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Nicole Di Bernardo

24 June 2018

Great group of people. Very welcome and supportive.


Kayly M.

20 June 2017

Such a wonderful place and great instructors. Everyone in the dojo is so incredibly welcoming. I find myself gaining more and more confidence after each class. I would recommend this dojo to anyone interested in even just checking out what aikido is. More...


Lou J.

28 March 2016

Aikido of Maine is a very special place. For several years I have wanted to return to the study of martial arts but had a difficult time finding the right place. Aikido of Maine blends the art, philosophy and safety consciousness that I think is important for making the practice and study of Aikido fun and comfortable but also very constructive and useful. After one month of regular classes, I already feel like I am changing mentally and physically. My strength, coordination, mental focus are improving. It is easy to feel empowered and strong. My daughter and I started at the same time and she too is showing signs of the same type of positive change. Ania and Gary Small are wonderful teachers. They are the type of people you want teaching your children. I am thrilled to have them as my teachers as well. I am yet to meet a member of the dojo that I don't like. Everyone is respectful, careful and eager to help new members and seasoned members alike.AOM is a really wonderful place. After two weeks I began recommending it to many of my patients and friends and I will continue to make this recommendation for physical and mental health optimization. More...