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Jared S.

10 September 2019

Glen and the 808 boys make this spot a 10/10. Couldn't find better fish, friends, or customer service anywhere on the west coast. I've been eating sushi since I was in diapers and I will always consider ahi as my #1 spot to go to for any family, business, or social event. They never seize to amaze us. The fish is always fresh and the chefs always have a smile on their face. Thank you guys! More...


Andrew W.

9 September 2019

The service is top notch and the food is always delicious and plentiful! Perfect place for a nice dinner and excellent booze. If you have never tried sushi the staff is super helpful in picking out the best ones! More...


Susan I.

8 September 2019

Don't pay attention to the poor reviews... the fish was fresh, the rolls imaginative and the service was great. Definitely worth a visit.


Alexandria H.

7 September 2019

THE BEST sushi in town, by far! I absolutely LOVE coming to Ahi. The staff is phenomenal and really makes the environment upbeat and exciting. Glen made date night the best, he is new to the team and a GREAT addition. I appreciate the love and effort that goes into the food, which is magnificent, and highly recommend everyone to go to Ahi! More...


Chasen D.

6 September 2019

Some of the best sushi I've ever had. Menu has been completely redone, along with new sushi chefs. You're not gonna find better quality fish anywhere else. I will keep coming back!


Jeff S.

17 August 2019

We stopped by for lunch and didn't want to leave. The sushi was absolutely the best. Tommy took great care of us. They had many unique fresh specials that we took advantage of. We will definitely return.


Ladonna McInnis

16 August 2019

This was an amazing experience with wonderful food


Angela McInnis

16 August 2019

Yes!! AMAZING food, great service, awesome prices! We will be back!


Matt M.

15 August 2019

Great sushi spot in Grants Pass. Friendly staff and creative sushi rolls. We had the toro special and the chef went above and beyond to impress us with his creative creation


SFgal Z.

15 August 2019

Yummy sushi and really great service. If you're looking for sushi that fills your sushi craving, Ahi Sushi is the place for you.


Pamela Milstead

11 August 2019

the staff were very accommodating, even though we changed our order mid prep. great meal, awesome drinks and great service


Mike G.

8 August 2019

What a surprise great service great food I would recommend to all we were only visiting Grantspass but we will definitely be back


David Coan

2 August 2019

always very fresh fish and great staff


Micheline C.

27 July 2019

NEW SUSHI CHEF....Tom from Santa Barbara...their loss and our gain. He is a magician. Amazing flavors and artistry. Bold fresh flavors. So exciting to have a master chef in charge of the sushi bar.  Not need to go anywhere else for sushi and sashimi. More...


Stanley Breymann

21 July 2019

Great service good sushi.


Tom C.

19 July 2019

Killer vibes, amazing service, fresh colorful fish. No sushi nazis!!! Wonderful all around experience.


Tony B.

14 July 2019

Well, first time here was not disappointed!The Sushi was fantastic, it came out at a steady paceWould definitely stop there again.The peach tea from the bar was amazing!!Staff were friendly. More...


Malua H.

12 July 2019

The food was fresh and awesome, it took a while to get our order but it was worth it.If you order the 3 fish sashimi, tell the waiter before otherwise you'll get charge separately, but overall everything was great.


Howard L.

27 June 2019

Surprisingly good sushi place in a little small town. Baked mussels was great with a surprising garnish on top. Sushi was relatively and reasonably fresh consider it's geographical location. Service and ambience was an improvement over the previous ownership. Hope this place stay in business for a while. We come out here once a year. More...


Elke Lynn Bibbins

26 June 2019

I could not have been more pleased with my experience here! This a great spot in Grants Pass. Service was excellent, our waitress was great and the sushi was mind blowing! Super fresh!!


Ashley Krick

22 June 2019

One of my favorite sushi places! Awesome atmosphere, clean and the sushi chefs are so personable & interactive! I’m missing the old menu though :( and my favorite double double roll. - Can’t wait for you to open back up, but also praying for the family emergency!❤️ More...


Jamie P.

16 June 2019

Really good quality fish & service by our Sushi Chef Cameron today!We started out by ordering two basic inexpensive rolls to test it out and were super surprised at the quality and freshness and so we just kept ordering all the goods from there!


Katlyn Noonan

13 June 2019

The food and staff are always amazing! Loving the new menu!


