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Advantec Solutions

Warr Acres


Advantec Solutions

Warr Acres


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Helen M

29 May 2019

Nathan at Advantec Solutions was awesome! Not only did he fix my problem, but explained a lot of things to me that were very useful. He had a cheerful personality and was very knowledgeable. I would definitely use him again! More...


Leia S.

8 May 2017

James goes out of his way to help with any computer and IT issue I've ever had.  From networking to internet, to hard drives and data recovery, he is there.  I've referred all of my clients and associates to him, as I trust no one else. More...


Alma Romero

21 April 2015

They have been nice in helping me while I was having so much trouble with my computer!!!!


Graham S.

10 June 2013

For all of us in sales who travel, nothing is worse than when your laptop takes a dive... Mine did and a major one. I found Advantec thru yelp and read the review. They were close so I drove by to see if they could help, "a traveler in distress". And YES big time, these guys and gal are GREAT.  They worked around my travel schedule and got me back on the road with a working laptop, saved my whole trip. Cannot praise this company enough.  Next time I'm in town I will be taking them my computer to service and fine tune. Great service, great price, just good people.  Thank you. More...


Nathan H.

17 April 2013

Been doing business with James and his team for over 5 years. Very fair pricing, Great service and the most knowledgable in their industry.