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Paul Geigler

22 March 2019

We highly recommend Maida Korte as a project development manager. Maida asked us what our dream was for our remodel, and then she came up with ideas that we loved and never would have thought of. In the end we decided to go with a different company, but Airoom and especially Maida have a lot to offer. More...


Elissa Langerman

22 November 2018

We recently completed a kitchen renovation with Airoom. We were extremely pleased with Airoom and thrilled with how they transformed our kitchen into a beautiful new space! We worked with an amazing team of professionals at Airoom- including Marv Warner, our Senior Project Manager, Gina Bon our Kitchen and bathroom designer, and Les Samuel our Field Superintendent. They were creative, very experienced and bent over backwards to make sure we were happy!I highly recommend Airoom and will use them again for our next big project! More...


Lester Appell

23 October 2018

We had a second floor addition built by Airoom in 2004. We have always been pleased with the results. We contacted them recently with a problem that occurred and they sent someone out to investigate the issue. Even though the addition was built 14 years ago they are apparently taking responsibility to fix the problem. The service department has always been receptive and understanding if anything has gone wrong. We are impressed with the responsibility they assume even after our project was finished. When we contracted with them we knew we were paying for a quality job and have never been disappointed with our decision. It makes us proud to be an Airoom customer because they continually stand behind their work and have the best people to service their clients. More...


Andrew Yang

23 October 2018

We've been working with Airoom since the summer and they've been extremely helpful and highly professional as we've progressed through the Project Development process. Marv Warner (our Senior Project Manager) and Marty Meadow (our Project Development Manager / Designer) have been a pleasure to work with and they've done a great job coming up with a design that meets our family's specific needs. Their extensive experience has already proven to be a tremendous asset; not only in the design phase, but also in addressing new issues as they arise. As I'm sure there will be more surprises along the way, it's reassuring to know Marv and Marty will be there to help us work through them. More...


Sidney Avila

23 September 2018

Our experience has been a very positive one. Working with the Airoom team that is accommodating and sensitive to our needs. What a concept! A one stop shop. Starting with their show room that you never want to leave and just move in. Then we meet Lynda Oertel our Project Development Manager. We couldn't have met someone special and knowledgeable to our needs. She was straightforward with the design and the budget. Our next stop was with Pam Morris our Kitchen and bathroom designer. Very experience with all the cabinets style and layouts, has an amazing mind in transforming a basic kitchen into a dream kitchen. Our last stop with Marv Warner our Senior Project Manager in charge of final design and selections. I see why he's so valuable to this company, he puts his game face on and thinks of all the details that you just do not see.Each stage of the job layout and detail was very informative.Did not feel rushed, he wanted everything to be perfect. I'm so happy we picked this wonderful company Airoom and cant wait to see the final results. More...


Julie Montague

24 August 2018

Our experience with Airoom was very positive. We had used them for a family room project 22 years ago and were pleased with the process and results so when was time to remodel our kitchen, we called on them again. We have also hired them to remodel one of our bathrooms. Our designer, Pam, was fantastic, helping us pick out patterns and colors that matched and worked with what we envisioned. She also steered us away from ideas we had that wouldn't have worked well. Our supervisor, Les, was great to work with. He kept us up to date on when workers would be at our house and when supplies would be delivered. He always answered our texts and emails in a timely fashion. Be prepared to pay more than the contract estimate if you want any upgrades. More...


Stephen Schwartz-Fenwick

24 August 2018

We loved working with Airoom. Initially they assigned us a superintendent we didn't like, and they immediately assigned us a new one. He was great -- his name is Tom Schneiderwind. He is super-attentive and very organized. Once when I commented to him that one of the workers he used for drywall was messy, he had his cleaning crew out to our house within 2 days. He really wants the job done right and not to just get it done. The only downside to working with Airoom, I would say, is that your selection of brands/materials is limited to the brands that they work with. This makes the selection process easier, but they may not have exactly what they want. For example, we wanted a specific type of lock on our front door which they didn't have. Tom worked with us to get it done but it was just a little more complicated. The best part about using Airoom is that they take customer feedback very seriously and really vet the actual workers doing work on your home. They are also very flexible if you want things changed after you make the initial plans. More...


