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Chevy Chase Section Five, Maryland

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Chevy Chase Section Five, Maryland


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Blake Tankersley

23 March 2019

Super helpful people, very reasonable price.


Jack T.

7 March 2019

Wonderful selection and knowledgeable staff. Allan and his team really know their stuff and only have the freshest product.



21 February 2019

I ordered flowers from Allan Woods for a friend, who reported that the arrangement was "exquisite" and the loveliest arrangement he'd ever received. The recipient also said he'd never order flowers from anywhere else in the future. Many thanks to Jack for great customer service and to the people who created and delivered the beautiful arrangement! More...


Genevieve B.

20 February 2019

The team at Allan Woods helped make my wedding absolutely perfect! Jack in particular helped create a gorgeous floral suite for us that was reasonably priced and visually striking. From our rehearsal dinner flowers to an absolutely stunning bouquet to giant buckets of forsythia (which brought spring indoors on a rainy cold D.C. day), I cannot say enough positive things about this florist!Flowers are particularly important to me because I come from a family of florists and everyone adored the flowers. The orchids in my bouquet were particularly arresting, I have never seen ones so large, beautifully colored, and perfectly arranged.I know we will continue to use Allan Woods for future celebrations and are so happy we used them to mark the start of our married life. A true gem in D.C. More...


Jack Tobe-Carvallo

29 January 2019

Amazing upscale flower shop in historic Woodley Park. What an amazing staff!


Kim Hirose

27 December 2018

Allan Woods has the highest quality flowers and house plants. The staff are creative, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I have ordered a number of flower arrangements and each one was gorgeous and long lasting. If you want to make someone feel special, Allan Woods will over deliver. More...


Kathleen M.

9 October 2018

I just wanted to say thank you to Allan Woods for their help with a last minute order this weekend! My grandma has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months and in all the chaos I forgot to order her anniversary bouquet that she's come to look forward to every year. This was not the year to miss this special occasion. I had called a few other places in the area, but Allan Woods was the only one with everything I needed in stock (white calla Lillies and yellow roses). They were able to put the arrangement together and deliver it to Hyattsville and were so kind over the phone. Even better, my grandma said it was the most beautiful bouquet she had received and that the roses were the size of saucers! Thank you Allan Woods for your excellent service and for making my grandma's day! More...


Edward Kahl

22 September 2018

the casket sprays are fabulous.


Kenny Fisher

1 August 2018

I like to give credit where credit is due, and I have to express my sincere gratitude to Lauren, who was honestly the most helpful, and just all around amazing to work with. She was able to coordinate a tricky delivery, and crafted an amazing arrangement, and was able to deliver on everything discussed. I cannot thank you enough for everything, the flowers are great, and I will be sure to tell all of my experience! More...


Kristin R.

16 July 2018

A wonderful experience from start to finish.  I was attending a surprise congratulatory party for a friend nearby, so stopped here to pick up a bouquet.  I gave them a moderate price range, and got a spectacular bouquet that was a huge hit!  Everyone was lovely and professional, and they had a great selection of items to boot.  Definitely going back! More...


Christopher B.

23 December 2017

Allan's work is excellent. Twice I've called, given a brief description of the occasion, given a brief description of the recipient, given a light suggestion as to flowers and colors...and both times, his suggestions were totally appropriate. I handed over complete design control to him...asked him how much he would need to make it real nice..and VOILA...he delivered exquisite arrangements. I'm an interior designer and my clients expect nothing less than perfection. Allan and his team know their way around a floral arrangement. More...


Todd Allan Rivera

10 December 2017

Walking into Allan Woods felt like home. Todd....his nephew made us feel welcome immediately.....other than the North Pole....is there a happier place on earth?!?! More...


Catie Cappadona

8 July 2017

This is a beautiful one of a kind florist. came in here last night to order something for a friend and my husband found the most gorgeous peonies which are so hard to find. They take their time and wrap the flowers in brown paper for you and make the presentation look wonderful. So glad I stumbled along this place. So lovely. Will definitely be back. More...


Jon Schulman

22 May 2017

Allan Woods is a neighborhood institution, and provides top-quality service and AMAZING flowers! Whether you're looking to spend a $10 or $1,000, this is the place to go.


