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Lexington, MA

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Accelerated Fitness

Lexington, MA



Accelerated Fitness is a personal training facility that offers services such as: private training, semi-private training and nutritional coaching.

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Elizabeth Cahill Lynch

29 August 2019

Have only had a few sessions so far but enjoy the personalized routine that fits my needs and my limitations


Melissa Nachatelo Lee

29 April 2019

Great training. Supportive environment. If you’re looking to get stronger, slim down, or just add something fun and challenging to your routine, Accelerated Fitness is the place. Rich is awesome!


Susan DelGreco

20 April 2019

Accelerated Fitness is a great gym with clean and state of the art equipment. Rich is a top notch trainer. I’ve been working with him for 3 years and he has consistently provided me with fun, challenging workouts to help me meet my fitness goals. The workouts are structured to provide consistency but are changed regularly with many exercise variations, so you never get bored. Rich does a good job at structuring individual workouts in a group environment that address each individual’s fitness level and any limitations that clients may have. More...


Deborah Zaffiro

20 April 2019

Been with Rich 8 years this June and love him. Works you hard and offers challenges to keep the weight off. Rich also does Sunday boot camps for charity❤️


Brenna Q

21 March 2019

Accelerated Fitness is the best gym! The trainers are excellent. I have been working with Rich since 2011. I actually moved about 20 miles away and still go to Accelerated Fitness. In other gyms, you may see trainers follow clients around with a clipboard and not really help out, text away while the clients have bad form, or just chat with the clients instead of guiding them through exercise. Such situations do not occur at Accelerated Fitness. Rich and the other trainers work directly with the clients to ensure everyone is performing exercises safely, and are doing sequences of exercises that help the clients work toward their personal fitness and wellbeing goals. The trainers also offer nutrition consultation and body composition measurements.The gym and equipment are clean and fully functional. Equipment includes, but is not limited to: dumbbells up to 100 pounds, flat benches, incline benches, olympic bar and weights, bench area/squat rack, cable machine, pull-up bars, multiple TRX, boxes, ropes, air bikes, woodway treadmill, rowing machine, skiing machine.In addition to 1:1 personal and small group training, Accelerated Fitness occasionally offers bootcamp classes. The classes are usually held on Sunday (special edition fundraiser bootcamps) or for 4-6 consecutive weeks, once per week. Accelerated Fitness has also formed teams for athletic events such as 5k road races or spartan races.If you are thinking about trying Accelerated Fitness, they do offer the first session for free. I hope to see you at the gym! More...


Jean Engle Hallem

17 March 2019

Rich Ruffing is an excellent trainer! He gets to know what his client needs in order to meet their goals. Definite results, if you follow his guidance.


Ellen Kern Cameron

23 July 2018

Great full body workout. Nice clean environment. Exercises changes at least monthly. Rich knows what he is doing.....


Laur F.

4 May 2018

I have been attending personal training sessions with Rich for over 5 years, and that makes me a "newcomer" given his long-standing and highly satisfied clients.Above all, Rich is a consummate professional and highly skilled at crafting personalized plans for each of us. He works with us on our goals, accommodates for our levels of physical ability and guides us through recovery when we have experienced injury or the normal wear and tear of aging .  Rich is attentive and "present" when we are working out and always points out adjustments when our form or position needs to be corrected. Quite simply, Rich is the best! More...


Karen S.

15 April 2018

I have been going to Accelerated Fitness since it opened and I love it. Rich (the owner) is a phenomenal trainer. He helps me motivated by setting realistic, measurable goals. Rich is very knowledgeable and he watches to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and that you understand what you are doing and why. I highly recommend Accelerated fitness and Rich Ruffing. KAS More...


James D.

15 August 2017

I have worked with a lot of trainers over the years and Rich is definitely the best one.  The gym itself is awesome.  He has everything you can imagine for equipment to keep workouts original.  Rich does a great of coming up with unique exercises so you don't get bored with the same old routine.  He goes beyond just the training and will offer nutritional tips as well.  When you work out here it is obvious Rich cares about his clients and wants to see them improve their overall health.  If you are looking for a private gym setting this is definitely the place to go. More...


Irene F.

5 November 2010

I have been working with Rich Ruffing from Accelerated Fitness for almost two years.  His skilled and thoughtful workouts helped me to recover from a neck injury.  The past two years with Rich have converted me from a sporadic exerciser to someone who looks forward to their work out sessions, not only for their physical benefit but for their mood enhancing quality, too.  Rich's ability to adapt exercises to meet individual needs and abilities is one of his strengths.  The depth of his knowledge is evident as he seamlessly and often on-the-spot, modifies a workout to address the issues you bring in the door.   My weekly sessions are periodically "changed-up" which keeps things interesting and the sessions' level of challenge is left somewhat up to me (with encouragement offered by Rich). I have also recently begun to attend a small group, circuit training class led by Rich.  Rich is comfortably able to meet the different levels of those attending the class and offers the opportunity to work out at the "right" level.  Individual attention is paid to each participant as Rich roams the gym during class making subtle adjustments to improve their 'form'.In a no-nonsense fashion, Rich is readily available to share information on all-things fitness, diet and nutrition.  If you are interested he is a good source of articles, web resources and general information.  He both offers information he may think is pertinent to you and responds to requests for information or other resources.The best part of Accelerated Fitness - above and beyond what has already been said - is Rich's willingness and openness to learn along with his clients.  If he doesn't know something one week he may know it by the next.  If you come in with a strain or pain one week he may suggest additional targeted stretches or exercises the next week.The gym itself is spacious lending itself easily to the individual, semi-private and small group sessions offered. More...


Robin T.

22 October 2010

I have been a client of the founder of Accelerated Fitness (AF), Rich Ruffing, for nearly three years. Rich has been training me at Accelerated Fitness since he opened it in Lexington this past spring. The three most important things for an effective training environment are a (1) qualified and experienced staff, (2) the best equipment, and (3) a training style that focuses on your individual goals and that keeps you on track to progress toward reaching those goals. AF combines all three at the highest level of professionalism. Rich is one of metro Boston's best trainers, with formal undergraduate education in physical fitness and nutrition as well as the most important trainer certifications. In addition to his experience, what is great about Rich is the combination of no-nonsense attitude with the ability to hear what his client is saying. The best trainers provide that extra knowledge and motivation to move you toward your fitness objectives, and Rich is great at this. He takes his profession very seriously and it shows. The staff that he chooses is consistent with his own approach and new clients will notice this professionalism from their first visit. The facility at AF itself is spacious and well equipped. The facility can provide for comfortable private training as well as training for small groups. Everything is brand new. There is ample parking.  Access from main roads and route 128 is easy. Everyone, whether fit or not, probably has a fitness goal. How to get to that goal and maintain your progress is often hard for many people. There is no more important investment that you can make than your health, however.  Physical fitness provides the freedom to do what you want because you are fit enough to do it, whether that's running a 5K, or hiking a mountain, or being a senior who can keep up with the grand kids.  Personalized training, when viewed from this perspective, is a bargain...especially when it is as excellent as the services that you will get at Accelerated Fitness from Rich Ruffing and his staff. Highly recommended. More...

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