Nicola Margolis

25 July 2018

We’ve had a positive experience with Airoom from the start. Each designer and architect has been enthusiastic and listened carefully and thoughtfully to our needs and concerns. We have been particularly happy with our superintendent, Mike Quaid. He is friendly, professional and reliable. When he says he’s going to take care of something, he takes care of it right away. He checks in regularly and truly cares about the quality of the work and that our home is well-cared for during our renovation. He takes the time to answer our questions and to address any issues that may arise. We wish Mike could supervise all of our projects. More...


Kent Kalish

25 July 2018

Prior to engaging with Airoom, we met with other remodeling companies, but Airoom separated itself from the pack with its honest and open approach. Airoom provided us with customized plans to meet our remodeling objectives. During our project, we worked closely with Marv Warner, our Senior Project Manager, and Gina Bon, our kitchen and bathroom designer. Marv and Gina are an incredible team and walked us through every detail of our project. Over the course of our selection meetings, both Marv and Gina provided us with valuable input on design alternatives and selections for our home. We are so glad we picked Airoom and appreciate their attention to detail and quality work product. More...


19 liters

21 May 2018

I finished our remodel with Airoom back in 2015. I think they helped us really find the full potential in our house.I took a 1.5 story house with a couple of small and difficult to use bedrooms upstairs (not to mention a garish 1970's bathroom) and turned it into a true master suit. Instead of a long narrow bedroom with low ceilings and no closets, we now have a true master suite with a full bath and a wonderful east facing full width dormer for great morning light. The whole team and all the contractors were easy to work with and made sure things were cleaned up at the end of the day (when possible). Even the demo process and roof removals were easy. I was understandably concerned at first about taking a roof of in the middle of a wet Chicago spring, but the brand new tarps they use for all projects meant we didn't get any water inside. Airoom addressed all design or construction issues and concerns I had promptly and to my full satisfaction. I can recommend them fully if you are thinking of doing a remodel. They did a fabulous job. I have absolutely no regrets More...


ed harney

11 April 2018

We contracted with Airoom to update our 30+ year old Sleepy Hollow home. We wanted substantial changes that required the services of multiple professionals and were not prepared to navigate the design/ construction process without help. During our initial 3+ hour onsite consult (at no charge) we walked through our needs and wants with Designer Dudley Bandy. His enthusiasm and insight built on our love for our home and opened up a variety of options that we wouldn't have thought of ourselves.
We had established a budget and Dudley came back with a plan that we loved... and a clear and predictable path to achieve it. At that point we committed to moving forward with Airoom. We worked with Kitchen Designer, Pam Morris, and Senior Project Manager, Marv Warner, as we drilled into the details of moving walls, placing appliances and making sure our new space would be as functional as it was exciting. Pam helped us sort through the myriad options for appliances, cabinetry and design features for our new kitchen. We spent several days with her making sure our kitchen would be just what we wanted.
Marv marshaled the expertise of architectural, HVAC, electrical, carpentry and plumbing gurus to insure all of the systems worked in the new configuration. Coordinating with the various experts to make the changes we wanted was a major concern. He kept a sharp eye on possible additional expenses for unexpected work.
Lastly, the initial planning process progressed on schedule which is important to us.


Simrit Patel

8 April 2018

I’m thrilled with Airoom! We worked with them for all for 2017 for a major renovation to our home including the kitchen and three bathrooms. From the design process to the final inspection, I found all of Airoom’s employees to be (1) professional in how they worked with me; (2) knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise; and (3) resourceful in their abilities to seek out creative solutions to issues as they arose. My husband and I both work long hours, and we were nervous about taking on a large project like this, as we’ve all heard renovation horror stories. It was great to have all the designers, architects, project managers/contractors, and tradesman in house, as that allowed for a steady channel of communication. The end result is exactly what my husband and I wanted. We enjoyed working with Marv and Gina during the design process and with Tom during the construction. Thank you, Airoom, for helping us turn our house into our family home. More...


Hannah Frei

3 April 2018

We had a great experience with Airoom! I heard about Airoom through my parents, who had an entire addition built on to their home in 2004 and had nothing but positive things to say about their experience.

We moved into our home in June 2017 and hired them to do our kitchen soon after in July. I had an idea about what I thought I wanted, but they figured out all the logistics with me. They literally had me put together a Pinterest board with kitchens I liked and then met with us to figure out how we could bring that to life. They took down a wall to make our main level mostly open concept and then built up a brand new kitchen from scratch. The kitchen is now the focal point of our home and we get compliments from every person who comes in. Airoom was easy to work with and I liked not having to find different contractors for different parts of the project - they took all the guess work out of it and I had several people I could contact if I had any questions throughout the project. Although the kitchen was not inexpensive, it was well worth it for me to know that corners were not being cut and everything will stand the test of time.