Scott Pearson

22 May 2017

They do beautiful work and are super nice on top of it.


Barbara Davis

20 November 2016

The most beautiful flower arrangements I've ever sent; great people to help you (Dan!); use them once and you'll be hooked!!!


Ginnie S.

25 October 2016

My husband does big gestures for special occasions.  When he sends me flowers for either my birthday, a holiday or for a milestone, he goes directly to Allan Woods Flowers as he knows they are the best.  You can guarantee that they are going to make a unique and extremely fresh arrangement every time.  Receiving these arrangements make me feel so special!  Keep up the great work!! More...


Nima B.

28 September 2016

I sent roses to someone that means the world to me. She absolutely loved them. They may be more expensive but well worth the happiness in her eyes.


Cari A.

16 September 2016

So in love with this experience!!! Makes buying flowers amazing!!! Make sure to check out the Friday special: half off cut flowers!!


Mary Trussell

22 May 2016

I love this place! You can't go wrong when ordering flowers for any occasion.


Patricia Proctor

22 May 2016

Recently used Allan Woods Flowers for a formal corporate event. Could not be happier. Allan is extremely talented, kind, responsive, and accommodating. The flowers were BEAUTIFUL. He had no problem at all with last minute changes and on the day of the event he slipped in and out like a flower ninja - right on time, put out all of the flowers in their appropriate homes in an amazingly efficient manner, and slipped out again within 30 minutes. Wherever possible I will use Allan Woods Flowers for all of my floral needs - personal or professional. More...


Nancy P.

7 May 2016

Received a beautiful arrangement for Mother's Day.  The flowers were fresh and the color and selection were lovely.


Dana R.

20 January 2016

My daughter was going home after a hospital stay.  I live in Boston, and called them this morning to have flowers sent to her today.  I pretty much left the arrangement up to them.  They arrived at her home just when she did and she was thrilled.  She sent me a photo and they are absolutely gorgeous! More...



14 July 2015

Allan was great to work with. He took care of all the details the day of the wedding and was very accommodating to our requests to use personal vases on at the reception.


Patricia P.

3 June 2015

Recently used Allan Woods Flowers for a formal corporate event.  Could not be happier.  Allan is extremely talented, kind, responsive, and accommodating.  The flowers were BEAUTIFUL.  He had no problem at all with last minute changes and on the day of the event he slipped in and out like a flower ninja - right on time, put out all of the flowers in their appropriate homes in an amazingly efficient manner, and slipped out again within 30 minutes. More...


Elizabeth Richards Bailey

8 April 2015

Both Dan and Allan were amazing to work with! I would recommend them for anything. And they made me laugh on top of wonderful work!


Mari M.

12 December 2014

I ordered my wedding flowers from Allan Woods. Allan is such a great person to work with. My bridal bouquet was exactly the one I had in mind. Thank you, Allan!!!



21 November 2014

Working with Allan is a treat. He's so lovely and professional and clearly loves what he does. Working with him didn't feel like work.

If you hire him, give him your general preference and then let him do the rest! He knows what he's doing and isn't our to nickel and dime you. You'd be crazy not to hire him.

I can't wait to visit Allan's beautiful store soon.


E B.

30 September 2014

If the kindness of Dan (who took my order) is any measure of the quality of the arrangement, I am certain I am in good hands.  The flowers I ordered have not yet been seen but I feel confident.  Dan listened carefully to my comments and preferences.  Sending flowers from a place of grief is terribly terribly difficult yet Dan was most understanding, attempting to read the tea leaves of my babbling.I have now heard reports of the flower arrangement.  It was very well-received, delivered in perfect time and was reported to be gorgeous.  I would definitely use Allan Woods Flowers again. More...


Mr K.

31 August 2014

Allan Woods flowers is the best. Same day delivery and the card was handwritten in beautiful cursive. They may be expensive but you have to pay for quality. These flowers were so much nicer than anything you can get at the supermarket. I got them for my girlfriend for our anniversary and she loved them. More...


Helena L.

