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Welcome to AIMC Business Solutions based in Greater Boston.

AIMC Business Solutions is a Website Solutions/ Digital Marketing and Information Technology Consulting firm serving companies through the North America specializing in "Total" Website, Social Media and Information Technology Solutions for companies requiring total control over their internet and technology presence.



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A great website is responsive and has a built in CMS (Customer Management System) so that it is platform that can support dynamic changes. The website should be easy to use with a call to action clearly defined on the front page and is the main platform for building engagement and revenue for the company.

1. “Who you are?” is the first thing your website should tell your visitors. Every company has a story. What is the story that you would like to play out in the minds of your target audiences when they think about your company and when they visit your website?

2. “What you do?” Is the second thing your website needs to tell your visitors?

3. “Who you do it for?” Who do you provide your product or service to? Who are your target audiences? Who are your existing clients? What industries?

4. “Where do you do it?” What are your target areas (geography) (Specific Cities & Towns)

5. What does the target audience currently think about your company? About your product or service? About your industry?

6. What is the instantaneous impression you would like to create in the mind of a customer or prospect when they experience your website.

7. Who are your main competitors? Website addresses? Where are they located?

8. Do you have Company Logo that will be used throughout the website?

9. What is the status of your existing brand? Your logo, colors, fonts, etc.

10. Are you interested in having us design a new logo or enhance your existing logo?

11. What have you produced in the way of marketing materials in the past two years? Can we get copies of these materials?

12. Do you have a particular call to action for the current project? If so, what would you like your customers and prospects to do when they encounter this message? If you do not have one, would you like to create one? Your website should promote a call to action. Example “Call for a Free Estimate”

13. What do you like best about your existing website?

14. What do you like the least about your existing website?

15. List some websites that you like and what you specifically like about them i.e. colors, design, layout, navigation, pictures etc.

16. To determine the scope of the project we will need a draft page outline. Please list the page types that you would like to have on your website.
• Home Page

17. What ideas (if any) do you have for your website design, layout, colors, fonts, etc.? Also reference websites you would like to resemble.

18. Do you have digital photographs to be used throughout your website and how many?

19. Are you able to produce and provide us with all of the content for your website to describe your company, your products and your services?

20. Are you interested in selling your products or services via your website (credit card transactions)? If so, we will need to discuss your e-commerce needs in greater detail.

21. When would you like your website completed?

22. Would you like to stay within a particular budget range $$?

I get to help professional and businesses increase revenue and decreasing operating expenses.

To help small business and entrepreneurship grow. I also started a business networking group to connect professionals to other professionals.

Our platform is a complete digital marketing solution including email marketing, site optimization, unlimited support and a responsive technology. We also run business networking groups that add a great dynamic for helping our clients grow their clientele and ultimately their business.



Our Website Solutions from MA Websolutions feature the following: Website Build, Hosting & Design Center Email Marketing Site Optimization Customer Management System e-Commerce Enabled Unlimited Options & Support