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Simonne Devaux Quiros

6 August 2016

Besss doubles EVER! All that Mary Byrne promised and then some. Really enjoyed meeting Tiffany and Ridwan today. Looking forward to some good roti next time I visit!


Eunice K.

12 July 2016

This amazing Trinidadian food stand at West Broad Market is GREAT.  Chef Sherryann and Team Bhuiyan are cooking up the most delicious vegetarian food I've had in a while.  Meat items are also available.We got the curried potatoes and black beans ($5 per container) and cooked up a pot of rice; had 2 delicious lunches.  Such a good deal.  Can't wait to try the other dishes.  Their signature item is doubles, a fried dough and chickpea sandwich (yummmmmy) which they always run out of so go early to get some.  Their catering menu is on Facebook and I'm definitely having them cater our next big party. More...


Eunice Kang

10 July 2016

Got the curried potatoes and black beans yesterday at West Broad Market. DELICIOUSLY ADDICTIVE BUT HEALTHFUL!!! We have had 2 lunches with just the 2 small containers and can't wait to try all of the other dishes. Please let us know when your next pop up will be! More...