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Autumn Crawford

22 March 2019

A must-try! Super creative and delicious flavors. The horchata, vanilla, and apple cinnamon are a few of my favorites. What's neat about this place is they offer a large variety of both dairy and vegan/non dairy pops that are clearly marked on the menu. Both options are equally tasty! The staff is very friendly and they genuinely want you to like the pop. If you don't like the flavor, they will swap it out for you for a new flavor :) Great place to come and check out!! More...


Litza Cortázar

22 March 2019

Very original flavors. Nice attention, patience and guidance while choosing a flavor. Now I am wishing for more warm days to go back.


matthijs melchiors

23 October 2018

Seriously one of the best pops in town. I love their new shop on South Main street as well. Keep up the great work.


Tamara Payne

23 October 2018

I love the fresh, innovative flavors that Alchemy makes. They soothe my soul and refresh my spirit. The Alchemy team takes great care of the product they produce and the service they provide.


Cathie Crouch

23 October 2018

The chocolate pop is unbelievably wonderful! But then I had the peanut butter. So, next time, I may have to have two! Seriously intense flavors in a fun, hip environment with super customer service! Can’t wait to try a seriously strawberry in my next margarita. More...


MSFW Middle School

23 October 2018

Alchemy creates super flavors for me the dairy free gal! It is fun to go in and have a variety to choose from. They are always yummy and I find they don't drip too fast which is good for me who likes to take her time with enjoying and shopping while on the 411 property


Мarco Johnson

23 October 2018

My wife and I keep going back to taste all the delicious and creative flavors they offer. The Alchemy Pops team goes above and beyond in dreaming up tasty concoctions that we've never heard of. They've been an important healthy thirst-quencher during these hot summer months. Keep on rockin' it! More...


Megan Vollmering

23 October 2018

Such a wonderful establishment with even better tasting pops!! The employees are so welcoming and charismatic. They have a wide list of delicious flavors with all natural ingredients!! Alchemy Pops definitely takes the win for best pops in Fort Worth! More...


Jennifer B

21 June 2018

Amazing location. Delicious pops and they even have vegan pops.


Pete Smith

17 May 2018

Super Duper delicious!!!


Michael Mangum

6 May 2018

Nom-tastic pops! Nice way to cool off on a hot day



20 December 2017

☆They have fresh pops with tasty favors!☆


Talitha Downs

26 April 2017



Nicole Wright

14 March 2017

The flavors are unique and each pop was refreshing. You could taste how fresh the pops were. The staff was beyond friendly and willing to share information about the pops and company. They were willing to share where all of the ingredients came from. Affordable cost, and a healthy alternative to ice cream, cookies, and other desserts. Great treat for any day. More...


Monserrat A

11 April 2016

These folks are awesome. they create great flavors of fruits and herbs and all kinds of neat pairings. They charge you .25 extra a pop if you use foursquare so take cash. I barely finished my 1st and turned around to buy another one. More...

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