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Zainab Zizi

22 September 2019

Sifa is an amazing woman and chef! Her food is superb and the flavors are astounding! Her veggie samosas are Amazeballs! You will not be disappointed! The flavors are beyond comprehension! More...


Yaz Yaz

27 August 2019

Great food . Home style meals


Carol'dylan Archibald

8 August 2019

I tasted the sandwich at the Red River Market and it was so delicious and tasty - i cannot way to get more this week. I would definitely recommend Adibon to everyone. Great food and friendly people


Agnieszka Keefe

3 August 2019

The best meat and veggie sambusas!!!


Scott Kittelson

7 July 2019

Had this tonight! My wife, 4 kids and I loved it. Great Food!


Andy Flick

22 June 2019

Amazingly good! Served hot and fresh!


Robert Drake

22 June 2019

Husband and I stopped in when they were parked at Harold’s. Absolutely amazing food. Delicious!


Becca Schaffer

29 September 2018

We LOVE their sambusa!! The only reason we go to the market is to get some! absolutely delicious and good priced!


Gayle Melby

25 August 2018

I look forward to the Red River Market and being able to get this very delicious food. You can get the amount of spice which is nice. and the chicken is so tender. Actually I like everything. More...


Thane Fliginger

8 August 2018

Great food that tickles your taste buds, made by GREAT people!


Paul Brown

24 September 2017

Amazing food with such great flavor! I will be back in two weeks :)


Angela Feir

9 July 2017

I want more!!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a delicious meal! Very memorable flavors. Let me know when you're serving again!


Nyota Janvière Ntivu-Bisimwa

8 July 2017

Sifa puts her soul into her cooking!!!! Amazing food and taste. If you are looking for a great, feel good meals at the same time healthy!!! #ADIBON is your spot�


Aline Bisimwa

30 June 2017

Really good food, and the service is impeccable. The caterer offers an array of variety to ensure you are satisfied and get the full experience!


Dirk Monson

16 July 2016

Wow - absolutely amazing food. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors and quantity of the platter I got at the Red River Market.


Patiento Emmanuel

21 April 2016

Do your order you will enjoy your african food.anything you want to eat you will get.

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