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How much does Move Out Cleaning cost? 2021

Average Price

What can I expect to pay for End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Moving out of your flat, house or apartment and need an expert to whip it back into shape? Read our handy guide to find out how much your professionals will charge for different services, house sizes and locations.

Do I need an Move Out Cleaning services? 

With so many other things to think about when moving out, finding the time to clean to a landlord-worthy standard can be a headache. But it doesn’t have to be as difficult and as time-consuming as you think. An end of tenancy cleaner is on hand to make sure your house is sparkling clean when you move out, so there’s no need to worry about deposit deductions. 

End of tenancy cleaning is much more thorough than a standard clean and needs extra time and elbow grease. There are lots of professionals specifically trained to provide end of tenancy cleaning services to ensure your property meets the standards of estate agencies and landlords. 

How much does Move Out Cleaning cost? 

If you’re wondering how much an end of tenancy cleaning service will set you back, here’s a rough overview of the average cost in Canada: 

Move Out Cleaning costs
Average cost (in total)$225
Minimum cost (in total) $150
Maximum cost (in total) $300

Factors influencing costs: 

End of tenancy cleaning services will set different rates depending on: 

  • Property size

  • Location 

  • Condition of the property

  • Additional services

Property size

As cleaners usually charge by the hour, the size of your property is by far the biggest determiner of cost. To give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay based on the size of your house, here’s a rough idea: 

Average cleaning prices for move out
House sizeAverage cost (in total)
Studio flat $150
1 bedroom $165
2 bedrooms$185
3 bedrooms$210
4 bedrooms$280


Another factor affecting costs is where you’re based. Like most services, cleaners tend to charge more in major or capital cities to reflect the higher cost of living. Here’s a rough idea of costs in two major Canadian cities: 

National average cleaning prices for move out
Location Average cost (in total)

Condition of the property 

If cleaning is a rare occurrence in your household, then expect to spend big bucks for an end of tenancy cleaning compared to a household where light cleaning is carried out regularly. 

If your kitchen or bathroom has been untouched for a while, your end of tenancy cleaner might have to spend more time tackling tough dirt and stains, which will increase the cost. They don’t say time is money for nothing! 

Additional services 

Some cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning and oven cleaning, come at an additional cost as they require specialist equipment and expertise. 

Keeping costs down with End of Move Out Cleaning services

If you’re in desperate need of an end of tenancy cleaning service but you’re on a budget, don’t despair! Read on for some handy tips and tricks to keep costs down: 

  • Don’t get every room cleaned - Bedrooms are easier to clean than bathrooms or kitchens, so if you tackle these yourself you can leave the hard work to the cleaners and keep down costs at the same time! 

  • Keep on top of regular cleaning - This is a big one. If you keep on top of cleaning your property regularly, the cost of end of tenancy cleaning will be far cheaper as there will be less stubborn dirt and grime that has accumulated over time. 

  • Invest in a good end of tenancy cleaning service - Making sure your property gets cleaned to a high standard means you will avoid expensive deposit deductions later down the line, so it’s worth hiring someone trustworthy. Make sure you ask to see if they have testimonials and before and after photos of previous work. 

Give yourself a well-deserved break, find a professional end of tenancy cleaning service on Bark. 

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