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How do you hire a Private Investigator?

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Mika, Staff Writer

Friday, 25 June 2021

For many of us, the idea of a private investor existing, let alone hiring one, is resigned to movie sets and detective stories. In our everyday lives, there aren’t many situations where hiring a PI will be the first thought to solving a problem, and that’s quite understandable. 

If we did, however, want to hire such a person, how would we even go about doing it and is it even legal to hire a private investigator?

Breaking down fact from fiction and fantasy to reality, we will aim to find out how to do this exactly and what the consequences will be. 

Yes, this isn’t for everyone and is often the last resort, but if you are seeking answers to a question that is affecting your well-being and everyday life, a private investigator could be the answer. 

Let’s take a look at how to hire a private investigator and what the process entails.

Ensure your personal investigator is licenced 

While we may have an image of a personal investigator being a renegade, acting free from the constraints of normal detectives and police forces, this simply isn’t true; there is regulation. 

The first step to hiring a personal investigator is to check they are licenced and registered. This license means they and their firm are recognized by the Solicitor General of that state or province.

Being recognized by the Solicitor General will also mean any evidence your private investigator gathers can be used in a court of law. Without this, one, you are stepping into dangerous territory and two, it defeats the point of gathering evidence if it can’t be used.

Evaluate the private investigator’s credentials  

Not all private investigators will be qualified to carry out exactly the same work. Maybe you are fighting a custody battle, or you are trying to relocate a long-lost family member; all of these issues require specific experience and know-how. 

Understanding what experience a P.I has and what techniques they use will allow you to know whether they are the right person for you and your needs.

Aimlessly paying money to a private investigator who can’t successfully carry out your wishes will only lead to more stress down the line. A professional private investigator will be open with their experience, so you don’t need to worry about opening your own investigations.

Check your PI has a physical office

A legitimate and professional personal investigator will always have a work residence, and those without one may not be the right ones for you. If they are asking to meet in a restaurant or public place, this may be a red flag, showing they are unprofessional and could even be shady.

Having a physical office also means you are able to meet the private investigator again after your first meeting. This may seem obvious, but you would hate for your supposed ‘private investigator’ to take a deposit and disappear.

Understand the cost      

Although your first consultation may be free, the price of private investigatory services can quickly rise as the investigation goes on. To ensure you’re not caught out by a huge bill at the end of it all, agree and understand the pricing and cost from the outset. To make extra sure you know the figures from the beginning, have your private investigator write up a contract for you both to sign.

To sum up    

Finding a private investigator is now just as simple as finding any other professional service, and using a website such as Bark you can narrow down private investigator’s in your area. Once you have found one that seems right, use this handy checklist to ensure you won’t come away feeling let down or disappointed.  

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