


Je B.

23 November 2014

First time at Antika's and for sure it will not be our last.  Our small Margarita pizza and salad was more than enough for 2 of us and both were outstanding.  We live downtown on the Eastside.....lots of good pizza places but I really think that Antika will become our favorite.  Really nice addition to Washington Hgts.Continued success More...


Lindsay C.

22 November 2014

Best Pizza in Astoria. We ordered large pepperoni and sausage with crispy crust and it was fresh and delicious.  I took away one stay because it took over an hour and it came Lukewarm.  We called them and they were so great giving us a credit.  Busy Saturday so I understand.  We were looking for a new delivery pizza spot and now we have found it! More...


Olivia N.

16 November 2014

I have been here twice for the pasta dishes and ordered pizza from here as well for delivery. The food is AMAZING and the staff is great! My favorites are the penne alla vodka and the grandma's pizza with pepperoni. Yum. Delivery is super quick. More...


Megan C.

15 November 2014

I love Antika!  The bread is addictive.  The chicken bruschetta (grilled) is one of my favorites.  They also gave us samples of one of their new cocktails.  Great food, good prices and nice atmosphere.Keep in mind since they make pizza inside the restaurant is very warm! More...


Em L.

12 November 2014

Excellent service for a party of 7! Our server, Nick, and the owner made sure we were well taken care of. Friendly, knowledgeable, and really accomodating.  I highly recommend the smoked gouda and sausage pizza- crispy crust and full of flavor. More...


Breanne E.

10 November 2014

I love the pizza here so much! I wish there was a location in Manhattan but I make trips to Astoria specifically for this pizza - it's the best. You can really tell the ingredients are fresh and everything is made to order. I would order one once a week if I were closer! Keep up the good work Antika :) More...


Fred F.

10 November 2014

Great service and great food. The Chicken Marcela is my favorite  Ambiance is chill and relax


Jennifer M.

9 November 2014

Best pizza and Italian food I've had in Astoria!! Our waiter Nick was super helpful and knowledgable. He helped us make our selections and made sure everyone was happy. They were very good at seating our large party fast. Would recommend it to anyone!!! More...


Yanill P.

5 November 2014

If you're  looking for high quality brick oven pizza and excellent Italian food...look no further! I've been coming to Antika since they opened. I believe they have another location in Astoria and hopefully will expand even more. Must try the Grandma's Pizza ($21) ! This is my favorite item on the menu. The pie feeds 2-3 people. I love the complimentary fresh bread they serve. I have to stop myself from ordering more. I tried the Expresso Martini  ($12) and was wowed! It was a perfect combination. The place is cozy and quite classy. Perfect for the area which needs more places like this. My only negative is that they don't offer any lunch / drink specials. I know this is a bit fancier compared to the rest of the places in the area, but I think they'd get more traffic through the door if they had better deals. They are on the pricier side and I could see why some wouldn't come here everyday. More...


Casey C.

4 November 2014

My family is Sicilian, and I am telling you that the Grandma Style Pizza rivals some of the family recipes I've been eating for 30 years. In my opinion, it's the best pizza in the city. I've dined in and had delivery, all of which have been impeccable every time. More...


Ken C.

28 October 2014

Def top italian restaurant in the neighborhood.  30th ave has ton of good spots and this place def seperates itself. Prices are reasonable for this upcoming area, and pizza here is very tasty (thin crust)pastas are also on point, very fresh & delicious.  Will def be back.Nice ambiance with Tv's and bar.  Def worth checking out. ! More...


Kalena D.

26 October 2014

There's no turning back now!This place has won my heart, the customer service is phenomenal. The product is incredible time and time again (especially the grandmas four cheese with truffle oil and caesar salads) but beyond that the people here make the difference. In order to give credit where credit is due, I have to thank Theo, he is absolutley amazing. Until the next time Antika-which will probably be next week. :) More...


Sandesh K.

25 October 2014

Been here a couple of times. The food is always great. I got the chicken parm last night and it was really good! Their sauce is sweet and yummy. Our waiter Evan was the man. Took very good care of us!! More...


Timothy H.

22 October 2014

Our group of 6 loved Antika. We stopped in on a Sunday evening and there was no problem getting two tables pushed together. Of course everybody loves bread baskets with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. The bread, oil, and cheese here were the best I have had in recent memory. Service was very prompt and courteous. Be sure to check in on yelp because it will score you a free soft drink. Our group shared a large vodka pasta dish as an appetizer and ate it with the bread...the two were a perfect match.We all shared the grandmas pizza with pepperoni. It's not your average New York style pizza. It has that great fresh taste. We all enjoyed it soooo much.Our group reported a bill of $66 which included gratuity (added automatically for groups of six or more).We will totally go back again next time we are in NYC. More...


Cassandra K.

19 October 2014

The pizza, the people, the atmosphere. A family business that does pizza right. I take all of my out-of-towner guests here for amazing Italian food. Try the grandma's pizza--and be amazed! More...


Andrada C.

19 October 2014

The five star is for Nick,our server. He was very accommodating considering they were out of 2 of the 2 wines we wanted to order. He finally recommended the house wine for $20 a bottle which didn't give us a headache. We ordered the papardelle which wasn't amazing until we added salt and fresh pepper to it. All in all it was a great experience thanks to Nick. More...


Nicole W.

8 October 2014

Some of the best pizza and pasta I've ever had! I especially enjoy the squid ink ravioli and the orecchiette Calabria. I've never been disappointed and the delivery service is amazing.


Steve C.