29 July 2014

I found this florist on Yelp for a LAST MINUTE floral arrangement that was so important!  My father had moved back form the Czech Republic and the Czech Ambassador was having a welcome party for him- As I live in California, there was no way I could make it on such short notice, but wanted him to know my husband and I were thinking of him.  3 hours before the party, I called Allan Woods Flowers in a total panic- They made it happen!!!!  Amazing! and I am so grateful! More...


Jessy B.

16 July 2014

I live in California and found these guys through Yelp.  Wanted to send a bouquet to a local DC friend.  Called and spoke to Lorin on the phone.  So helpful.  She made some suggestions about bouquets, but I didn't like how the standard ones sounded for this particular friend.  So I described my friend's style and Lorin put together the perfect arrangement.  And my friend LOVED the flowers.  They delivered the flowers the same day.  Cost about $100 for the arrangement plus $15 for delivery.  I thought the price was good for this type of outstanding service and product. More...


Tiffany Lynn

24 May 2014

amazing floral selection, not to mention the nicest people!


Jennifer Boone

23 May 2014

Definitely go to Allan Woods for your wedding flowers. He is wonderful!!


E K.

22 May 2014

The most exquisite and lush arrangements, and the most gracious customer service.  Many thanks to Lauren and Allan.



13 April 2014

Allan and his team are outstanding. Allan was open to my ideas, creative in his approach and made my vision for our wedding day flowers a reality. Additionally he was kind enough to return the arrangements to us so that we could continue enjoying them after the big day. I will use Allan Woods Flowers for every event for which I need flowers! Thank you Allan!!! More...


Carvi Shamsid-Deen

10 February 2014

the best of the best! i worked there years ago and still miss it.


Jamie B.

21 November 2013

This flower shop has exceptional customer service and variety. The flowers I have received and sent via this company were second to none, and they were fresh and stayed alive for some time. The place is pricey, but given the quality, it's completely worth it.I would absolutely recommend Woods to friends, family, etc. and would certainly use them again! What a fabulous business! More...



19 October 2013

The flowers were beautiful and I'm so glad I went with the Allan Woods Flowers. My bouquet was awesome. They arrive with the flowers early and everything was set up a little early, which made the rest of the wedding preparations go even more smoothly.



9 October 2013

So creative, fun and easy going.
very professional
great ideas


Lorin Hirose

9 September 2013

The premium quality of the flowers. The largest blue hydrangea I have ever seen.



13 July 2013

The Bouquet for the wedding was beautiful, I ordered it a few days before the wedding and it was perfect! White flowers, roses in a small and delicate bouquet!


Kristen S.

17 June 2013

Best florist in DC! The staff is helpful and creative with their arrangements. I always order over the phone, give them my price range, trust them to make something big and beautiful for me, and have never been disappointed. Plus, the in house dog is friendly and fluffy. LOVE IT!! More...


Lynn B.

23 February 2013

I've only seen this beautiful website, but called this florist to send flowers to a funeral in DC (I'm from out of town). The funeral was out of the florist's delivery area, however, I was so impressed by the thoughtful personal service I received via phone. The florist referred me to a local florist closer to the funeral, and went to the trouble of looking up the number. If their floral arrangements are anything like their customer service, Allan Woods flowers must be  exceptional. More...


Mia R.

