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Has Amazon suspended your seller account or listing? Appealing an Amazon suspension is not something your should handle yourself or hire a non-lawyer Amazon Appeal Service for your Amazon suspension appeals! Your appeal is likely to be denied.


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Nicholas Bosch

Kenneth did an absolutely incredible job on my case. I had a listing removed and kenneth got it up within the time he said he could! Very pleased with the results!


Glenn Carroll

Kenneth helped me get my amazon account unsuspended after I had ran into shipment issues. He was quick to respond to all of my questions and we worked out a way to fix my amazon account. I would totally recommend him to any Amazon seller. More...


Shaun Cameron

Kenneth was awesome and will highly recommend him to anyone that needs his service. He was always nice and responded so quickly even at 2am, 3am and so on. Our case was a little challenging but he fought for us like a champ and won. We are now making money again for our family. The best of all about his service is he doesn't charge you a arm and leg like the other companies wanted to. Thanks Kenneth for everything we owe you big time. More...


Sam Kat

I was feeling very upset and anxious when I received an email from Seller Central saying my listing had been withdrawn. I contact Amazon Sellers Attorney and within 24 hours, I was back up and running again. True genius. Thank you.


Yana Nickels

My Amazon account was suspended and i was in a total shock, never thought it could happen. I started to search for a good lawyer to help me.A lot of companies wanted crazy money, plus they told me they would make 3 attempts, after that it would cost me even more and more....i found Kenneth , he was very reasonable as far as pricing, very knowledgeable and personable on a phone. I gave him a shot. He always answered every question i had, every email i sent, there was no limited attempts. He went with me till the end. 2 days ago i got email from amazon:


We have decided that you may sell on Amazon while we review your account. A reserve equal to your gross sales amount for the preceding 14 days will apply while your account is under review. Based on your order volume, the amount of the reserve may change daily.

When your account balance exceeds this reserve amount, you will be able to transfer funds based on your settlement schedule. You can view the details on the Payments page in the Reports section of Seller Central
Please continue to ship orders and only list items that you can send by the expected ship date.

To learn more about account reviews, search for "Velocity Limits and Account Reviews" in Seller Central Help.

We will send you an email when our review is complete.


Seller Performance Team

Thank you Ken, i would gave up if it wasn't for you.


Henry Tai

Thanks to Kenneth. I had spent 2 months to appeal to Amazon since suspended. Failed with extremely frustrated finally after 2 attempts of appeal. In the last minute before I give up in my desperation, I came across Kenneth's ads about his service. Let's try then. Believe it should be better than nothing. Having submitted the documents and the action plan according to Kenneth's instruction, I had been preparing to be tormented by Amazon for a few weeks for my 3rd appeal. I couldn't believe, my account has been reinstated just next day of the document submission. You are great Kenneth. I am very regret -- I should get him with me 2 months ago,!!! More...


Varun Dhingra

If you have problem with your Amazon account and not getting anywhere these are the best people to call . I found them online . They immediately picked up the phone and within minutes understood my problem . I sent them the information via email and they were able to get my Amazon account reinstated very quickly .On top of that extremely pleasant to deal with . Highly reccommend More...


Kevin Haber

Kenneth helped me to reopen my Amazon Seller Account. He was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is available any time, always returning my calls or writing messages.For me Kenneth team very profesional Highly recommend and would work with Kenneth again, Kakhaber Akhobadze More...


Dicky Dee

Kenneth and his team were excellent with their services and response times regarding a trademark issue I was dealing with.

Its refreshing working with someone who is on the ball, not to mention their pricing was reasonable compared to other firms ive worked with.


Mark Norton

I don't even know where to start with how great Kenneth is. We had a tricky suspension on Amazon USA dating back almost 3 years, and had tried with a couple of other people to get it reinstated to no avail. As a last ditch attempt, we hired Kenneth and it all got fixed.
A VERY prompt service and great attention to detail - which is just what you need when dealing with Amazon. I can't recommend highly enough!


