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27 December 2018

We hired Allegro Quartet to play our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. They were incredible! We are so glad we decided to use them. They gave our wedding the hint of elegance we were looking for. Highly recommend! More...



1 August 2018

My husband and I had been going back and forth about hiring a string quartet for our wedding ceremony. We met with Vickie from Allegro Quartet and we were sold right away! We didn't even interview any of the other quartets we'd researched. Vickie has an amazing energy about her, not only is she passionate about her music, but she also passionate about helping create the vision you have for your wedding.

I don't know what it is about live music, but it truly is a magical experience (pardon the cliché, but I don't know any other words to describe it)! I walked down to Canon in D and it truly is a moment I cannot forget. The quartet worked amazingly together and I can still hear the songs they played as I think back to that day (June 30th 2018). If you're looking to add that "magical" touch to your wedding, then I highly recommend Allegro Quarter, they're truly an amazing team! :)



17 January 2018

My wedding planner recommended Allegro Quartet to me for our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour and I couldn't be more glad! I worked primarily with Vickie in planning the music, and she was wonderful. We even had a special request song that the group learned to play just for our special day. We heard many great compliments about the group (we hired a string trio) and couldn't be happier that we went with Allegro! More...



3 May 2017

I would highly recommend Allegro Quartet to any couple considering having a string quartet, or any type of live music at their wedding. They helped me select our songs (we mixed classical music with current songs) and gave me some advice as far as the flow of the songs (and which sounded best for our particular setting). They sounded absolutely beautiful! More...



26 April 2017

Listen to online music samples from different vendors. Allegro was easily the best.



17 April 2017

The Allegro Quartet went above and beyond to make sure our wedding was perfect. We highly recommend them!



17 April 2017

Having been to many weddings where the DJ pipes in wedding music for the ceremony, we thought that having a string quartet for our ceremony would add an elegant touch to our wedding. We are so glad that we decided to have one. Our planner sent us a short list of string quartets and we liked the audio samples from Allegro’s website the most and they were fortunately available for our date.

We had Allegro play a half hour before our outdoor ceremony while guests filed in and were seated, during the ceremony, and at our cocktail hour. Unfortunately we were busy being hidden away, lining up, and then taking pictures — so we were limited to hearing the quartet ourselves during the ceremony. We were blown away by how great they sounded and how nice it looked to have a quartet in our ceremony. We cannot speak enough about how much nicer it was than having a DJ play wedding tracks through a speaker.

We had Allegro play classical music and traditional wedding songs for our ceremony and it sounded awesome. We selected many contemporary songs from their extensive catalogue for the cocktail hour. Our guests raved about the music.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to have a quartet, do not hesitate. We can recommend Allegro without reservation. They were lovely to work with, played extremely well, and were very fairly priced.



7 April 2017

We are so happy that we decided to go with Allegro Quartet for our wedding. They were so accommodating and helpful. We didn't even know where to start when picking the ceremony music and they made great suggestions and worked with us. The cocktail selections were great and we got lots of compliments. Allegro Quartet was really the thing that made our wedding just extra special. More...



27 December 2016

Allegro was wonderful and learned my main ceremony song which was played beautifully. I was very happy with their professionalism and the quality of service provided.


Vanessa Rose

20 December 2016

Barbara and Priscilla of Allegro Quartet were simply wonderful to work with from start to finish. My only regret is that we didn't get to enjoy them more because they were there for the ceremony and our cocktail hour that we were not really at (part of being the bride and groom). Anyway, they were professional, helpful and willing to meet special requests. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of strings at your wedding. It truly is worth it because it ads such a beautiful touch. More...



6 November 2016

They were so perfect and beautiful! Very responsive, reasonable priced for their skill level, and very organized. They have a huge range of songs to choose from and even take special requests for songs they don't have! I am so glad I found them! They made my ceremony so perfect. I would recommend them to all! More...



22 September 2016

Absolutely AMAZING! Vicki and company played during my wedding reception at my church and outside during our cocktail hour at our reception. Having them there was just how I had imagined it would be. They were wonderful. I always wanted a string quartet at my wedding and was so happy that I chose Allegro.

They asked what songs I'd like to hear, provided song lists and even offered to help me select music. They played everything we asked for and even made a recommendation at our reception when they saw our Death Star groom's cake. My new husband wanted to hear Game of Thrones a second time, and they played it without issue. So many guests were super impressed with their ability, professionalism and skill ... and so was I..

