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It's a secret for a reason... Just kidding, to me the secret of taking a great photograph is not to just take one photo but many, & at various angles. Angles you don't even think is a good idea for a photo, but then they turn into a masterpiece! Oh & don't forget the lighting, that's super important for photography too!

What is your dream/idea of the outcome?
How can I work with you to bring those aspirations to life?
Where do you feel most comfortable staring at?

Being able to be myself, all while doing the things I absolutely love.

Honestly, I was tired of various companies making me feel like I was a useless fool everyday.
So I decided to use my special & unique talents to create my own business.
Giving me the ability to be my own boss, so I can do the various things that I love everyday; while also spreading joy to others through a very creative outlet.

They should choose me because I'm very much different from the average person.
Not only that but, I'm super enthusiastic plus I'm heavily devoted to my job. I vision many things out of the box which allows me to create even more than the bare minimum. Yet I mold perfectly to peoples whims & desires, which then helps a smooth process of the clients project!