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Allegiance Dog Training LLC

Roebling, NJ, Burlington

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Allegiance Dog Training LLC

Roebling, NJ, Burlington



We offer positive reinforcement dog training. We focus on service dog training for people with invisible disabilities, which gives us experience training dogs to a high level of response and obedience. So when we work with puppy, obedience, or manners training, we bring that high level of skill and focus with us to help you with your dog and your specific situation.


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Nancy Glitz

7 May 2019

Knowledgeable trainers who love dogs.


Kate Jurkunas

9 April 2019

Audrey, Leslie, and Jenny are outstanding to work with! I searched for months to find service dog trainers I was comfortable working with and I couldn’t be happier with my final decision! They are all so warm, welcoming, understanding and flexible! Overall, just a true pleasure to work with! My dog, Faith, has come along SO quickly with their force free, positive reinforcement training methods and I look forward to working with them all for years to come! More...


Jesi Trombino

9 December 2018

What wonderful people training amazing special dogs! Thank you for all that you do.

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We love working with dogs and their owners to build the bond between them and help owners have a well-behaved and loving dog that they are comfortable having family and friends around. Seeing the training "click" for both the dogs and the people is a wonderful and fulfilling moment for all of our trainers and what we strive for everyday.

I started Allegiance Dog Training because there were only 35 organizations in all of the US that trained psychiatric service dogs and only one or two of them worked with rescue dogs and/or owner-trained dogs. Many of them did not offer much support beyond the actual training of a puppy they had hand-picked and only offered the dog for over $35,000 and/or for a waitlist up to 8 years (or longer, in one case!). I thought that was outrageous and, having had my own service dog partners in the past, I wanted to be able to offer affordable dog training that didn't require a long wait to get started. I also wanted to be able to work with already-owned dogs and, if someone didn't already have a dog, a rescue dog! We also offer lifetime support to our trainees and understanding and helpful outreach as necessary.

We expanded to other types of training because all of our trainers are passionate and caring folks who want to help everyone we can with having a well-behaved and loved member of the family and our approach to training leads us into training especially well-behaved dogs trained in a kind and humane manner.

Our experience with service dog training means we are focused and dedicated trainers who are used to working with all kinds of sizes, ages, and breeds of dogs and helping them become very well-behaved, loving members of the family. We train using mostly positive reinforcement and have a lot of experience working with all kinds of temperaments and have had a lot of success with all of our training!


We will work with you to train your dog to help YOU specifically. We start with in-home training and then work our way outside and then to public places. We also cover things like service dog laws, how to interact with the public, equipment, and more. Once our trainer believes you and your dog are ready, we will take you through our certification test and we offer lifetime support to all of our Certified Service Dog Teams!

We will help you train your puppy up to and through their difficult "teenage" time (generally from around 6 months to 1.5 years old, depending on size and breed). We will cover such things as housetraining, proper exercise, coming when called, stopping jumping, stopping biting/nibbling/chewing, Stay, Sit, Down, Stand, and much more.

We will help you obtain a polite dog through gentle and humane methods. We will help you train your dog so they no longer jump, bite, chew, bark, have accidents, or any other unwanted behaviors.

We will help you train your dog to become a well-mannered member of your family who knows and responds quickly to commands like Sit, Down, Stand, Stay (from every position), Come, Off, Drop it, and much more.