Allegro Quartet truly enhanced our wedding day. I couldn't have asked for better music. I hope I have the opportunity to hire them again in the future .... because I would .... without reservation or hesitation!



20 September 2016

These ladies we're so great! I was not able to hear too many songs as they played before the ceremony but all of my guest commented on how lovely they played!


David & Erica

9 July 2016

Allegro Quartet was an incredible addition to our wedding - we received countless compliments on their amazing performance, and the live music (played so beautifully) really added to the ambiance of our ceremony. Allegro was so professional and wonderful to work with - they can learn new songs to help customize your special day too! We could not recommend Allegro more highly!! More...



27 June 2016

If you are looking for a string quartet I highly recommend Allegro Quartet. They were punctual and the music was beautiful. Very professional and they looked great. I would hire them again for any event that required string music. Loved them!! More...



17 June 2016

Barbara, Vickie, and the team were incredible! I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful service they gave my wedding! They were very good about responding to emails and sending me payment reminders when I was having a serious case of the 'bridal brain'. I requested to get a song that I love arranged for my ceremony and It was absolutely beautiful and perfectly done... I want a copy on CD now! I also feel the group did a wonderful job on transitioning from song to song and knowing when the perfect time to stop playing during different parts of the ceremony and cocktail hour. Lastly, the services are easily broken down on the website along with payment info and the list of songs they have in their repertoire. My only gripe is that I didn't get to hear the whole set at the cocktail hour because I am was the bride and HAD to get my pictures taken! I highly and wholeheartedly recommend them... you will seriously not regret using them for your wedding! More...



15 May 2016

Excellent !!!!!! It was all I wanted. I was glad that I could have this quartet as my prelude, processional and cocktail hour music. It was beautiful.



12 April 2016

The Allegro Quartet exceeded our expectations for our wedding ceremony music! Not only did they provide the utmost professionalism before, during and after our wedding ceremony, but they were so easy to work with and knowledgeable about their craft. We planned a very unique and creative ceremony and the musicians just rolled right along with our plans and came through with all of our specific requests for music. They are also very versatile and can play not only classical music but contemporary selections as well. I cannot say enough about our experience with the Allegro Quartet!

I highly recommend these musicians to anyone wanting to have a beautiful and serene experience at their wedding! A++



16 March 2016

Allegro Quartet was simply awesome! They are true pros and our guests have been raving about their music all week. We had them play our ceremony and our cocktail hour. The variety of music they are able to play is unreal and their pricing is very fair. You will not be disappointed with them...book them now! More...



15 March 2016

Allegro Quartet was FANTASTIC! They even arranged a special song for us - one not in their repertoire. They were extremely talented, professional and were a highlight of our wedding. Many guests commented on the quality and uniqueness of the experience. More...



29 October 2015

Allegro offered a variety of musical options for us to select from for our ceremony and for the cocktail hour (we had a dj for the reception). They were very nice to work with, prompt in responding to our communications, and so professional. The music was perfect. They played traditional selections during the ceremony and then pop music during cocktail hour. We loved how we could go on their website and listen to music they offered in order for us to make our selections. More...



28 October 2015

We LOVED the music. It set the perfect tone (no pun intended) for our wedding. Our guests also commented on how much they enjoyed the music. Very professional to work/plan with. Can't thank them enough! Just loved it!!!! More...



14 March 2015

The Allegro Quartet did a wonderful job playing both classical and modern music during our wedding ceremony at Scottsdale Civic Center Park. Barbara and Vickie were very responsive to questions and were very helpful with suggestions and ideas. Their music made our ceremony a very special and memorable event, Thank you, Allegro! More...



19 November 2014

My wedding wouldn't have been as beautiful without allegro! They were amazing!



2 July 2014

Barbara at Allegro String Quartet was a dream to work with. She was extremely responsive and helpful with all of our questions concerning our day of entertainment. Allegro played during our cocktail hour at our wedding reception and they were truly unique. I was unaware a string quartet could play the Game of Thrones theme song but Allegro did - and our guests loved it! They do a great job mixing contemporary music with classics and also are wonderful about playing all of the songs that are requested beforehand. We were provided with an extensive list of everything they played and we used that to determine a rough play list which they filled out. I'm so glad we found Allegro and were able to have them at our wedding! More...