Kristy Miller

22 February 2018

We just finished the design process with Robyn Rue and Greg Moon, and Dudley Bandy. Dudley created a beautiful and responsive concept plan after meeting with us at our home. His enthusiasm for our project is contagious and authentic, and the plan reflected our priorities. He was a presence throughout the transition to Robyn and Greg, making communication seamless and thorough. Robyn and Greg attended to all aesthetic and functional details, working with us to make sure our project is both beautiful and functional. Notably, Robyn provided a clear designer's opinion while explicitly respecting our style. Because she stated her opinions clearly, we were able to make good decisions that reflected our aesthetic. Greg provided excellent suggestions that fit both our taste and our budget. Kristin Iverson held it all together, coordinating our meetings with efficiency and warmth. We've had an excellent experience with all aspects of project planning and are packing up our house confident that the next stages will be as warm and seamless as the initial planning stages have been. More...


Joe Getz

28 January 2018

We used Airoom in 2005 to add a second floor to our home and again in 2010 to remodel a bathroom.
We worked with Pam Morris and Marv Warner on both projects and are very happy with the results.
There was a glitch in the scheduling on the bathroom project (a subcontract went on vacation and the project sat for a month) but otherwise all of the work was performed satisfactorily.


Cespedes Family

24 January 2018

My husband and I hired Airoom to bump out and remodel our kitchen in 2014 and we could not be happier with how beautiful and functional our new space is. It has completely transformed our home. Kevin Hardin, the initial architect, devised a floor plan that maximized our space within our budget. Gina Bon's expertise as our kitchen designer was evident as she guided us in choosing our cabinetry and the lay out of the kitchen. Working with Marv Warner, the Senior Project Manager, was truly a blessing. Marv always had the answers and plenty of smart suggestions as well. I remember my uncertainty regarding how much lighting we would need, but Marv's knowledge and confidence put me at ease immediately. Finally, I cannot say enough about Tom Schneiderwind, the Field Superintendent for our project. His timing was excellent. There was little to no delay between phases of the project so the kitchen was completed ahead of schedule! Since then, Airoom has impressed us with its customer service. We had two small concerns and Airoom was right there to take care of them. What a relief to know that we had hired a company who stood by its work! More...


Peter Bramsen

12 January 2018

I finished our remodel with Airoom back in 2015. I think they helped us really find the full potential in our house.

I took a 1.5 story house with a couple of small and difficult to use bedrooms upstairs (not to mention a garish 1970's bathroom) and turned it into a true master suit. Instead of a long narrow bedroom with low ceilings and no closets, we now have a true master suite with a full bath and a wonderful east facing full width dormer for great morning light.

The whole team and all the contractors were easy to work with and made sure things were cleaned up at the end of the day (when possible). Even the demo process and roof removals were easy. I was understandably concerned at first about taking a roof of in the middle of a wet Chicago spring, but the brand new tarps they use for all projects meant we didn't get any water inside.

Airoom addressed all design or construction issues and concerns I had promptly and to my full satisfaction.

I can recommend them fully if you are thinking of doing a remodel. They did a fabulous job. I have absolutely no regrets



3 December 2017

Airoom just completed addition of a Master Suite and Bath in my home. My GC was outstanding - he worked with my crazy schedule and truly made my entire family (including dog) very comfortable during construction process despite a constant stream of workers coming and going. My addition looks as if it's been part of my home forever - they blended the siding, roofing and interior PERFECTLY! So pleased with Airoom - would absolutely recommend for anyone looking for full service renovation management. More...


jill sparks

3 December 2017

Airoom redesigned and renovated the entire first floor of our house. It was a major renovation for us- we created an open floor plan by reconfiguring and completely redoing our kitchen, and adding a much needed mud room. Dudley Bandy came up with a great plan after many conversations and visits. He truly listened to our needs and came up with a design that works for our family. As with any renovation in an older home, unexpected costs came up, but the Airoom team worked with us to prioritize our needs and were fair with their cost assessments. Our project took five months total and we were inconvenienced as little as possible. Tom Schneiderwind, our project manager, was a very nice guy to work with (we got along great), was conscious of our needs with small children, and the crew was respectful and did quality work. Tom took time each week to send us an update and let us know what was going to be done the upcoming week. He was prompt in responding to our many questions and changes we wanted to make. We are so happy with the final product and highly recommend Airoom. More...


