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How much do Carpet Cleaning services cost on average?

Average Price
$70 - $90 per room

How much will I pay for Carpet Cleaning services?

On the lookout for a professional carpet cleaner but unsure how much it’ll cost? Read on to find out how much you can expect to pay for a carpet cleaning service.

What is Carpet Cleaning? 

Not only does professional carpet cleaning improve the look of your home by removing dirt, allergies and harmful substances, it also ensures that your environment is healthy and clean. 

While standard vacuuming offers a basic level of cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning service will get below the surface to eliminate visible and hidden dirt. A professional carpet cleaner will use specialist equipment designed to remove every inch of dirt hiding in your carpets, something that a domestic vacuum cleaner just won’t be able to compete with! 

Why do you need Carpet Cleaning services? 

  • Cleaning your carpet professionally will not only give it that enviable brand new look, but the health benefits are also endless - from preventing mould to removing dust mites and removing trapped pollutants.  

  • Hiring a professional takes the stress out of cleaning your carpets. Carpet cleaning is a tiring, time-consuming task that most of us simply don’t have time to keep on top of! Leaving it to the experts means the job will be completed efficiently and to a high standard - without you ever having to lift a finger!

How much does Carpet Cleaning cost in Canada?

Most carpet cleaners charge you for the work they do per room. Let’s take a look at average costs for a professional carpet cleaning service throughout Canada: 

Generally, you will pay anywhere between $70 - $90 per room. In most cases, house owners can end up paying around $350 for a carpet cleaning service that services their entire home.

Average cost of Carpet Cleaning
Average cost (per room)$70 - $90
Minimum cost (per room) $35
Maximum cost (per room) $350

What affects the price of Carpet Cleaning in Canada?

The amount you’ll pay for carpet cleaning will vary depending on a few factors, including: 

  • The location of your home

  • The size of your home

  • The experience of the professional

The location of your home

Like most services, your location will impact how much you’ll pay for a professional carpet clean, as prices reflect the cost of living in the area. Carpet cleaning services in more rural, remote parts of the country will generally be cheaper than in larger cities such as Vancouver or Montreal.

The size of your home

Since professional carpet cleaners charge you per room for the work they do, it is only logical that the amount of money you will spend will change depending on how large your room/home is.

The experience of the professional 

The level of experience of the professional you hire will determine just how much you will spend. Someone with years of experience under their belt is guaranteed to charge more than someone relatively new to the industry. 

Also, an agency will always charge you more than individual carpet cleaners because more people will be involved in the cleaning process.  

Hiring a Carpet Cleaner - is it worth the cost?

While hiring a professional to clean your carpets will cost you more than doing it yourself, it's well worth the investment to receive the high-quality results guaranteed with a professional cleaning service! 

To know exactly how much you will spend on Carpet Cleaning, search for a professional near you on Bark and request quotes for free!

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