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Ahjoomah's Apron Korean Restaurant

Chinatown, Illinois


Ahjoomah's Apron Korean Restaurant

Chinatown, Illinois


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Guy Long

13 March 2019

Very nice little restaurant with a real touch of Korea. Would recommend to friends that are looking for a good Korean style meal.


Darreon Nihiser

9 March 2019

You get complimentary appetizers so you aren't really compelled to spend extra money on appetizers. You don't wait long on orders. Everything from the bibimbop to the bulgogi comes out warm and tasty. The service is phenomenal as well. The last time I was there a server noticed that a group had left their bag. The server then proceeded to dash out of the door with the bag. He ended up finding the group and returning the bag to them. Taking into account the service, food time, food quality, and price I give 5 stars. More...


Teri Pham

1 February 2019

Love love love coming here, since they have great Korean food in the South Loop/Chinatown area. Service is great, love eating there with their side dishes and getting the La Bokki. I always come for a nice girls night for cheap soju and a good time. More...


Rosie J

27 December 2018

Went on date here. The waitress was very lovely and tended the table amazingly. Got two dinners plus sides. Incredibly filling and worth the price. Whole meal about $50 with a bottle of alcohol. Planning to go back again and again. More...


Petr Yakovlev

13 December 2018

Great food, good atmosphere. Authentic Korean food that makes me feel like I'm back in Seoul. Couldn't be more delicious.

Saw some reviews about poor service so was a bit worried about coming here. Had no trouble. Service was great, and we just flagged down waitstaff when it got crazy busy. Got quick and friendly service as soon as we raised our hands. If you're waiting too long, I suggest you do the same.