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We provide design services which include the creation of logos and identity systems and layout of marketing materials, digital media assets, exhibits, displays, packaging.

We offer strategic design services. These differ from basic design services as they include discussion and strategy focus.


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Judy Parsons Smith

30 July 2018

Alice brings a new level of service to her design services by not simply making your marketing "pretty". She bring the why behind the design and provides a comprehensive overview that can utilized throughout your company.

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I love design.

I love the software. I love being able to create. I love helping others share their message with the world through items I design for them. I love learning new things - and that is something that is NEVER ending in this field. Every day there is something to learn, new technology, new trends, new ways of doing things that are quicker, more efficient, and produce better results. The industry expands while it contracts. Print - which was my first home, is reducing in some ways, while digital is exploding, but the philosophy of good design remains the same.

I found passion in branding & strategic design. Where design is not the afterthought but an integral player at the table. Design is not about making things pretty (although, many times it does) it's about finding out what a business' issues are & developing a strategic method to overcome them. Sometimes this includes design (a new landing page, a direct mail campaign, trade show event, even re-branding), sometimes it doesn't (developing standardized operating procedures, restructuring, client care programs).

I had considered starting my own business for many years, but the events that lead me to take the leap were the result of simple necessity. The international firm where I was the in-house designer for the North American region, restructured and outsourced the organization's design work to an agency in South Africa. That coupled with the expulsion of my special needs child from public school necessitated I have a position that would provide flexibility to accommodate him and his educational/medical needs. I started my business, finished my Master of Fine Arts Degree and haven't looked back. My son is thankfully back in school, one able to handle is unique qualities, but the thought of returning to corporate American no longer holds the allure it once did.

I am good at what I do. I enjoy what I do and that translates to a better experience for my clients. I am interested in their businesses and what they want to achieve. Although I can create most any concept that is brought to me, I have found those clients that are open to developing more of a partnership often discover there are more benefits than just having a design completed. As business owners, we are often times too close to the problem or issues facing our business. When a client is willing to be open to some strategic questions, sometimes we find that the reason they sought out a designer in the first place had a deeper issue that needed to be addressed. When we delve deeper we don't just put a band-aid (postcard/brochure/etc.) on their problem, but actually, take steps to solving a true concern for them.