Christine W.

9 June 2019

I have been here several times. This time our waitress was fantastic. Wish I would have gotten her name. She treated us because we were celebrating birthdays. I love when my food is great and my service. More...


Cheri T.

7 June 2019

Ahi is hands down the best sushi bar in the Pacific Northwest! Jason and the guys are absolute artists, and Olivia, Taylor, Rachel, and the rest of the girls are some of the best servers in the business! Love love love!


Jenny A.

28 May 2019

I'm not sure why they have 3 and 1/2 stars I love the Sushi at this place. It's super fresh and creative. Fun atmosphere great place to go hang out for a nice evening. We now have two delicious places to go to in Grants Pass for Sushi. This is definitely one of them. We go here often. Highly recommend it. More...


Victoria C.

27 May 2019

It's well worth the prices, me and my boyfriend had two rolls each and miso soup and they gave us smoked salmon, but it was smoked to the point it looked weird and jerky like but let me tell you what, it was fantastic I've never had smoked salmon like that and it was the best thing I've had so far.


Lucas G.

4 May 2019

Very quick service, and amazing sushi. Definitely my favorite sushi I've ever had. Always coming back!


Superwide R.

23 April 2019

Ahi Sushi is good. I'd say one of the top 5 in Southern Oregon. We dig the atmosphere and friendly service


Teresa M.

17 April 2019

After trying a few other sushi places in GP, Ahi is definitely the best. Good food, large selection, friendly staff & attentive service. Have been here several times now & never disappointed. The fish is fresh, the rolls are yummy & the presentation is lovely. The only downside is this place gets packed. (Which just confirms they are a popular sushi joint for a reason!) Finding parking can be difficult & the wait can be quite long during peak dining times.However, unlike most traditional sushi restaurants they do not close between lunch & dinner, so, going early is your best bet for a less crowded experience. More...


Ramon Luna

23 March 2019

Best Sushi in Grants Pass.


Cindy W.

7 March 2019

Yum!!!  Food is amazing. So glad Yoman came back to grants pass. Food is fresh. Sushi is wonderful. Restaurant is clean and trendy. Specials are fun.


Susan Bianchi-Knerr

23 February 2019

Stopped in for lunch and shared sweet pickled cucumber salad, Miso Ramen, Black Dragon rolls and Avacado Bombs. Food was delicious. We’ll be back!


Jim F.

16 February 2019

Absolutely love this spot ...  moved up from the SF bay area and had trouble finding a quality sushi spot comparable to whats down there (theres 3 on every corner there) .... til i found ahi sushi, great fish, great rolls, great selection ... highly recomended More...


Daniel Krick

15 February 2019

Awesome sushi!! Great staff!! Great atmosphere !!!


Susan Campbell

11 February 2019

Professional wait staff and chefs; friendly and knowledgeable. The food was quite good and well presented.


Bridget Dupzyk

5 February 2019

So good words don't do it justice!


Alex Grangood

3 February 2019

wonderful fresh. great selections


Sherry S.

2 February 2019

I was happily surprised to eat remarkably good sushi in Grants Pass. The town name doesn't really scream 'Great Sushi' or any other rather nouveau foods but Ahi Sushi has some damned good sushi. Their dishes were creatively presented and possessed some very fun flavor combos. I really loved the tiny sliver of sliced lemon atop one of the rolls I had.  There was some serious flavor depth on the Crunchy Tiger Hidden Dragon - the flavors just kept unfolding... DAMNED DELICIOUS.  I love loud, happy restaurants and the atmosphere here was great - energetic and fun. But, like so many others have mentioned, the service was lacking but not terribly. My guest and I had 3 people who tended to us; the hostess who sat us, our waitress and a young man who came and removed our empty dishes and asked if everything was to our liking - it was. We weren't quite full so asked our waitress what she would recommend and she suggested their special which was The Camelot that Thursday evening of 1/31/19. We waited almost 45 minutes and that was AFTER the dinner rush was gone, after most of the diners had left.  We were just about to leave when she came scurrying over with our order. We told her we weren't happy about the wait and she was apologetic but we waited TOO long for the order. The hostess was great and the young man who tended our table that evening were top notch but our MIA waitress was not. Fortunately, the sushi makes up for the mediocre waitressing. More...


Dawn D.