10 September 2012

Fabulous florist--probably the best in the city (yeah, I said it).  On a rush, and I mean RUSH, to get to my mom's birthday shindig, I dropped in on Allan Woods.  It's about a half block away from my office, looked MEGA expensive from the outside, but as someone who ADORES flowers, I couldn't resist going in (especially since I had a good reason).Now, I'm gonna say this--the only "not cool" thing about this place is that it has an "air" of pretense about it.  Its sorta like the people there have to warm up to you? I couldn't tell if this was because they were really busy in the back cutting flowers and preparing arrangements for what seemed to be really BIG orders so there's no one there to greet you when you come in, or if the space is so empty and wide and open and full of gorgeous exotic flowers, and you just sorta FEEL that way.  But--I'm someone who rarely gets affected by stuff like that...I will await human interaction before I decide if a place is pretentious...Okay, so after making my way to the back, I was met with one smile and a couple inquisitive looks.  I saw this gorgeous golden retriever laid out on the floor relaxing...first to greet (such a sweet dog)...I actually think he may be the host :-).  Anyway, after I was cleared by the dog, I got a "hello. how are you? what can we do for you?"I mentioned that I worked down the street, had always walked by and wanted to come in...the flowers were gorgeous and I finally had a reason to come and buy some.  Asked if someone would help me to arrange some flowers for my mom's birthday and they were all for it.The guy who helped me was very eager to walk me around...he was knowledgeable AND funny...very disarming...and you could tell he loves what he does...I told him i wanted something small, beautiful and fragrant--and something that would last a couple hours outside of water, as we were meeting at a restaurant...i also love hydrangeas and peonies--so he grabbed those first...then some roses. I also told him my budget was 50 dollars. They DO take budgets into consideration here--and that is refreshing. And I was MOT impressed with the arrangement that he put together as it looked like it cost WELL BEYOND $50.  It was really the most well arranged flowers I have ever purchased (and trust me, I adore flowers and go through the motions to get the 'perfect arrangement').  The flowers were absolutely stunning bundled up and I happily purchased them. He even cut an extra one, hand it to me and said "for your hair." :-)My mom was absolutely blown away by the arrangement, as well. And it was so nice to have their fragrance wafting over the table at the lounge during dinner--everyone commented on how wonderful they were.  Was glad to have a few of their business cards on me, as I was asked for them.  And my mom just flat out advised that they should be the florists who do my wedding bouquet (something I've already considered--as they really are great at what they do.)Definitely a keeper florist. Great people...cute dog...gorgeous and fresh flowers...all the time. I give them 4 stars only because--again--the 'air'...I think they could be a little quicker to greet when you come in...so you could feel a little less like you're imposing. BUT, if you stay about 15 seconds longer, you'll find that they are really great people...they just tend to be very focused on producing those 'kick ass' arrangements. :-) More...


Josh S.

20 August 2012

I'll keep this short, to match the time I gave them.  My fiance and I were in a bind for our floral arrangements 4 days before our wedding.  I stopped in, as it was close to our wedding venue, and not only was Allan super nice, but he was more than accommodating to our pressing needs.  He arranged for beautiful bouquets, corsages, and boutonnières for us that fit perfectly in our wedding.  Not only did he fill our order on such short notice, but had the flowers delivered to us at the hotel free of charge.  He has definitely won himself my business for as long as I'm in Northwest. More...


Jane A.

1 August 2012

I called to request an elegant little bouquet for a sophisticated young woman's birthday. The gentleman on the phone (didn't get his name) was charming and understanding, and promised to deliver. Boy, did he! I rec'd an email titled "WOW" from the recipient, w/ a photo of what seems to be white hydrangea, white lilies, pale peach roses, and some deep red berries I can't identify. Gorgeous, unexpected mix, tucked into a small vase. Tell Allan Woods the impression you want to create and let his florists have at it. More impressive still, the Allan Woods rep called the recipient, apparently concerned about leaving flowers in the brutal July heat, and suggested switching delivery destination to her office. This was a better idea anyway (I didn't have her office address), and recipient tells me colleagues keep stopping by her desk to comment on the beautiful flowers.A+ Allan Woods. Thank you! More...


Alison M.

9 May 2012

Can't say enough good things about Dan K. and this delightful flower shop. They've made me look good countless times with flower arrangements for thank yous, anniversaries, birthdays, new babies - you name it. Not your typical "FTD" kind of place  - these flowers say "I'm classy and you are important." PLUS it's a charming locally owned business right on the Metro in Woodley Park. Just Say No to pedestrian internet flowers! More...



21 April 2012

I visited Allan Woods the week before our small outdoor ceremony to order a bouquet, boutonnieres, and corsages. The salespeople were great and helped me to pick out a very beautiful and unique bouquet. In addition, the forecast was for rain and I went to Allan Woods the day before the ceremony to buy cut flowers for our house in case we needed to get married indoors. Allan himself helped me to pick out some beautiful branches, flowers, and vases, which were easy to arrange into beautiful bouquets at home. More...