30 June 2014

Dear Barbra,
Thank you again for the amazing job Allegro Quartet did at our wedding! All of our guests loved listening to them and couldn't believe the song set the group was able to play. They were all very impressed! Thank you also for going above and beyond to arrange to play a song especially for Tricia and I. It meant a lot to us! Tricia and I loved every minute of our big day and the quartet was truly the icing on the cake. They sounded beautiful! We highly recommend Allegro Quartet to anyone! Professional musicians, amazing list of songs, beautiful music and class. They truly delivered it all!
Thank you again!
Scott & Tricia Contadino



5 June 2014

Beautiful music!!
They were excellent, a big repertoire with unique and fun songs. They played on our catholic ceremony at the church and then at our cocktail hour. They were neat!



22 April 2014

I'm very pleased with the services that Allergo provided. They were very easy to work with and the price was great. My guests really enjoyed the quartet and much to their surprise Allergo played a variety of music selections.



20 January 2014

Allegro Quartet is hands down a must if you want a special and unique wedding. They performed a special song that I requested, and were absolutely lovely.



8 December 2013

Loved these ladies from Allegro Quartet. Priscilla was my coordinator and she was wonderful. I changed the time of the ceremony about 6 months out and she was very accommodating and made sure that everyone would be able to still be there. I opted for a trio and they played beautifully. All the songs at the ceremony were flawless and then I had them play at our cocktail our and everyone seemed to really enjoy all the music there too! Loved them! More...



5 December 2013

These ladies were incredible. I am a musician and knew from the start I wanted a string quartet to play during my ceremony. I got so many comments about how great the quartet sounded before the ceremony started and all the little kids were enthralled and wanted to go over to have a peek. They responded quickly to emails and have a very large repertoire to pick from. I would highly recommend this quartet. More...



15 November 2013

Allegro Quartet was definitely one of my favorite touches to my wedding! I am so glad I invested in this wonderful group of musicians! Vickie Thai was my primary contact and musician for my wedding day, and I could not have asked for a better experience working with her in the design of my ceremony and cocktail hour music. Vickie was very punctual in her emails, and was quick to mail me receipts for all payments. Vickie also stayed on the phone with me for a very long time discussing the music to be played and shared her insight! Vickie and the rest of Allegro Quartet made my ceremony perfect, and very classy! The cost of service was what I had expected for greatness, and well deserved. The music was beautiful and all of my guests were so impressed with the beauty they provided to the day! I loved how Allegro Quartet offered a long list of song options, which included modern rock songs, and others such as Phantom of the Opera (a favorite), and a classical version of "Wild Horses", which is the song that originally led me to sign a contract with Allegro after hearing them play at the Mesa Wedding Walk. Unfortunately, my groom and I missed most of our cocktail hour while we were out taking wedding photographs, but I am hoping my videographer and photographer captured moments of the quartet playing. My guests were all "wow'ed" by the splendor of Allegro Quartet. Since my groom and I missed the cocktail hour, Allegro Quartet played "The Prayer" a second time because they knew my groom loved that song, and they wanted him to enjoy it before they ended the evening. I am so thankful to have stumbled across Allegro Quartet! To Vickie, and the rest of the Allegro Quartet team, thank you for making my wedding so perfect and the happiest day of my life! It truly was a dream come true! I have memories that will last a lifetime! :-) More...



18 September 2013

We loved our string quartet!! When we received the list of songs from which we could choose, I was surprised by the excellent range of music! My daughter chose many popular songs, which I wondered how they would sound by a string quartet. What? No Pachabel Canon? When they started on Viva La Vida, I just had to smile at how great a Coldplay song sounded on strings. They can truly play anything, and play it really well!! We were thrilled! More...



16 July 2013

Allegro Quartet played for us for two hours on the day of our wedding, starting as our guests were arriving, then at the beginning and end of our ceremony, and all through the cocktail hour.
We were very pleased with their professionalism, and their quick and pleasant communication all throughout the planning process.
We were very happy with the breadth of their repertoire, and everything they played on our wedding day. Very professional company, and very talented musicians. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for string musicians for their wedding day.



1 December 2012

Beautiful music!! They were very accessible and prompt with responding to emails about our ceremony. They definitely made our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour very elegant. When I heard their music before coming down the aisle, I started to tear up because it was so beautiful! Their prices are quite reasonable. More...