Beth Wood

8 November 2017

We worked with Airoom to design and build our new house and moved in in August 2017. Working with a company involved in all stages of the build made the process seamless and ensured our priorities were communicated clearly throughout. The Airoom designers really understood our style and helped us design a cohesive house that works well for our family. Our project manager (Tom S.) during the build was wonderful to work with. He kept us up to date on everything happening and his attention to detail ensured that the end product was something we could all be proud of. We love our new house and highly recommend Airoom. More...


Gordon Richards

26 October 2017

After literally years of deliberating over a kitchen remodel to our 1907 prairie style home, we selected Airoom based upon overwhelmingly positive remarks from a neighbor who used them for an addition. We could not have been happier with our choice. This was a relatively complicated job involving relocating walls, working with 100 year old wiring and plumbing, and taking all of the walls and floors down to studs and joists. IE. we would not have undertaken this project without a high degree of trust in Airoom. There were also multiple design issues in finding the balance between modern functionality and remaining true to the period of the home. The first visit was from sales / design specialist Betsy Burton who drew up rough design plans and provided a cost estimate. We then met with Marv Warner, Sr. Proj. Manager who added more detail as to the mechanical aspects of the job (electrical, lighting, plumbing, flooring, etc.). Then the fun part - we spent nearly 12 full hours with Designer Pam Morris who is nothing short of genius in the area of design. She literally stepped through the room with us inch by inch laying our cabinetry, counter space and a new island. Once the design plans were complete, the project was handed over to veteran Field Supt., Len Samuel. At the end of the day, Len was the guy that took the concept to reality. Over the course of the several month long project, there literally was not a single day that Len was available either on site or in touch with us by phone. There were never any questions about what would happen next and when. And, for the first time I think I've ever heard of, our project was completed a week or so EARLY ! ! I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Airoom to anyone. They quite literally brought our dream kitchen to reality. More...


Anitha Mathew

7 October 2017

When we needed to have a home addition we were looking at different contractors and Airoom stood out in their customer service and professionalism. We worked with Betsy Burton who gave us suggestions based on what our need was and helped us come up with the best fit for us. We needed the driveway extended, a bedroom addition, kitchen remodel and a shower added to our first floor bathroom. Even though they are a little more expensive than other contractors, we wanted to choose someone we could trust coming into our home on a regular basis even if we were not home. Airoom met our standards for this as well. Airoom was willing to work with the city to get all the permits and approvals needed to do the project and we did not have to do anything on our end, which decreased our stress level throughout the entire project.
Once the work started, we worked with Marv Warber and Pam Morris to make all the selections on the electrical work and interior design. They both did a good job of guiding us to make the best selections for both our style as well as our price range. They spent as much time as we needed to make decisions and did not rush us at all in the process.
We had a slight setback when our original field superintendent changed mid-project but the new field superintendent, Brad Rot, handled everything smoothly and worked with us to make sure there were no major delays to our project. He was very professional and made sure everyone was doing their jobs correctly and promptly so we could finish the project as quickly as possible. Overall, we are extremely happy with the end result and even guests that have visited us afterwards have commented on the high-end quality of the work. To anyone who is considering making any major additions to their house, we highly recommend choosing Airoom.


David Bagley

5 October 2017

Airoom took our project from the idea phase through completion and we are very happy with the results. The project included a full remodel of our first floor, new kitchen, additional garage space and exterior design elements. Dudley (designer) and Tom (project manager) were great to work with and created a great remodel project that everyone loves. It has been three years since the project was finished and they have been responsive with any of the minor items that have come up. More...


Andrew Jarousse

5 October 2017

The design was outstanding and our designer provided very thoughtful ideas. The architect for our 3rd floor renovation maximized our space, and frankly, I did not think he was going to be successful, but he was. Lastly, and most importantly, after the project was finished I did not have to chase them down to address any punch list items. A well run business from my perspective. More...