6 March 2012

This neighborhood shop exceeded by expectations this Valentine's Day. My flower arrangement was elegant and unique, filled with amazing flowers I had never seen. This is not your run of the mill - FTD kind of baby's breath place. My go to florist from now on.... More...


Steven R.

6 March 2012

I've never posted a review on Yelp because I've never felt so sufficiently compelled by either the exceptionally positive or negative experience I've had with a company to share my views with the general public...until now.So this started when I was done wrong by FTD who despite taking my money and promising same-day delivery then notified me that same-day delivery was not possible.  In their defense I suppose they did call to notify me around 2pm but I didn't get the message until almost 6pm.  By then I was in a bad way because, as is usually the case with flower deliveries, these flowers were going to hold a lot more value for the recipient if received that day as opposed to say the following day (any husband who has delivered a perfectly suitable anniversary present but delivered it one day after the anniversary will know what I mean).  In any case, I came across Allan Woods Flowers & Gifts via Yelp and despite the late hour decided to see if they could help me.  That's when Allan (who I assume is the eponymous owner of said flower shop) enters the story.  Not only was Allan able to perfectly duplicate the original order I had placed with FTD (24 long-stem pink roses) but he made special arrangements for their same-night delivery despite the fact that his delivery person was in fact done and gone for the day.And the happy ending: The flowers were delivered that night as promised and the recipient was needless to say thrilled with their beauty.For helping a dude out of a potentially catastrophic relationship jam: Allan gets five stars. More...


Maya B.

17 February 2012

I tend to be rather selective with my florists and my yelp ratings and I must say....I absolutely love love love Allan Woods Flowers & Gifts!  Top 5 Reasons to fall head over heels for AWFGs:5-Located directly across from the Woodley Park metro stop = easy access!4-Always fresh, always beautiful flowers in every color, size, and shape imaginable3-Amazingly fun, friendly, and helpful shop owner and employees!2-The lovely shop dog, Gunner, who wags his friendly Golden Retriever self to the door to greet customers (and other dogs! Yes if you have a well-behaved pup he or she can join you on your flower outing)1-Half Price Flower Fridays (from 1-7PM)! This is definitely the best deal in town! A $50 bouquet for just $25? Now there is seriously no excuse not to pick up a bouquet for your date or yourself! More...


Marisa C.

14 November 2011

My bouqet lasted for so long, and was gorgeous! I actually don't know about pricing, as it was a gift, but I have never had such a nice arrangement. The flowers are still going strong and it has been two weeks! More...


Elizabeth L.

22 August 2011

I have been unhappy with the florists around D.C. in the few years I have lived here. Finally, on the recommendation of a great florist I used in Boston, I called Allan Woods. I needed to order a bouquet for a friend recently put on pregnancy bedrest. The gentleman took time to understand what I needed (which wasn't easy -- something both "soothing and cheerful"!), and put together a simply beautiful arrangement. I will use them exclusively for all my flower needs in D.C. from now on! Highly recommended. More...


Tom J.

18 April 2011

The best florist in DC without exception. I have used Allan Woods at least 10 times and every arrangement has received comments such as "the most beautiful arrangement I have ever received" and "spectacular" from the recipients. Allan Woods himself usually answers the phone and comes up with a perfect idea for an arrangement based on the occasion and requirements and budget. Expect a pretty amazing arrangement for about $75 which is certainly more than flowers.com or lower end establishments, but if you want to ensure that you are sending the highest quality arrangements, you can't go wrong here. More...


Mick M.

17 March 2011

Reading over the reviews, I feel compelled to jump in here.  I've lived and worked in the Woodley Park neighborhood for about 5 years now and I have to say- Allan Woods is a definite asset.  The reviews about prices being higher than Giant/Safeway/CVS/Whole Foods are spot on.  What they fail to mention is that when you get flowers at one of those places you get the bottom of the barrel- your choices are usually limited to whatever boring bouquets they put out that morning and you're lucky if they last beyond 2, maybe 3 days.Allan Woods is tops when it comes to quality.  Do you pay for quality?  Of course!  If not, it's probably not worth spending your money on anyway.  Their selection of cut flowers is expansive and the staff is incredibly knowledgable and friendly.  Whenever I get flowers from here they often last over a week- much longer than the budget bouquets from bigger stores.  I will say that I feel some of their plant selections are priced perhaps higher than they should be but for flowers they can't be beat. Several reviewers have mentioned their Friday afternoon sales, and I whole-heartedly endorse the same.  It's a great way to end the drudgery of the week and brighten yourself up for a fun weekend!PS- any flower shop with a dog automatically gets my points. More...


