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Our company specializes in three areas:

– bookkeeping
– Personal and business tax preparation
– IRS tax representation

We have a new payroll portal, through which we can offer do it yourself payroll or full service payroll at much better rates than ADP or Paychex.


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Craig Elliott

16 July 2019

Dan is very professional and helped me out big time when I got a bit IRS bill that was incorrect. IRS wrote back that I now owe nothing! Thank You Dan!!!


Craig Elliott

15 July 2019

Very Professional and helped me out big time when I got a big bill from the IRS recently. Dan wrote a letter along with supporting documentation and the IRS wrote back saying I now owe zero!


Lynne Hammar

22 December 2018

Dan has handled my taxes and my Mother's for several years. We found out about him by reading reviews like this one - he has come through for us every time, including replying quickly to emailed questions through the year. Thanks, Dan


Jerry Rule

24 August 2018

Dan is extremely knowledgeable and provides quick results. I will recommend him every chance I get.


Timothy Fliam

25 July 2018

Dan treats you like family. He always answers questions and takes the time to explains things.


Gregory Swinehart

21 May 2018

Amazing Service and Know what they are doing. Highly Recommended.


Elias Garman

21 May 2018

I have used Affordable Accounting Assistance for the last three years and have not been disappointed. In the past, I used software online that I paid for and worked through to file taxes. I started using AAA after I moved from out of the country and was surprised by the knowledge that they had. I'm clergy and work a second job, so my taxes can get a bit complicated.If you are self-employeed, or have to file a 1099/-MISC, AAA is definitely a company that you want to use. The personnel are personable, kind, and will explain everything in easy to understand terms. Taxes aren't fun, but at least they made it easy enough to get the paperwork, turn it in through an encrypted portal, and get things done.RECOMMEND 100% More...


Timothy Balas

21 May 2018

Dan and his team at Affordable Accounting Assistance will work with you to get your taxes done the right way. I have used Affordable Accounting Assistance for the past three years and I am consistently surprised by the outcome. They will work to get the most out of your return. Give them a try and see why so many of his customers are pleased with the results. More...


Ariel Ferguson

21 May 2018

Here are a few reviews: James M. Business Tax Preparation: "He made the entire process so easy and hassle free we will use him in the future and no one else." Written on May 11th, 2017 Samreet P. Individual Tax Preparation: "We have Dan do our taxes for the last couple of years. He is very easy to work with and does a thorough and complete job. Would highly recommend!" Written on April 20th 2017 Stephen C. Individual Tax Preparation: "Dan Bosler fills some big shoes! Dan came to our house and did 5 returns for our family. I thought it went well and was a positive experience. Dan seemed comfortable meeting family members and fit into our routine and tradition in its 20th year. Dan replaced our tax professional of 19 years who died in the winter of 2016." Written on April 4th, 2017 More...



2 March 2018

Amazing Service. They know what they are doing. Highly Recommended.


12 February 2018

Dan is doing a great job. He's very thorough. No drama.

Thanks, Duane. I appreciate that.


12 February 2018

Dan has been doing a great job.



20 January 2018

did my taxes with a little trouble as possible.


Adam Khalil

19 December 2017

I’ve been working with them for over 5 years now. Always does a great job. He is always available to answer any questions I may have and does what he says he is going to do. Highly recommend


Edward V.

26 September 2017

Tax research: with a mistake that was close to 10 yrs. ago, Dan dug out answers and provided the plan which benefited me and I will never forget. Being a service member, it felt good to trust a honest and willing person with getting the issue resolved. More...

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Concerning bookkeeping services, we specialize in for service bookkeeping, including writing checks for some of our clients.

We also do monthly reviews and financial statements.

We do all sorts of individual tax preparation, including ex patriots and small businesses. We work with partnerships and corporations and C corporations of small to medium size businesses. We will be certified in October as Advanced Crypto Tax Experts (Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.).

We help people with IRS notices deal with the IRS on their behalf. We work with catching up on back tax returns, establishing installment agreements, and if the customer qualifies, offers and compromise.

There are a lot of accountants who have no credentials to back them up. These are accountants have no ongoing continued education requirements to maintain their pedigree. It is important for every client to have an accounting professional Who is answerable to a higher authority, which can discipline the accountant, require continuing education to ensure proficiency and being current with the tax law, and remove the right to practice if they do not.

Only CPAs, EAs, and tax attorneys are tax professionals help to these levels of professionalism and ethics. You as a prospective client should be sure that you hire somebody with one of these credentials.

I am in EA, which stands for enrolled agent. This is the highest credential issued by the federal government to tax professionals, based upon a demonstration of knowledge and proficiency of applying the tax law. EAs are "Americans tax experts" (the byline of the National Association of Enrolled Agents).

I love being able to solve the clients problems. Bookkeeping, tax preparation, and dealing with the IRS can be very stressful to many people, and to me it's fun (at least most of the time ). I enjoy the complexity and challenges.

I always wanted to own my own business and be my own boss. So many times in the workplace I am countered bosses who did not treat the employees with respect. Now I don't have one boss; everyone of my clients was a boss. But I can choose which boss and I want to work with I don't. I count many of my clients as personal friends.

We are a small firm, and your business is important to us. With my office located in the basement of my home, will eliminate a lot of overhead, and therefore, I can give you great rates while still offer a new timely and quality service.


We prepare tax returns for personal and business clients. Our areas of specialization are real estate investors, truckers, and ex-patriots; however, our 31 years of combined experience has familiarized us with almost every business imaginable.

We can review your work and prepare financial statements, or we can do the work for you. We even write checks for some clients!

Only EAs, CPAs, and tax attorneys can help you do more than respond to a letter from the IRS. We can get transcripts, talk to revenue agents and officers, and negotiate with the IRS. Not to mention prepare back tax returns. (I have software back almost 20 years!)

Each Bitcoin trade, exchange, purchase made with cryptocoinage, and cash outs are required to be reported on your tax return. The IRS successfully subpoena'd Coinbase for cryptocurrency holders with exchanges valued at higher that $20,000 for 2015. With 2017 being a banner year, the IRS, who recently hired a bunch of new auditors, will be coming after those who have not reported their virtual currency trades on their tax returns. We are one of a handful of firms across the country with the expertise and the tools to help you report your cryptocurrency trades on your tax returns.