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2id Interiors - Miami

Highland Lakes, Florida

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2id Interiors - Miami

Highland Lakes, Florida


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Renato Pereira

7 December 2018

top notch professionals!


Cassoni Furniture & Accessories

26 November 2018

We’ve been working with D2 Interiors over the last 2 years and they are an excellent Team, very talented and professional. Thank you so much for choosing us! We look forward to continue working together in the years to come. More...


Kate Marengo

7 September 2018

Amazing with communication! Learned so much! A pleasure to work with.


Drimmers Appliances

29 August 2018

Such a wonderful company to work with! Exceptional service and they always pay extra attention to the details. We are so confident in the service and the excellent experience every time we work together. We refer them to all of our clients! Great people! Great Company! Beautiful work! More...


Aviva Stauber

23 August 2018

We feel so fortunate to have been able to work with 2ID,the most amazing and talented design team in South Florida. The project was a complete gut renovation of our 4,000 sq. ft apartment. The work of Rafaela and Laila re-visioning the space to meet our needs and choosing the aesthetics to meet our taste was spot on. We enjoy every little detail of their designs every day. Thank you for making our dream apartment a reality!! More...


Terri Hoffman

21 August 2018

It was such a pleasure to work with the 2ID design team. Building a house can be very stressful, 2ID made the design process go smoothly and stress free. Not only do they have that unique creative spark, they are just simply nice people to work with. More...


Oleg Philonenko

30 June 2018

Amazing design


Brent Floyd

11 December 2017

We at Omicron Granite love working with Laila, Rafaela and all the girls on projects. They are first class and have a great eye for design. We've worked on multiple projects together and they all turned out spectacular. I highly recommend using 2id Interiors! More...


Marko Djokic

31 August 2017

Working in the industry for almost 19 years and being on the retail side of the equation, I have dealt with many different interior designers and decorators. Designers can either spell a flawless project from start to finish or a messy and disjointed process resulting in frustration. Laila and Rafaela (the two principals) and their team take a caring and hands on approach. They take their time in selecting colors, finishes and understanding their client's lifestyle needs and then implementing an approach that makes sense. From my side of the spectrum I can only say the best things regarding 2ID and look forward to working with them for many years to come. More...


Nicole Camak

29 August 2017

We love 2 id interiors. They are stylish, tasteful , creative and hard working. They made our dream interiors come to life and we will forever use them!


Gema Val

31 May 2017

Tudo muito lindo graças ao bom gosto e talento de vocês! Parabéns!


Karen Tejera

3 May 2017

Love these Ladies!


Donella Muñoz

14 March 2017

Amazing Designers, highly recommend this company!


Minotti Cucine Miami

13 September 2016

I have worked as a vendor with 2id Interiors. They are a great team which treats their customers with respect and caring for the utmost detail . They have a great sense of style, modern yet warm and i personally love what they do . They are very ethical and are very dedicated to their customers, looking for the best of the best for each and everyone of their clientele. I personally recommend them 100%.
Being in the trade business i have witness many times that the word ethics is foreign to many designers. This is not the case of these excellent team, that have great people, making the process of turning a house into a world of aesthetics for their customers, a fun , constructive, creative and smooth one.



21 January 2016

The wonderful ladies of 2id were the foundation and basis to the tremendous success of our mega undertaking in combining two idependant units, gutting tit all to the bone and building them up following a clear creative plan and schedule. with open minds and tolerance.
beyond any professional standard. There were no Problems just ongoing solutions. Result a DREAM Home. Marc


ARE Lighting LLC

9 November 2015

The professional team from 2id are one of the most well informed and serious designers we have worked with. It is very easy to work with them on any project as per they put themselves into the customer's "shoes" on all aspects delivering pure excellence.

Everybody on the team is a delight to work with and we truly recommend them.


Nidia N. S.

4 November 2015

We met the girls from 2id Interiors few years back and are now finishing our second project together!!!
We could not be happier with love and dedication toward our projects.
Laila, Rafaela and the entire team are a complete joy to work with. They are true professionals, very talented designers, and goes above and beyond for their clients.
Both houses has exceeded our expectations and are the retreat we dreamed.
They are approachable, hardworking, and knows how to use a given budget wisely.
Thank you so much for everything!!
We will always be cheering for you.


Gilberto M

2 November 2015

I found 2id after having heard about them from a longtime friend who had also done a project with them. Let me just say 2id delivered, with all the material selections flooring, tile, lighting, finishing’s etc.. It all jelled perfectly. They heard our every request and were able to understand how to translate it into a flawless delivery. My wife and I are couldn’t be happier with the end result and we will miss working with such a talented team, Thank you 2id !! More...