Bunny T.

21 February 2011

On the spur of the moment my fiance and I "eloped at home" this weekend which meant planning a wedding in about 2 weeks. Our Saturday night candlelight wedding/dinner for 18 was followed by a  brunch for 60 on Sunday all of which required a multitude of decor angles to be thought through. The entire event came off like magic and a large part of that magic is directly because of Allan. I didn't even speak with the poor man until Thursday morning 3 days before the wedding. He showed up at our home in VA by 3:00pm that same afternoon to survey "the situation" and didn't flinch.... even a little. He personally returned Sat. afternoon and just nailed it! The only thing I had requested of him was to do it his way with whatever flowers motivated him and he absolutely rocked the joint and left us a bouquet and a boutonniere in the fridge ( I hadn't even thought of that...thankfully he did).His work transformed our property into a wedding venue and me into a bride. He's a genius. Actually, a genius with a ready smile...even rarer. More...


Matthew G.

31 January 2011

My wife loves their work.  $50 second anniversary bouquet, wife was so happy.  They are great guys, we love to have them in the hood.  Btw the have a new puppy, who is very cute.  I will bring my daughter by this weekend to play with him.. More...



2 November 2010

Allan Woods is not the cheapest florist in the world, but his prices match any kind of web research that you do about industry standard costs for a wedding. The results are breathtaking. My bouquet was beautiful and people kept commenting on the flowers. He used the existing décor in the space to coordinate everything (linens and flowers) which minimized rentals. He was one of those vendors I never felt a need to check in on and trusted him to do his thing. This was some or the best $ I spent for my event. More...


kate b.

25 July 2010

Allan Wood's flowers are gorgeous and well arranged. If you are planning a large event, Allan is accommodating, responsive and really listens to your personal preferences. I am using him for my wedding and he has been one of the easiest people we've worked with so far. His prices are the industry norm for an urban flower shop in my view... More...


Anika K.

21 June 2010

It's been well over 1 week, and my flowers still look healthy! Yes, it's pricey, but their Friday flower special does far more for my happiness than the happy hour specials across the street.EVERY Friday, 3-7, flowers are half-off. My gorgeous sunflower + purple flower bouquet was around $8. Also, they're so friendly! I'll definitely be back. More...


kiehl c.

6 September 2009

I write this review as a guy with a girlfriend who has picky taste in flowers. I know very little about flowers and about how to arrange them to make them look nice. The gentlemen here are always very helpful to my cause and simply ask me how much I'm willing to spend and they take it from there. My girlfriend has always been very happy with what they put together. If you want cheap flowers dyed and sloppily arranged by someone who doesn't take pride in their craft, CVS is across the street. They have what you're looking for.  Otherwise these guys do a fantastic job. More...


Russell B.

1 June 2009

Frankly I think the low star reviews complaining about the prices should be removed. This is a high end flower shop. If you want to spend $10 on some flowers, head over to safeway.  Would you rate a high end restaurant low because of the prices? No of course not.Allan Woods has the freshest, and most beautiful arrangements in the city. The prices are high, but you get what you pay for. More...



20 May 2009

Recommended without reservation!I have used this florist a few times over the past couple years and I have always been amazed with their selection, creativity and abilities.  Recently, I purchased a fairly large arrangement in a vase for my wife on our anniversary  and as expected, everything looked great. I was disappointed when two days later, many of the flowers (ones that should have lived much longer) were dropping petals and wilting as though they were sprayed with herbicide. A call to Allan Woods to inform them of the floral carnage resulted in a gorgeous replacement at our door the next day! They've earned my loyalty.Not inexpensive but they are a full service florist and that benefit comes with a price. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. I second Stephanie M's recommendation that if you're looking for cheap flowers- go to whole foods. But remember that haircuts at the beauty college are cheap too! More...

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