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James B.

29 March 2019

Saw one of there trucks in my neighborhood decided to give them a call for an estimate for a new wrought iron pedestrian gate for the side of my house. They provided a free estimate and a couple weeks later it was built and installed. Technicians were great! Friendly and efficient. Will totally recommend and use them in the future. More...


Syd S.

22 February 2019

Due to the crazy storms we had recently, my front gate got stuck halfway. The technician came out and troubleshot the gate and found the circuit board had been damaged. He had a circuit board right on his truck and replaced it that same day.  My gate now works perfectly. More...


Justin B.

14 February 2019

I had a great experience with this company.  I called them yesterday and they had 2 spots they were able to offer me.  The service provider Alex just left and fixed my door very well, he was kind, commutative, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. I would use them again in the future and will recommend their services. More...


Carolyn H.

14 May 2018

I highly recommend this company. I would like to give a shout out to Nick! He was knowledgeable and fast. I was sure he was going to have to replace the entire garage door but he did not. I wouldn't have known the difference if he had. This is honesty a relief to know I have found a reputable company who cares about a repair job for a little old lady just as much as a big company job. I just wish I could give them six stars!! More...


Connie L.

20 February 2017

so very nice to work with a company that can undo another companys' mistakes and explain the process while doing so.  special thanks to a mr. matt bell for his professionalism and patience while solving the problem.  i must also thank jamie for her ability to listen to me explain the delima over the phone and get the repair under way.  i hope things do break in the future, but if they do, a garage will certainly get my business. More...


Mark E.

20 June 2016

Thank you for coming out on such short notice and estimating this project for me Cliff. Your technician was awesome. He showed up on time, was professional and did great work! You guys are on my repeat business list for sure. Thank you again for the good work.Mark E. More...


James M.

6 January 2016

They did a wonderful job repairing my old garage door. I have a one panel wood garage door that lifts up one piece. It was really wobbly and wouldn't  shut sometimes. Now my garage door is whisper quiet and opens and closes smoothly. I am very happy with their work.  The cost was a lot lower than another company I called. More...


M V.

19 January 2015

I recently had Tim from A Garage Door come out to my condo (where the HOA recently signed them on as our Garage Door Maintenance company for the building I live in).  I've had an 8 month issue with getting someone out to look at this problem (all due to my HOA, not the company) of noise and the door banging.  I spoke with a few people at the company to make sure they could let me know when a service person would be out and to see what had been done recently.  Everyone I spoke to on the phone was very forthcoming and extremely helpful. When Tim showed up, he came upstairs in my condo to hear what I was experiencing.  He proceeded to work on the components downstairs, call my phone and asked me if the noise was decreasing.  He did this twice during the time he worked on the door.  Before he left, I went downstairs to get my FOB and he patiently explained the work he did, also we talked about additional work that he wanted to get approval for, as these were issues left over from the previous company that did the original work.Overall, I'm very happy to write this review!  Thank you for getting the door to a level of reasonable noise that living above it is not super frustrating! More...


jane v.

18 November 2010

We had 2 gates installed. They were on a hill on top of 4 inches of soil on top of granite. The gates had to look well in spite of having to "go up hill". One I wanted to be wood. It is huge and had to move easily, in spite of the weight.  In short, the job was very difficult. They did a wonderful job. I can't even hear the gate open and close. It is such fine work. I am very grateful. More...