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Have you been on more diets than you can count?
Is food causing you stress or guilt?
Or maybe you feel confused about what you should eat.

If so, you’re not alone, and you’ve found the right place. The fact is, 95% of diets fail long term and leave you frustrated and blaming yourself.


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Angela Frizell

14 October 2019

I met with Auvia regarding health and weight concerns. She is thoughtful and thorough. I recommend Auvia to anyone with weight or lifestyle concerns, especially anyone looking for more energy and better overall health. She is knowledgeable and educated, and her experience will help you feel better while ending stress associated with food and weight. More...


Bonnie Crawford

8 August 2019

I love the way Auvia promotes healthy relationships with food and exercise.

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I love watching my client's relationship with food transform. It's exciting when clients start to feel at peace with food and their body. My clients say things such as, "I used to feel out of control with my eating, but now I am able to enjoy the foods I love without going overboard and without feeling deprived." Clients are often surprised that they are able to stop dieting once and for all and find a sustainable way of eating that honors both health and taste preferences.

I am passionate about helping people lead better lives through better physical and emotional health. When we give up traditional dieting and use the Intuitive Eating approach it not only helps clients be healthier physically, but it also bring a huge sense of emotional peace and well being.

I use a unique Intuitive Eating based approach. Intuitive Eating is not another diet. Diets lower your metabolism and increase your food cravings why 95% of diets fail long term. With Intuitive Eating you will feed you body enough food to function optimally without lowering your metabolism, and you will experience a decrease in food cravings.


We will discuss a your past and present food habits, and individual concerns. Then, we will develop goals and activities for you to work on from week to week to improve health and food habits. Instead of a prescriptive diet plan, the Intuitive Eating approach allows you to learn from experiential activities from week to week. I recommend follow-up every 1-3 weeks for at least a few months for best success. We will also address any dietary needs for medical conditions during your consults.

Do you find grocery shopping to be frustrating or confusing? Do you want help with reading the labels and making educated choices about your foods? I will meet you at the supermarket of your choice (Greene or Christian County) and help you navigate the aisles. Supermarket adventures can be done individually or in groups of up to 4 people.

I will give a nutrition presentation to your workplace, business, church, community group, etc upon request.