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Jennifer Harbour

21 December 2018

She is really good. I went to one other acupuncturist that an endocrinologist recommended and she was an internal med dr. That was my first and only accupuncturist i have experienced which totally gave me my life back after western medicine failed me. Previously i preferred to just take a pill if anything was wrong and go on my way. This doctor retired so i could no longer see her. When i was in need of acupuncture a second time (due to another mis step w western medicine), i went to Melanie. I thought i would leave and feel better gradually over the next two weeks as this was my previous experience. Not at all. I had instant results! Melanie is extremely competent, a very good listener, and very accommodating. I appreciate her skill and she is a lovely person to interact with. I highly recommend her services to anyone with a health need. More...


Ellagwynn Parker

30 November 2018

She is great, very personable, knowledgeable, and effective. Did moxibustion with Melanie twice and my breech baby turned head down :)


Dominic LaPore

30 July 2018

I decided to try acupuncture after exhausting every other traditional medical approach to controlling my chronic condition. I'm absolutely amazed at how effective it's been. I was previously on 5 medications per day and I'm down to 1. Truly life-changing. Melanie is awesome!! More...


Kathryn Petrill

30 July 2018

I decided to try acupuncture to offset chemo side effects and build immunity. This was a new experience into alternative medicine. After doing some research on Melanie and finding she met all licensing and schooling credentials, I decided on her as my therapist.She has been not just my therapist but has become a real support person through this treatment. She's very knowledgeable and has tailored my therapy based on my current side effects with excellent results.I started therapy a few weeks before chemo and am continuing until it ends. More...


Ahmed Mahmoud

30 July 2018

Thank you very much Melanie for helping me with my Sciatica pain, I only did two sessions but definetly will not hesitate to do more later in the future.


Rebecca Owens

30 July 2017

I booked a moxa treatment with Melanie and the experience as a whole was great! The room was relaxing and clean. Melanie explained each part of the treatment and made sure I was comfortable. I plan to follow up with another appointment, and will be recommending her services to friends and family! Glad to have her so close to home! More...


Emily hoell

30 July 2017

Melanie is SO kind and gentle. I had a lot of fears about trying Accupuncture, but she was very professional and sweet at the same time. I went to her with dizziness and headaches and her treatment was the only thing that worked for me. I'd been to a neurologist, physical therapy, tried medications... none of it worked, but Melanie did. Cannot recommend her highly enough! More...


A Google User

30 July 2017

Melanie Myers is my professional Acupuncturist.She is knowledgable, and competent in helping your body heal. Book an appt and find out for yourself how good you will feel.


Amy Taylor

20 May 2017

Melanie is a fantastic acupuncturist. I have had a lifelong needle phobia and she was able to talk me through acupuncture treatment so that I could reap the fertility benefits acupuncture offers. Used in conjunction with fertility treatment, her acupuncture enabled me to have a healthy baby girl after only one round of medication. On top of her skill as an acupuncturist, she also has a fantastic bedside manner and is a genuinely kind person. I would highly recommend her to anyone. More...

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