26 November 2012

The musicians that played our wedding were excellent! We were able to hear them perform live at a bridal show and booked them as soon as we found our venue. They made the wedding extra special. We were able to select our ceremony and cocktail hour songs from an extensive list. Almost all of our music selections were non-traditional or non-classical music, but there were plenty of classical song selections available. Vickie Thai was our contact and she was great at communicating what she needed and when she needed it. We loved Allegro Quartet and would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to have live music at their wedding. More...



6 October 2012

We heard Allegro String Quartet at one of the bridal shows. We decided that we wanted them right then and there and we never regretted it.
Barbara, the main contact, took care of hiring 2 violins, a viola, and a cello and coordinating all the communication between us and Priscilla, who took it from there and till the very end.
The music was amazing. The four of them did an awesome job. They played through the ceremony and the reception, making all the last minute adjustments.
We've received a lot of compliments.
Thank you guys! You're the best!



7 August 2012

Wedding music wasn't high on my list-but after looking around, I realized that a strings group was more affordable than I thought. I am so happy I chose Allegro Quartet. Communication via e-mail and phone was prompt and professional. The musicians know their stuff and followed the flow of the ceremony. I gave a general idea of the stuff I liked (George Gershwin and Cole Porter) and an idea of what the groom liked (Classic rock) and they played so many great songs. Everyone commented on how great the musicians were and some guests even made song requests. It added a classy touch to the ceremony and the reception, but it was still fun-some tables enjoyed playing "guess that song"! I would recommend Allegro to anyone needing music for a special event. More...



21 May 2012

Allegro quartet were so professional and sounded amazing at my ceremony and cocktail hour! They were very accommodating in the months leading up to the wedding and had helpful suggestions whenever I wasn't sure how to proceed. They were very responsive whenever I had questions. I received many compliments on their performance and couldn't have been happier! More...



16 December 2011

I initially contacted Barbara of Allegro Quartet. She was very helpful and prompt and immediately after my contract was signed she put me in touch with the two musicians (Karen and Priscilla) who would be the string duet at my wedding. After an easy conversation about music choices with Priscilla I was all set! The process of hiring Allegro was made easy and hassle-free by the experience and efficiency of these three wonderful ladies.

On my wedding day Karen and Priscilla arrived even earlier than their initial set up time; they played beautifully and were praised by my guests. Their timing of the music was impeccable - as soon as they saw me appear they smoothly transitioned into my chosen 'Pachelbel's Canon' and smoothly concluded it upon my arrival at the altar (no timing on my part was necessary). The music was so beautiful and added such a level of elegance as to make it worth every penny. Thank you Allegro Quartet, Karen and Priscilla!



13 November 2011

The Allegro Quartet provided the ceremony and cocktail hour music and their beautiful music was definitely one of the highlights of the entire event. They were extremely easy to work with, very knowledgeable and professional, and very responsive to any questions. We first saw them at the Phoenix Bridal Show and were quite impressed. They definitely did not disappoint when it came to performing at our event. We had a cello and two violins and they played all classical for the ceremony and then a mix of classical and popular for the cocktail hour. You will not go wrong if you book this group for your event! More...



19 April 2011

Allegro Quartet was great! There music was beautiful and they were very responsive to the last minute changes we made. The guests loved the mix of classic and contemporary music choices. The women were very kind. The price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them. More...



6 December 2010

They played the songs we wanted at exactly the right time. We hired them for our cocktail hour as well and our guests loved hearing the string versions of modern songs we chose.



30 November 2010

I hired Allegro Quartet after my in-laws went to a wedding that they performed at. I worked with Vickie and she was such a doll, she was SO easy to work with and was very professional, not only did she give suggestions of songs but she sent me the videos so that I did not have to search for them on the Internet! They arrived early to set up and did a fabulous job! They played for our ceremony and cocktail hour. Everyone said what a nice touch the quartet was, they brought an elegance to the wedding! I would highly recommend hiring Allegro Quartet, they are wonderful and worth every penny!!! More...



12 November 2010

I used Allegro for our ceremony and cocktail hour. They were spectacular! I worked with Priscilla to plan the music that we requested and we planned everything via email so it was very convenient. We hired a full quartet and it was lovely. I wish I got to hear more of it (I was busy with photos and all that)! They have a huge variety of songs to choose from...we had classical music but also had them play a variety of rock and contemporary (Led Zeppelin, Journey, Irish Folk music, Norah Jones, etc.) I highly recommend! More...



14 September 2010

Wonderful! The music was beautiful and they were so easy to work with! I would recommend them to anyone!