21 January 2019

This is seriously some of the best sushi my husband and I have ever had! Vegas quality. And don't just stick to the sushi, their ahi tower is incredible and rumor has it that their baby back ribs are some of the best EVER! We have had nothing but delicious food and fantastic customer service since finding this place and will no longer go to any of the other places in town. Their price to portion sizes are spot on! And if you can't figure out chop sticks like me, they wont tease you when you ask for the kiddie ones! More...


Meghan Smith

20 January 2019

Chefs are great! Sushi is amazing!!


Casey Steger

20 January 2019

Very nice staff, great food, comfy atmosphere, house sake was tasty.


Kelly H.

16 January 2019

We tried Ahi Sushi today for the first time & it was Delicious ! Brennen our "Irish" Sushi Chef was simply the best :) he created a sushi roll for me that was amazing ie spicy tuna, avocado, tempura shrimp, jalapeño, cucumber, spicy sauce etc it was sooooo good I got a 2nd lol. My husband tried a few different ones & loved the Eclipse the best ! If your looking for Great Sushi & a friendly staff  - come check them out ! More...


Dawn Pitts

11 January 2019

Amazing food and prices. We have not had a single bad thing here. The presentation, taste, quality and employees are all worth your time...trust me!


Victoria Buss Moulder

30 December 2018

Beautifully displayed and tasteful food! Inviting atmosphere and attentive staff. What a great place for my favorite food! Thank you


Cathi H.

20 December 2018

This was our first trip to Ahi Sushi, we had driven by numerous times and decided to go after our afternoon movie. We arrived a little after 5 on a Thursday night, it was cold and stormy outside but we were greeted warmly and seated right away.  We started with tea and miso soup - the soup had good flavor but could have been warmer.  We had 4 of their signature rolls and we really liked the Volcano and Crunchy Tiger rolls.  The other two rolls were the Soulmate and the Outstanding - both were fine but not as good as the others.  I had Tamago (sweet egg) as my "dessert" and it was tasty.  We really enjoyed our server - Deleon - she was attentive and even made my husband his own "child    Chopsticks" when he asked for a fork (he hurt his fingers in a table saw accident).  Not only did they work but he used them!  We will be back! More...


Natalie Yakel

17 December 2018

I love the fact it's not JUST sushi! They have many other deliciouse, yummy choices ! So good I licked my plate clean!!!!


Hannah Sauchyn

16 December 2018

Super delicious!!! A couple of the same folks from our old favorite spot in Ashland - stoked to have them closer. Best sushi in Southern Oregon


Sarah N.

9 December 2018

This place is one of the few sushi places in GP since moving from socal that I like! Good food, fast and quality service, the rolls aren't overloaded with rice! My only complaint is it is a little pricey for the size of the rolls (I'd normally pay $12 for a roll they charge $14 for) More...


Scott Wibbens

8 December 2018

Best sushi in the valley!


Stacy Ferrell

4 December 2018

The food was fresh and amazing. Great choices. Staff were very friendly and attentive.


Kayla N.

21 November 2018

We went here for my birthday a few weeks ago. We got a ton of sushi to go but had a few drinks while we were waiting. The owner was there and comped my cider as well as a hot sake for my fiancé and I to split. Very good atmosphere and awesome staff, have been back twice since and the sushi has been great every time. More...


Kelly S.

17 November 2018

Excellent food, nice menu selection open until midnight on friday and Saturday so good late night place to eat.


Kasey L.

17 November 2018

First time eating here. We sat at the sushi bar and there was a little bit of a wait, but it was definitely worth it! The staff was very friendly and the sushi chef did check in ("Thank you for waiting," "has anyone taken your order," etc) with us a few times until the waitress could get to us. I loved that he did that because it made us feel acknowledged and I felt more patient, making me more willing to wait. When we got our food it was amazing. Probably the best sushi I've ever had. We got "The Mafia," "The Eclipse," "Sushi Named Desire." Each roll was beautifully presented and the quality was also fantastic. There was a great ratio of fish to rice to roll speciality(jalapeño, cream cheese, mango, etc.). Finally, the last thing I noticed and really appreciated was every time a customer left, the staff said "thank you." I will be returning, often. More...


Tru H.

6 November 2018

Most amazing sushi place in town, doesnt get any better then this. Service is fast and amazing. The sushi blew me away.