Charlie Megan

28 September 2017

Airoom is the best in the business. With a big remodeling project, I had two goals: (1) I didn't want to be chasing the contractors around, hoping they would show up and ultimately finish the project on time; and (2) I didn't want to be in litigation when we were finished. Airoom met both those goals and then went way, way beyond. They were professional, organized and ultra-responsive from day one through completion, and even after completion. The quality of the work is exceptional. They're a company with systems, procedures and guarantees. Couldn't be happier with the experience or the finished product. More...


salah Mubarek

26 September 2017

When we decided to remodel our home, we looked for the best partner to do the job. We did our research and found that Airoom had the best reputation in the area. When we met with the staff and professionals there, we were impressed with the interest they had in understanding our needs and desires for our home. From the start, the team assigned to our project spent time with us to understand how we lived and how best to achieve our desired outcome. We are right in the middle of the work now, but we are so pleased and impressed with the way the project is progressing. Our superintendent is just as we expected. Easy to work with and considerate. He keeps us informed and updated on the project progress. More...


Charlie Considine

24 September 2017

We've used Airoom TWICE, which speaks volumes. First, we added a family room and master suite. Then, we did a kitchen remodel with some foundation work a few years later. We know that Airoom will stand by their work...the warranty and service program is very impressive. More...


Maura Ali

22 September 2017

I would highly recommend using Airoom Architects, Builders to build your home and/or addition. Make sure you ask for Tom Schneiderwind as your superintendent - he is the best Airoom has. Tom is knowledgeable, efficient, pleasant and a problem solver. Thanks for building a home we love! More...


V twin

21 September 2017

We recently completed our new addition with Airoom. The project is a huge undertake that includes re-structure the existing house, building a new in-law suit with full kitchen/bath, remodel the existing kitchen, a walk-out basement plus passing a strict code from the city.

Our designer Sarah Goesling did a great job to come up with the design that brought us to Airoom.

Our superintendent Bradley Rot is beyond excellent; he is always in communication and takes care any issues we have encountered in a professional manner. We also lived in the house though out the construction and he made sure we were comfortable and made the living situation easier. We were very grateful to have Brad as our superintendent.

We did paid a premium with Airoom but in the end of the day, you do get what you paid for and we are very pleased with the result.


Carol Molick

13 September 2017

We enjoyed working with all the Airoom professionals. The outcome of the total kitchen and bath remodels was beyond our expectations. Would not hesitate to hire Airoom for another project. More...


Sanjay Gupta

20 March 2017

After talking to several home remodeling companies, we were about to give up on remodeling our house. Then we stumbled upon Airoom. The first appointment was way more in-depth than expected, and the talented designers provided us with renderings that let us see the design BEFORE committing to it. They even guided us through the process of picking out materials and asked us questions about our preferences that we would have never considered. We are very pleased with our new space. A+ for Airoom. More...


Bill G Thornton

16 March 2017

The bad? Airoom took about 3 weeks longer than expected. The good? Just about everything else. We added a 2nd floor to our house, and wow, it doesn't even feel like the same house! When getting estimates, Airoom didn't have the cheapest price, but they listened to my needs, seemed very organized and the most professional. Their project manager communicated with me through the entire process and made sure all my needs were met. Would definitely recommend Airoom to my friends. More...


Karen Bray

27 February 2017

Wanted to say that my experience with Airoom was great! Sarah was our designer and she really listened to us to make sure our home turned out perfectly. Love our home. Thanks Airoom!


Bruce Elwin

24 February 2017

I found the Airoom team to be very easy to work with. Their team took care of everything and made the remodeling process simpler than I've experienced in the past, and they brought forward ideas that I would have never thought of on my own. The end product is exactly how we wanted it. Our kitchen looks like it belongs in a magazine. Thanks Airoom! More...


L Major

2 September 2016

Airoom built our second floor in 2010, and we still receive compliments on how natural they made the addition fit the original house. We really enjoyed the process from the initial consultation with the friendliest salesperson we've ever met, the great ideas, how gentle the sale was (really, it was no pressure at all from Airoom, they left the decision making entirely up to us). The price was more than fair, we felt, because this company handles it all from start to finish. We lived in the house during construction (with two babies!) which of course was challenging, but the entire process was as long as they estimated-no big delays. The project managers and specialists were wonderful, and communicated well. I especially want to commend the carpenters, both rough and finished, for their beautiful work. Thanks, Airoom. You made our home great. More...

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