John Connor

I contacted Mr. Kenneth Eade on Tom Wang's recommendation, right after one of my listings got suspended. His response was prompt, and all communication was professional and very helpful. Kenneth is very calm and polite and he gave me the confidence in what he was doing. If it wasn't for his help, I wouldn't have reinstated my listing by myself.
Great service Kenneth, thank you very much!


Jan Kra

Before working with Kenneth Eade we had some really bad experiences with other "high praised attorneys". They have been fast in charging money but super slow in taking action.

It´s a completely different experience with Ken. He took immediately action (did in less than 2h what the other attorney did in 2 weeks), came up with solutions, explained everything and got our product reinstated the fastest possible way. On top he´s just a nice guy!

As a Amazon Seller Reviews are obviously very important - Ken deserves nothing but 5-stars! I can definitely recommend him. He takes care of you and your business. Thanks a lot again!!


Vladimir Nikolov

I would like to express my gratitude to Kenneth for helping us to activate back our account on Amazon. We were blocked without any explanation, and our effort to communicate and receive a response from Amazon was unsuccessful. After two weeks of waiting and multiple calls & emails, we contacted Mr.Kenneth. He drafted a detailed letter explaining the specifics of our case and provided plan for corrective actions to prevent future violations of Amazon’s agreement. After following his directions, our account was activated. We would definitely recommend his service. More...


Randy Axelrod

Kenneth, got my Amazon seller account back. I was banging my head going back and forth with Amazon seller support for a month. I asked Kenneth for help. He saw the flaw in my appeal and wrote me a new one. I submitted to Amazon and got the $3K they were holding from me and the ability to sell on the platform again.

Kenneth and his staff were responsive to chat and email. In addition, they were courteous and prompt with responses. I highly recommend their services. It is a bargain price considering the alternative, because let's face it, without the ability to sell on Amazon most of us do not have better options.


Tess Achilles-Jones

Mr Kenneth Eades, was highly recommended by fellow entrepreneurs and I am thankful I hired him. He is very responsive on time anytime! I hope he gets enough sleep! Cases are different, mine took longer than others, but the end result is the most important. I got my listing back!!! Thank you Mr Eades. I could not get through it without your help. God bless. More...


Hesham Eldash

Thanks to Kenneth, I manged to get my account reinstated. I was in a difficult position, my account has been suspended for month and i have already sent multiple plans of action but amazon’s response was suspending my account and they said they will not respond to furthur emails regarding this matter.
However we managed to get it reinstated with a professionally written POA and an escalation plan.

The service was amazing and the support provided was good especially when it took Amazon longer than usual I alwayes found support from Kenneth.

Communication was brilliant with an extremly fast response on any enquiry at anytime wether by Kenneth himself or a member of his team.

Overall it was an excellent, professional, and supportive Amazon attorny service and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to reinstate his/her account.


Jonathan Curtis

Mr. Eades, thank you so much for helping me get my listing reinstated from a Global company who I will not mention. Before finding Mr. Eades, the first company I paid was not able to get my listing reinstated. The second company I contacted did not want to touch the case due to it being such a large global brand I was going up against. Mr Eades was literally an Amazon angel sent from God. He worked swift and very professional. He kept me up to date every step of the way. Initially, the notice department rejected our appeal, but he immediately escalated the case to Amazons legal department. About three days later I had all ASINS reinstated. Mr. Eades knows his stuff and I would personally recommend him to any seller who needs assistance with appeals. He is one of the nicest and most hard working people I have ever met, and he truly cares about getting you up and running as soon as possible. He took my case as if it was his and would not let me get bullied by the “Global” brand I mentioned. Mr Eades you are awesome and I appreciate you so so much. I officially crown you the “Amazon Reinstatement Guru”.

