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A Positive Take on Life offers everyday solutions to everyday problems, through the power of hypnosis. We all have the power to make changes in our life by utilizing our subconscious mind. The sessions are one-one, in a calm, comfortable environment.


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Elaine Robinson

20 March 2019

Hazel is the most delightful person I have ever met! She is easy to talk to, very attentive to what I have to say, and I am so grateful to have found her! My positive outlook on life has indeed improved since I started sessions with Hazel! 1000 stars! More...


D Watson

21 October 2018

Hazel is a fantastic hypnotist and person. There are two points I want to share about hazel. 1) She is a gift for your soul. From the minute I walked in I was comfortable with her. She is kind, caring, empathetic and has a desire to help you be the best you. 2) She is great at what she does. Through hypnosis she has helped me with sleep, anxiety, and self confidence. Overall I feel like I am a better version of myself. When I am being hypnotized I find myself being lulled into such a peaceful and relaxing state. I always leave with a positive energy. I feel a sense of renewal every time. More...


shay bell

22 August 2018

Today my mother came to see my Hazel,to help her to quit smoking. I can honestly say she hasn’t smoked a cigarette all day. That’s great for her since she was smoking a pack a day. This is not that expensive either.. she wanted me to tell you thank you so much for giving her a second chance at life. More...


Moriah McKee

19 May 2018

I've been seeing Hazel off and on for a number of things over the past five years. When I first came to her, it was to quit smoking, and even though I still had 8 packs left if the carton I had just bought, I quit the very first session, cold turkey, and felt wonderful about it! It wasn't just the hypnotherapy either!!! She listened to every concern I had, explained the process fully BEFORE my first session, as well as answering questions I hadn't thought to ask until after.Later, I went for help in dropping weight I was longer willing to live with, and while not overnight (let's face it- our bodies don't work that way, and I wasn't about to consider going a knife) after seeing her I EFFORTLESSLY lost over 45 lbs. Beyond this, she's helped me with my chronic anxiety, insomnia problems and I cannot begin to speak to the drastic improvement to my overall self esteem. It's not vodoo, or magic, but I feel good about calling Hazel an absolute miracle worker.Thank you Hazel, for all your help and support! More...

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I like being able to work with, and help my clients make positive changes in their life. It is heart warming to watch them find solutions to their problems, using the power of their own mind. I firmly believe that this life is all that we have right now, and there is no second chance. To see hope appear in some people, the motivation to take action, to recognize who they truly are and indeed at times to find solutions to their challenges, is a pleasure that I am lucky to experience every day.

I went to a 1 hour introduction to hypnosis and from the moment I heard the first sentence I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue. This is a late in life career change and it is marvelous!

I care. I truly care and I am willing to share all I can, time and expertise, to help someone find peace of mind, hope, confidence and relief from anxiety, pain, low self esteem etc. and recognize who they truly are, and what they truly deserve. We cannot have what we are not willing to accept. A lot of my business is referrals and people trust me to have a sincere interest and work with them.