22 September 2015

It is an honor to work continuously with the professional team of designers at 2id Interiors. They are hard-working, detailed and creative at everything they do. Not to mention extremely diverse in their design styles. We at Italgres highly recommend 2id Interiors for all of your designs needs. More...



1 November 2014

Great team of architects and designers. amazingly pleasant to work with Rafaela, Laila and Kathy they came out with functional layout maximizing my space .still working on the design which I have no doubt will meet our expectations. we are combining 2 units to create a 5 bedroom condo /apt. so far so good their 3d drawings are amazingly helpful to understand and make sure the designs are to your liking and expectations .UPDATE 2016 : Now the project is completed and we are extremely happy with the results the unity of the 2apt it absolutely deliver the so much wanted feeling of and open space accommodating the kitchen, dining room , living room and bar/wine cellar total success! Each bathroom has its own character from an elegant master bathroom to a fun Green kids bathroom to a spa guest bathrooms . We can wait to furnish it with the help and expertise of 2id interiors. We are beyond happy !! More...


Marion Canan

12 October 2014

We engaged 2id Interiors to decorate our second home. Working with 2id was a real pleasure. They listened to our requests and then presented a plan that more than met our expectations. We were involved in the furniture selection process, which was important to us and we agreed on the overall color palette. Nothing prepared us though for the fabulous apartment that we returned to a few months later! The layout, the design details, the colors, the custom made pieces and the lovely accessories - were so beautifully done. We couldn't have been happier.

During the whole project 2id Interiors kept us informed and up to date with the project, the costs and worked within our budget. They were courteous and professional and a pleasure to work with.


Renata Saad

30 June 2014

I have had the pleasure to work with 2id interiors staff for over 3 years. I believe they are the most professional and talented designers i know. I have built a long lasting relationship with Rafaela and Laila!!!! More...


Carol Cabral

5 February 2014

Laila and Rafaela did an amazing project for our New York apartment. They came up with incredible ideas to maximize our space and highlight the Central Park views. I was impressed for their ability to stick to the budget and complete everything with the timeline given by me and my husband.
We are very happy with the results.


Brunna Paris

20 September 2013

I am a Real Estate agent in Miami and I am proud every time I have to work with 2id-Miami Interior Deisgn.
I worked with them a few times, and they were always very professional, always finished their work in the estimated time, they are neat, clean, they are always available for you. I respect their work. My customers were always 100% satisfied and they always come back o me to say thanks to have introduced them to the professionals from 2Id-Miami Interior Design.
I trust them and recommend them with my eyes closed!!!



19 September 2013

We had the great opportunity to work with this team of very skilled professional designers. Project : remodelling some rooms in our appartement.
First of all, they have a great deal of ideas, creativity. Second, they try to accomodate you according your needs and budget. Then, They are commited and dedicated. Not only on their projects but also on the schedule!
Last, I highly recommend 2id-Miami Interior Design .



18 September 2013

Rafaela is a talented designer whose artistic vision transformed our house into the home of our dreams! Her creative use of accent pieces, paintings, wallpaper, and additional furniture ehanced the pieces of furniture that we already owned. Her selection of draperies added the light, airy feeling that we were trying to capture and brought the entire room together! Her expertise is reflected in an aesthetic result that also shows our personal taste. She was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her to everyone! More...



10 September 2013

Our first experience was excellent! We remodeled the kitchen in our old house that led to a total transformation of the feeling of the entire house. We are now aboard for a bigger project , complete renovation of a new home overlooking a harbor. Their ideas are amazing, timeless charm and cozy feeling for a modern approach.
The management of the project is flawless , accurate planing and budgeting, perfect timing and total commitment to fulfill the needs of the client.
I am lookin forward to finishing this second project so I can update the review!

Totally happy with my choice!


Marcus Asam

6 September 2013

it was great working with them over last 8 months. They did an awesome job designing and remodeling my 3 bedroom south beach condo. We were working out an ideal floor plan for the whole unit, they introduced me to the right contractor and they showed great style making all the design work and selecting all interior materials and furnitures. As somebody coming from Europe I was happy to find a great designer team in Miami I could trust 100%! The condo turned out so beautiful with both warm and stylish brazilian elements and european charm! More...



6 September 2013

Rafaela is without question an extremely talented architect and designer, she shows immense ability to detail and concerns for my home. She understood the challenges my home posed and was eager to help in any way.

Rafaela has a winning attitude that embraces her art of design with care and thoughtfulness. It was my pleasure, to work with Rafaela; she is truly "one in a million". I have a beautiful home, I am proud to show off to all my friends and family.

Thank you so much for all your work!!


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