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Providing detailed instruction hands on with you and your dog so you can train like a pro and get the relationship you want with your dog. Specializes in behavior modification and service dog training. This is not a class scenario like many others this is customized instruction to teach you how to teach your dog.



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Help solve or understand your dogs agression behavior problems. Work on a plan to gain control and confidence with your dogs agression. No two animals and situations are the same custom plans are best to solve problems.

Learn hands on how to achieve a responsive dog and well timed obedience cues. Achieve goals you want between you and your dog and set a plan to get there. You can train your dog at home just learn how to get there and have questions answered.

Learn how to solve your dogs bad behaviors and why they are doing them. Create custom training plan to teach you to teach your dog.

Learn how to start training your personal service dog or horse and what ada laws are. Create a plan to train your animal as a partner to help you daily and complete test for public access.