Hannah V.

4 November 2018

Great sushi and miso, crap service. But I do like that the chefs will get started on your food if you're sitting at the sushi bar and your waitress hasn't even taken your drink order yet. Eclipse roll didn't taste like it had jalapeños in it as the menu stated, but good nonetheless. Will eat there again, but will probably do take out until they get their customer service in order. More...


Sarah Y.

3 November 2018

I'm so thankful that the guys from Taroko opened a sushi spot in GP!!! They are by far the best! Their fish is high quality, their specialty rolls are so impressively flavorful, their sauces are by far better than anywhere else, their portions are enormous and priced better than other places in town. I'm so appreciative that they are here to FINALLY give this town reliable, consistent, high quality sushi and Asian fusion foods. In addition to some rolls (which they were eagerly willing to modify for me), I had a couple appetizers that were so large for their prices! My only complaint was the waitress was stingy with lemon for seaweed salad (I've always had it served with lemon), for which she explained they were waiting on a produce shipment. Send someone to Safeway to get a lemon! So many fish/sushi/salad/water/whatever requires lemon in a food establishment. Just be prepared for customers' requests. Other than the lemon issue it was so awesome and I can't wait to go eat here again! More...


Ashley R.

26 October 2018

Super fresh, perfect timing, been there several times and never has dissatisfied. Best sushi place in town by far.


Patricia M.

19 October 2018

OMG! We went in there today for lunch. Got there as it opened and the service was wonderful and the food was to die for. All I can say is... Crab cakes. Got to try the crab cakes. There were so good, I ordered another to go... Just because. Please try this place and share with friends. More...


Julie M.

17 October 2018

First time coming here. We were greeted right away and seated. Great service. Food came fast. The rolls are a great size. Tasted very good. The avocado bomb was amazing a MUST try! The beef dish was very tasty and a little spicy. Portion is not big, so if your real hungry get a extra dish. I also had the pork dumplings and they were delicious  so, yes we willBe back & the prices are great also. A must try! More...


Kelsea M.

12 October 2018

The sushi is fresh and delicious. Service has improved since they first opened. Rolls are a little small, but the quality makes up for it!


Carol Fankhauser

7 October 2018

Great food! Friendly staff.


Taylor L.

7 October 2018

Finally amazing sushi in grants pass!! So delicious I want to eat here everyday! Service needs work but they are a new restaurant so I totally understand.


Mai-Lani Kaililaau Wallace

6 October 2018

Every meal has been Amazing! Didn't matter if the food came out of their yummy kitchen or nice and fresh from the Sushi Bar.


Randy Hart

6 October 2018

AMAZING!!! They are still new and working out the kinks. But the food was fresh, the place is clean. I recommend this place.


Randy H.

5 October 2018

We just came in town from California And decided we wanted to have sushi for dinner. We saw this place as we are driving through to town and decided to stop and try them out. We love sushi and eat it all the time. We were greeted promptly. They sat us the bar, the sushi chefs were friendly. We order what we wanted and also had them make something special.  Everything we had there was excellent. I highly recommend this place.  you would be pleasantly pleased with how fresh the food is. The pricing is about the same as most restaurants. Not everybody has such good fresh food. More...


Aaron M.

4 October 2018

By far the best restaurant in town! The atmosphere is very relaxed, the place is clean, the staff is very friendly, and the food is delicious. Try the Tuna Duo -- best thing on the menu! More...


Larry E.

22 September 2018

After experiencing a few of the offerings during their soft grand opening, I must say I was impressed that everything went smoothly. There was a nice "buzz" to the place and customers seemed to be having fun. We took a table since we were a party of four and ordered a selection of hot and cold dishes. The server was kind and did her best to work through a few shortcomings (no POS functioning yet). We expected a few delays but in general, for a first night, it was great. The food came out hot from the kitchen and cool from the sushi bar. One sushi roll was overlooked but the owner comped us a similar roll as a consolation. The decor is modern and clean (albeit noisy) and we really enjoyed our selves. We will be back to try more when things smooth out and I wish them the best of success as Grants Pass was in need of a better sushi bar than the ones already here. More...


Leslie F.

21 September 2018

Wow, some of the freshest sashimi & sushi I've had in a very long time.  You can't go wrong if you're looking for a good casual place with great food & service.