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1 on 1 personal training or small groups.
We work with all people, from children to those in their Autumn years. If you want to get in shape, stay in shape, step on stage or win a championship we will help you every step of the way.

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ther1rida ther1rida

17 February 2019

Shay was a polite and professional person.
I learned about my diet even more today
from talking to her. Thank you Shay!


Erica Clark

23 July 2018



Tacoma Burnett

23 July 2018

I'm in love !


Christy Wood Loyd

23 July 2018

Fred is great! He takes the time to cater a fitness program for my specific needs.


Lyn Lanier

23 July 2018

I love Fred and how much he has helped my daughter!


Chawana Moore

23 July 2018

Enjoying my work outs..and robert takes time to work with you on your own individual level


Nina Lewis

23 July 2018

I just completed 3 private sessions and was impressed. Shay takes her time to focus on your needs. She is hard core. I love it!!!


Elizabeth Betsy Desmond

23 July 2018

Great group of trainers! I trained with Shay for 4 or 5 years and got to know some of the other trainers too. I can say that without a doubt, had I not worked with Shay, I most likely would not have kept up with a fit lifestyle and learned how to do so on my own too. Trainers here will also coach for competitions. There are other classes and services - it's a laid back flexible place to work out with people serious about getting and staying fit More...


Chuwana Strange Fook

23 July 2018

This is the perfect place to workout. I get the motivation and personal attention I need. Every time I reach a goal, me and my trainer set a new one.


Shay Duval

18 May 2017

Great service. Focused on getting you to your goals.


Mile Marker

23 November 2016

I have made fantastic progress in my fitness level. Feeling better than ever!

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We design a program specifically for you and modify it as you progress.

The proper balance of training, nutrition and recuperation.