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A Heart 4 Paws

Murrieta, California

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A Heart 4 Paws

Murrieta, California


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Pat Primicerio

17 September 2019

I highly recommend Wendi. she saved our head strong, runner, escape artist. now he is part of our pack and if for some crazy reason he decides to run he comes HOME fast. he s learned his lesson no place like home!!! More...


Cara Deckert

8 June 2019

Wendi is truly amazing! Her knowledge of dogs and dog behavior is astounding! I have taken paws I and paws II with Wendi as well as a private lesson to really personalize the training and what my dog needed to work on. The training classes are so much fun and she really teaches you how to build a bond with your dog. She always goes above and beyond to help you be the best pack leader you can be for your dog. She is so kind to make sure your dog is succeeding in the obedience classes and will provide feedback and help when your struggling with your dog. She is truly the best dog trainer! I would highly recommend her to anyone that has a dog she will change your life and help you to have a wonderful relationship with your dog! More...


Colette Cort

4 March 2019

I appreciate her knowledge and sweet approach to training both dog and handler. She is absolutely the best She is always uplifting and helpful.


Denise Lynne-Severs

15 November 2018

Wendi is the most amazing dog trainer. Actually, she’s a very good people trainer as well. I have learned so much from her and her command of a behavioral situation is amazing. No words can express. Love Wendi!!! More...


Gretchen Roberds

8 November 2018

Where to begin? Wendi’s expertises are so vast and she is so knowledgeable combined with calm compassion and a loving touch she makes training your dog a fun and enjoyable experience ! Wendi truly is the very best!!


Victoria Haun

7 November 2018

Wendi is very knowledgeable and such a wonderful trainer. She has helped us immensely!!! The best

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