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We believe your website is yours and no one else's. A well-designed website should be easy to maintain and update. If you're looking for an efficient, mobile-friendly site, we can provide that. If you're looking for cost-effective maintenance solutions, we can do that too.



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A great website is easy to navigate for your visitors and easy to maintain for you. Information should be easy to find, purchases and contact should be simple and secure to make, and the routine maintenance tasks shouldn't be a mystery.

What are your 6-month, 1-year and 5-year goals for your website and digital communications?

Who is your primary audience?

What has worked in the past for you in terms of appealing to and communicating with your audience?

My creative process involves communicating with the client and establishing what they need, and then building the skeleton of a website or a mockup of a design to show them as soon as possible to get feedback. I try to communicate with clients on a consistent basis to get feedback to make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

After the website is in its final form, I record and edit how-to videos to complete the routine tasks the client has identified as vital and create a brief training course for the client to introduce them to their website.

The client's goals, existing visual assets, existing web presences and "do and do not" lists are important. Before we begin working on a project, all of the client's needs and wants will be established to avoid any confusion or delays and since every client has different goals, this list changes.

The best part of my job is learning more about different organizations and finding new ways to meet their needs. Each client I've worked with is different, and I'm always up to the challenge of meeting those needs as effectively as possible. I also enjoy communicating with my clients, teaching them how to use their website based on their needs, and helping them get established online no matter what phase they're in.

For several years I've been building websites for friends and acquaintances alongside attending graduate school for communications and teaching at local universities. While doing this, I heard some stories about freelances and web design firms taking advantage of small businesses. This culminated in watching my uncle's business partner spend thousands of dollars on a website that, in the end, didn't meet his needs. The developer left him without instructions, and we ended up rebuilding the website anyway.

Ampersand Digital, Inc. is founded upon honesty and transparency. I have answered these questions as the owner, but I often work with other local freelancers based on the client's needs. Each project is evaluated on its individual components from start to finish, and the entire process is collaborative and transparent. In addition to working with other Wordpress developers, I work with content strategists, writers, video editors and motion graphics creators, and graphic designers.


All of our websites are designed in Wordpress and incorporate the best options for each individual client. We install plugins based on the client's needs without weighing the site down. Ampersand Digital, Inc. strives to create streamlined websites that are easy for your audience to navigate and simple for you to manage.

Want to learn to manage your new website? Ampersand Digital can provide a brief training program for your specific website and your identified areas of concerned. We offer ongoing training support options as well to address future concerns. Don't want to manage your updates or hosting? We can offer custom maintenance packages as well.

We offer newsletter template creation and packages for updating the template and delivering it to your mailing list.

Having well-written content on your website is the first step to reaching your customers through search engines and social media. We offer content writing and strategy to make sure your website accurately represents your business and helps you be seen by Google. This can be inituial content setup for a new business, or ongoing publication of search engine optimized (SEO) pages.