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American Asset Protection® was established in 1992, providing security and investigative services. American Asset Protection® is a total security solution provider and integrations. We are licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths. We later incorporated CCTV, Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems and Alarm Systems.


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Lucy Spears

6 January 2019

AAP Is a security company we choose to secure all of our resident properties and commercial.


Rick Williams

6 January 2019

"American Asset Protection security guard services is the real deal! American Asset Protection is worth much more than I paid.


It Department

6 January 2019

"I am so pleased with this service. Best.Services. Ever!"


Dorothy Cartwright

6 January 2019

"Thank You! Absolutely wonderful!"


Dave Hustler

6 January 2019

I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. American Asset Protection is truly upstanding and we stand behind its services 100%


Kara Cook

30 December 2018

"American Asset Protection security guard services impressed me on multiple levels."


Bill Thomson

30 December 2018

"American Asset Protection security guard services is exactly what our business has been lacking."


loan query

30 December 2018

"I was amazed at the quality of American Asset Protection security guard services."


Dajhar Johnson

30 December 2018

"You guys rock! Best. Service. Ever! I love American Asset Protection."


Lydia Moreno

28 December 2018

American Asset Protection is by far the best security guard company in the industry. Just like there motto states as I paraphrase and add my take on them "Other security companies learn from their mistakes, American Asset Protection learns not to make them!"


Edwin Arana

20 August 2018

I really recommend this company to everyone


Boyer C.

23 May 2016

The Best Security Guard & Patrol Services You can buy .They are always on time. And there prices wont brake the bank.


Katherine M.

22 May 2016

All I can say about American Asset Protection is: A job well done! From the first day they came to our shopping center, everything changed. The parking lot was finally organized, the officers were visible at all times, and best of all; our costumers noticed them too. More...


Jack S.

22 May 2016

I highly recommend American Asset Protection. They have Reliable and Accountable Security Officers that have helped keep my business safe and secure with around the clock Officers. In the past I had used other security guard companies but none of them meet the high expectations and ethics that American Asset Protection has provided for me and my business. More...

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As your security service partner, American Asset Protection will ensure that you benefit from our professionalism and experience, resulting in the assurance that your interests are protected.


Financial savings at the most economical rates and value added services.
No long-term contracts required.
Unique in house security training programs and ongoing training programs.
Customer service based security officers with training in manners and etiquette.
Professional uniformed attire, appearance and presentation.

Security officers hold certifications in the following:

Active Shooter Training
BSIS Guard Card / First Aid / CPR / AED / Firearms / HSC / Tear Gas / Pepper Spray /
Baton / Power to Arrest / OSHA / WMD

This surpasses all city, state and federal requirements legally with the highest package in insurance and workers comp.
Experienced management, best practice leaders with in depth security and safety knowledge.
Proven and responsive management structure. Regional teams of experienced and knowledgeable security, safety and management
professionals. Members of each team of three are available around the clock to their assigned clients.
Security Consultants
Field Operations Managers
Field Supervisors
Local dispatch centers for immediate around the clock response.
Customized security procedures / post orders designed by clients and security consultants for security officers.

Innovative TrekGuardTM technology power by American Asset Protection.
Live Dashboard
Live GPS tracking of all officers on duty
Live digital reports
Live checkpoint tour system
Real-time notifications

Providing free GuardScan systems.
Providing marked / unmarked security vehicles, golf carts, seaways and bicycles when needed.
Providing equipment when needed: radios, headsets, cell phones, security cameras, binoculars, night vision goggles, first aid kits, fire
extinguishers, safety cones, megaphones, metal detectors, security trailers, security booths, trespassing signs, lights and locks.
Industry leading Field Supervision.

Supervisors hold a minimum of 20 years of security industry experience or police / military backgrounds.
Unscheduled random visits during each security officer’s shift.
Managing security officers around the clock.
Industry leading recruiting / background screening process.
Industry leading employee retention rate of 100%