God Bless, Jon


Daniel Lai

"Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight" - Amazon DOES NOT mess around with suspensions, violations and appeals. Make sure you call in the calvary i.e. Kenneth Eade who would provide you expert advice on what needs to be done in your situation. We had an issue with account suspension in which Kenneth drafted us a Plan of Action within his promise of 48 hrs (in our case it was over the weekend and he still rushed it out for us). Most importantly Kenneth was there all the way with us till we managed to get our account back. We attribute his advice to be 100% the reason why we were able to get our account reinstated. Thanks Kenneth for having our back. The fees charged are very reasonable and we would highly recommend his service. 5 Stars !!! More...


Ozan Atacan

My amazon account was suspended and I was on the edge of a big loss, but luckily I have found a real affordable attorney; Kenneth Eade helped me to get my account reinstated again. His service is very professional and he responds very fast. We didn’t know the reason for the suspension and Kenneth found it with the information we provided him. He escalated the communication and he solved the issue very smoothly. Knowledgable, friendly and trustable. I definitely recommend him! Save your money and time. More...


Vio Banciu

I don't think there is anyone else better qualified for this job. I had aggressive hijackers taking over my listing and even blocking me out of my own listing. I tried dealing with this myself for over a month, and got to a point where I almost gave up because I was getting nowhere with them. Even hired someone else and paid her $300, with no results.

I found Kenneth and he not only got rid of all hijackers, he managed to get my listing reinstated within 2-3 days. Had I used him from the beginning I would have saved a lot more money, time and frustration.

Everyone else says to just hire Kenenth if you have Amazon problems. Yeap... I second that. Just go ahead and work with him. Even it it might seem a bit expensive at first, trust me, he overdelivers.

Awesome communication, and the letters to Amazon were written in a very professional way. Those guys from Amazon seller performance team don't think they knew what hit them :)

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I started Amazon Sellers Attorney to give Amazon sellers a fighting chance, after my own seller account was unfairly suspended. For your Amazon appeal, you need a lawyer who knows how to write a winning appeal and plan of action. With over 30 years' experience in litigation, business and intellectual property law, I'm here to help you and I won't give up on you until you reach the resolution you deserve! Call now for a free consultation on your appeal and plan of action or other e-commerce issue or fill out the below form and get back to selling!

I understand that when people hire an attorney, they are often experiencing very stressful situations. These people need someone who cares about them. I make sure my clients not only receive high-quality legal services, but also the support and resources they deserve. I started Amazon Sellers Attorney after my brother's Amazon Seller Account was suspended. Each case is different, and is handled on a personal basis. All appeals come with 24/7 hands on support from initial appeal through escalation to the CEO or managing director if needed. This is not a site for canned or "guaranteed" templates. I am not in the business of providing false hopes. But I will work hard on your case as if it were my own, and I will never give up until I have done everything in the power of the law to reinstate your seller account or listing. Call, chat or email now to get on the road to reinstatement.


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Amazon Sellers Attorney is not just an Amazon suspension appeal service. It is your one-stop shop for all your Amazon legal needs, whether it be an Amazon suspension appeal letter and plan of action for your Amazon seller account suspension appeal, Amazon reinstatement of account or listing (all actions required on listing removed from Amazon), Amazon intellectual property rights infringement complaints, or Amazon intellectual property counsel for Amazon intellectual property law, our Amazon lawyers are ready to help you right now. There are many types of Amazon suspensions and Amazon account reviews. We are experts in every type of suspension and listing removal, including inauthentic item suspension appeals, related account suspensions, infringement, product quality suspension appeals, violations of seller code of conduct, safety complaints, review manipulation, high order defect rate (ODR), used sold as new, late shipment rate (LSR), not as advertised or not matching the detail page, counterfeit, improper variations, and all other types of suspensions. Call us now for a free Amazon suspension consultation. We also can handle any of your Amazon seller account legal needs, such as brand-gating support, trademark registration, and design and utility patent registration.