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Active Shooter 360



Active Shooter 360



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Jennifer Jolly

16 February 2019

Great articles and shared information


Tani Mahaffey

30 January 2019

I attended this class and feel so empowered after it was over. The instructors were wonderful. It was amazing to go to work the next day and apply simple awareness techniques I learned. Thank you.


Retha Mooneyham Jensen

12 December 2018

Great class! Very knowledgeable and up to date on current events. Common sense approach to learning valuable skills. Live the hands on approach.


Nikki Folley

11 December 2018

I attended Active Shooter training today and learned a lot about myself as well as the importance of having a plan in place at all times. I highly recommend the team at Active Shooter 360. The exercises were really fun and informative! More...


Elizabeth Deatherage Goodson

14 October 2018

I had such a phenomenal experience today with the Active Shooter 360 team. I have always been confident in my shooting ability at the range but nervous about how I would react and what I would do if faced with having to pull my weapon in a real situation. They created real life scenarios that helped me feel more confident in my ability to defend myself and others. The team was patient, knowledgeable, and well versed. I highly recommend this class not only for experienced firearm owners but also to people that are interested in learning more about how to obtain their conceal carry. More...


Jessie Zagaruyka

14 October 2018

really cool experience these guys are great i recommend everyone to go through this training


Sammy Shelton

13 October 2018

I highly recommend this class. I had the privilege of attending a 8-hour course today. Kenneth, DJ, Mike and Ryan have a wealth of experience and knowledge. I thought I knew how to safely handle a handgun until I walk through the doors today. Not only did they inform me the proper procedures and safety of handling a handgun. I also learned that that concealed carry gun that I have is not the gun that I need to be carrying through the scenarios and training. They also put me through live scenarios of what could happen and how to be prepared, read your surroundings. GET OUT, GET DOWN GET READY! I thoroughly enjoyed this course and will take more. More...


Amy Klinedinst-Fraboni

20 June 2018

Awesome class today at OPMC Florida! Lots of great skills learned! Thank you to the trainers!


Jessica Christen

11 March 2017

Absolutely incredible team! Very knowledgeable and eager to make sure they thoroughly train.


Melissa Hines Wachsmuth

29 September 2016

Kenneth Worley and his team are amazing. They will come into you school, shopping mall, office, hospital, church, etc and teach you what to do if the unimaginable happens - active shooter or perpetrator shows up to do harm. All over the USA!