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We are a full service video production company. We have produced videos over a wide spectrum of categories including product demos, training, safety. legal video, medical, corporate video & aerial drone video & photography.
We can deliver your video in many formats: DVD, website video, YouTube and other social medial formats.



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We have always felt that good filming and videotaping begins with good photography.
We pay close attention to all the basic elements: composition, lighting and sound -resulting in a great video/photograph for you!

What is it that you want to convey? What story do you want to tell the viewer?
What is the final format you desire? What is your time frame for this project? What is your budget for this project?

I get to meet new and interesting people almost everyday, and I am providing them with something that they want.
I must be doing something right because many of my customers keep coming back for more ---and I do love that.

I have always been a photography, filming & electronics buff.
I saw the video wave coming in the mid 80's, grabbed my surfboard and have been riding the wave doing what I like to do ever since...

You will get personal attention from me. I will do everything I can to make your project a success.