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Alex Vartan

13 May 2019

Pavel & Olga take an engineer's approach to strength training–if you don't know about the Body By Science approach, look it up, this is the best BBS gym i've trained at—it's really the only way to go! I go 2-3x a month and have seen great progress. You won't ever go back to another form of personal "training" again...highly recommended! More...


alejandra romero

22 September 2018

I loved working out with Olga! She is so knowledgeable about health and the human body and how our muscles work. It was a 30 min workout and you DO NOT even sweat but you will feel the burn ALL over after!! It definitely showed me how I need to properly train my body and take care of it. I highly recommend Olga. Great customer service, she is there to guide you and push you through the whole workout! Will def be going back! More...


Elizabeth Ross Powell

20 May 2018

Have been looking for a truly effective strength-building workout for a while -- finally found just the right one! It works (based on real science). It is quick. It is safe. Perfect for any age, but especially for the mature age. More...


Anna Verkhovskaya

20 May 2018

Great place for strength training! I am active in hiking, biking, swimming and other recreational activities, but not a gym activist. Comparing with regular gym exercises, this place is focused on intense strength training that are safe and quick. Olga helped me realize the importance of this training: maintaining and growing my muscles. She guided me thru all machines and motivated me for hardworking exercises. Olga's personal training sessions are quick but very intense, so I feel much better muscle tone as a result. More...


Dmitriy Blok

20 May 2018

I have done a lot of weight lifting in the past and spent many hours in a gym but I have never seen such an effective strength training exercise routine. Olga pushes me to the limit every time and under her supervision I get impactful training in fraction of time it used to take in a conventional gym. I like the exercise because the risk of injury is very low. This is very important when you start working with serous weights. I love personal training session and the science behind the workout! More...

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