15 June 2010

I hired Allegro quartet for my ceremony and cocktail hour music. They were so easy to work with and the music was beautiful! It was such a special addition to my wedding! More...



11 June 2010

Having the Allegro string quartet at my ceremony and cocktail hour truly added tremendously to the elegance and beauty of the day. They were very professional, flexible, and talented. More...



8 June 2010

Perfect. If you're thinking about doing a trio, DON'T! Spring for the quartet, it is soo worth it. Absolutely worth every penny.



7 June 2010

The quartet was a really special touch during the ceremony. They played a piece that my mother in law arranged for us for our recessional. They provide a wide variety of arrangements to suit many tastes. More...



19 January 2010

Beautiful music throughout the processional, ceremony, sand ceremony, recessional and cocktail hour. Thank you so much for the music and ease with which we were able to assign specific songs to all the critical moments in our BIG day. Thanks again



2 October 2009

We love working with Allegro Quartet. They are terrific. They were able to create the atmosphere we wanted during the ceremony and reception. They provided a lot of good suggestion. Very professional! More...



2 September 2009

Allegro Quartet is absolutely phenomenal! I had them play during my reception, and their presence added such a classy and elegant touch to the evening. The quartet played really beautiful music; it was clear that these musicians are very talented. They have an extensive repertoire of music and if you have a request, they can most likely accommodate it. The entire booking and contract process was very easy and any questions I had were answered right away. The musicians even came early to my reception location to set up and speak with the coordinator. I would highly recommend Allegro Quartet to any couple. More...



9 June 2009

Thanks to Allegro Quartet, who braved the rain on our wedding day in Arizona! They were shuffled from outside, to inside our suite, to inside the resort, back to our suite. I know it was hectic for them, but I didn't hear a word. It was sprinkling during our ceremony, so they had to set up inside our suite, which overlooked the ceremony area and had french doors. They only thing that was disappointing, was that I couldn't hear them! I realize they can't get their instruments wet, I just wish there was a better tent for them to be in or something that was closer to the ceremony site. We also had a song picked out for signing our marriage licence during the ceremony, but we couldn't sign it with the rain. We also had to move the cocktail hour inside the ballroom, so we didn't get to enjoy them during our photo session either. It was tough- but not their fault. It was a little hard to get responses from them in the beginning, but they pulled through. I didn't even meet them until the ceremony, but everything was worked out on emails & phone calls. Karen did call me for a run-through a couple days before hand, so I knew I was in good hands! More...



28 February 2009

The music was wonderful. They had a lot of different music options to chose from. They were able to give a list of what they had available, and even had a website to preview the music. They all play for the symphony, and the quality of thier music was truly apparent. They were able to compose a song for our wedding, which was really special. Would definately recommend! The only downside is the pricing. They are a little expensive, but worth the money! More...



7 February 2009

The ceremony music was beautiful and they even composed a version of our song for during the unity candle.



14 November 2008

A professional group who play beautiful music! They really set an elegant mood for our ceremony. They played 15 minutes before the ceremony as guests arrived, during the ceremony and for 15 minutes afterwards as guests were leaving.

Our contact with the group was very quick to respond to emails and sent a CD of sample music to help with picking songs for each element of the ceremony. The large list included classical, traditional, religious and contemporary songs. They will also learn specially requested new songs for a small additional fee. So, if you've always wanted your recessional to be "Enter Sandman" by Metallic, they can probably make it happen!



28 September 2008

Allegro Quartet played the most amazing music for our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour! Zara called to check in months prior to the wedding and followed up to ensure we were happy with all the music selections for our ceremony. I requested a special piece to be played during our processional and Zara went above and beyond to find the music notes. It was played beautifully! Our wedding would not have been the same without Allegro Quartet! They are the best and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for beautiful ceremony music. More...



4 June 2008

The music was perfect and beautiful. The lady I corresponded with, Barbara, was so sweet and helpful. She even sent me a sample CD of music that I got to keep.



2 June 2008

Excellent company! We were so pleased with their customer service and final product. They were very organized and arrived promptly on our wedding day. The ladies were very nice and offered great suggestions for music. More...



8 April 2008

they were great, wonderful music, friendly, flexible!!!



21 January 2008

Everything was great, although I think a string quartet is pretty pricey. I decided to splurge though and didn't regret it! I never met the actual ladies playing, but they signed my guest book and seemed very sweet. My mom was really impressed by them when they came up to introduce themselves to her. More...